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Maggie Lindemann biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann


singer, songwriter

Birth Date

July 21, 1998


23 years

Zodiac Sign



Dallas, Texas, United States


middle school and then homeschooled



Maggie Lindemann family members

Father's Name

Barton Lindemann

Mother's Name

Susan Lindemann

Siblings names

Reid Lindemann (brother)

Is Maggie Lindemann a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Maggie Lindemann marital status?

In relation

Who are Maggie Lindemann parents?

Barton Lindemann (father)

Barton Lindemann father Maggie Lindemann


Date of birth: December 6, 1968

Maggie’s parents avoid public attention, and just a few facts are publicized about them. But there’s one thing you should know about her family – they are very friendly and closely knitted.

Her father’s name is Barton Duane Lindemann. He is the son of Otto Barton Lindemann and Donna Sue McGee. He is a Dallas resident. Previously, he lived in Boerne, TX with his wife Susan and their kids. He earns his living as a broker and investment adviser.

Susan Lindemann (mother)

Date of birth: circa 1968

Maggie’s mother’s maiden name is Susan Denise Denson. That was Susan, who helped her daughter start a career as a musician. She received an e-mail from Gerald Tennison with his offer to manage the career of Maggie Lindemann. At first, she deleted an e-mail and considered it a mistake, as she had no idea that her daughter could sing. But Gerald contacted Mrs. Lindemann again and convinced her to take her daughter and go to LA for a meeting with him. Two days after that Maggie was signed with “Capitol Records”.

Susan spent the major part of her life in Texas. She is the daughter of Richard Denson and Bonnie Uhr. She earns her living as a machine operator. Except for Maggie, Susan has a son, named Reid.

Maggie Lindemann siblings

Reid Lindemann (brother)

Reid Lindemann brother Maggie Lindemann


Reid is the songstress’s only sibling. They maintain normal brother-sister relationships. Reid names himself as a “humorous” person on social media. He is the University of Texas at Austin graduate. He used to practice karate. Besides, Reid is a dog person. He used to own a puppy, named Winnie. Besides, he has another dog, Max.


Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann was discovered in 2015 after she had recorded her version of the national anthem and uploaded that video on YouTube. The singer and songwriter, has already gathered several chart-topping singles to her credit. Her first hit, “The Pretty Girl”, has already been watched more than 166 million times on YouTube and her Instagram page is followed by 5+ million fans. In January 2021, the songstress has already released the debut set of songs “PARANOIA”. It consists of 8 tracks, and three of them have already become hits. In 2020 her track “Scissorhands” was included in the list of Top 25 Rock Songs. The extended play “PARANOIA” was produced by the singer herself and Gerald Tennison, her manager.

Maggie Lindemann entered this world on July 21, 1998, in the Dallas neighborhood, Texas. Her parents, Barton and Susan Lindemann have Scottish and German roots. Except for Maggie, Mr. and Mrs. Lindemann had another kid – a boy, named Reid.

She was quite a rebellious child in her primary and middle school years and always felt that she was different from the others. Of course, she was a victim of bullying at school but immediately became popular on social media. She started from less known social networks “Keek” and “Tumblr”. Later she got registered on Instagram and there she was noticed by Gerald Tennison, the ex-manager of Sony Music. He e-mailed her mother and asked for a meeting. Thus, the “start button” of her career was activated.

Nowadays, she continues her music career and tries something new as well. She has already debuted as an actress in the musical drama film “Downfalls High”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Since 2019 she has been in relationships with Dallas-native singer Brandon Arreaga. In June 2021 they celebrated the second anniversary of their love. Previously, she was in a relationship with the YouTube star Brennen Taylor and Instagram stars Mikey Barone and Carter Reynolds.
  2. In her childhood, she dreamed to become a Paediatric oncology nurse. But later she understood that a “normal” job with some regular schedule is not for her.
  3. She started to write poems at the age of 11. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any of them now and doesn’t even remember what the topic of her songs was. As she thinks now, that was about the things, which happened at school. Later she began writing music and simply turned her poems into songs.
  4. Her celebrity crush is Jay Park, the American-Korean hip-hop singer. The other male celebrity, whom she adores, is Jared Leto.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 4 in and her weight is 115 pounds.
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