Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen

Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Marcus Gunnarsen; Martinus Gunnarsen



Birth Date

February 21, 2002


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Elverum, Norway


Grane barne-og ungdomsskole



Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen family members

Father's Name

Kjell Erik Gunnarsen

Mother's Name

Gerd Anne Gunnarsen

Siblings names

Silje Gunnarsen (half-sister), Emma Gunnarsen (younger sister)

Is Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen marital status?


Who are Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen parents?

Gerd Anne Gunnarsen (mother)

Gerd Anne Gunnarsen mother Marcus & Martinus

photo / marcusandmartinus

Date of birth: October, 13

The name of the twins’ mother is Gerd Anne Gunnarsen. She comes from Norway. She is a mother of Marcus and Martines and their younger sister Emma.

Gerd Anne’s face became famous after her appearance on the documentary “Marcus & Martinus”, demonstrated on TVNorge. In the series, the woman told about her wish to avoid publicity when both of her boys became popular, and she immediately gained the status of pop stars’ mom. But she put lots of efforts to help her sons start their career. She worked full time, caring about their well-being and accompanied them on tour.

The woman understands that her sons have already achieved a lot and have lots of plans for the future, like arranging the string of concert in Germany. At the same time, Gerd Anne regrets that her kids sacrifice their school life. They had to quit playing football, too. Mrs. Gunnarsen hopes that they will leave the normal life and won’t be spoiled by the status of modern teen idols.

Kjell Erik Gunnarsen (father)

Kjell Erik Gunnarsen father

photo / marcusandmartinus

Date of birth: September, 29

Marcus & Martinus father is actually their social manager. He helps the young pop stars build their careers, and his ambitions very often are realized.

He comes from Norway. Previously, Kjell Erik worked as a school teacher. He quit his job after his sons had become popular. Now he channeled his energy to his boys’ brand. He helps them develop professionally.

At the same time, he monitors his kids’ studying. He helps them to prepare homework. Kjell Erik Gunnarsen has warm relationships with his boys and is really proud of them.

Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen siblings

Emma Gunnarsen (younger sister)

Emma Gunnarsen

photo / marcusandmartinus

Date of birth: June 17, 2008

In summer, 2008 Marcus & Martinus were blessed with a sister.

Emma entered this world in Trofors, Norway. The girl was just 4 when her brothers became international sensations in the music industry.

Now she is the biggest fan of M&M duo. Her wide sincere smile and huge blue eyes helped her gain a massive following on Instagram. Emma has already tried her hand as a singer, too. She has released the song “Angels in Snow”.

Silje Gunnarsen (half-sister)

The twins Marcus and Martinus have an older half-sister from the paternal side, too.


Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen bio

photo / marcusandmartinus

Twins are the people, which look like two drops of water. But sometimes they share not just the same look, but also the same talent to something. We know lots of famous twin brothers or twin sisters, like Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Lisa and Lena Mantler, etc. Several years ago the great addition was made to their company. Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen are two famous twin brothers. They have been performing as singers since they were 10-year-old boys. The song, which made them both popular, is “To Dråper Vann”. The boys performed it at Melodi Grand Prix Junior in Oslo, Norway in 2012. The song became the international hit due to its catchy beats and relevant lyrics (it’s about two twin boys, who are alike as two drops of water).

Now Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen are known as M&M duo. They have already released 3 studio albums, the latest of which – “Moments” – was presented in November 2017 through Sony Music Entertainment Norway. The set of songs enjoyed great popularity among listeners all over the world. In 2018 it was supported by Moments tour, which consisted of numerous shows, held in more than 14 different countries.

Marcus & Martinus have millions of fans among boys and girls of their age group, as well as some people of the older generation. Thus, on July 14, 2017 they performed at the celebration of the 40th birthday of Princess Victoria (Sweden). The boys sang a song, which they wrote especially for the royal lady.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Martinus is single, while Marcus is rumored to date Zara Maria Larsson, a Swedish singer.
  2. Marcus is 15 minutes older than Martinus. They were born respectively at 9.17 p.m. and 9.32 p.m.
  3. The brothers have a lot in common, including their favorite dish – tacos.
  4. Martinus and Marcus cooperated with the famous American rapper Silentó to record the single “Like it Like it”. The light-minded summer music video to the song gained more than 53 million views on YouTube. Later the brothers confessed that Silentó was really cool, and they enjoyed working together.
  5. They are big football enthusiasts.
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  • marjorie garcia says:

    Il n’y a pas de chanteur qui sont meilleurs qu’eux. Je vous souhaite un bon courrage à vous deux car vous avez de la chance d’être jumeaux moi qui est fille unique, je me dis que ça doit être coul d’avoir une personne qui nous ressemble car on sait se que pense l’autre. Surtout c’est notre moitier. Je vous souhaite de continuer comme vous avez commencé et surtout ne lachez rien et ne vous séparer jamais parce que se ne sera pas du tout pareil si vous n’ête plus ensemble. Je vous adore beaucoup qu’une de mes amies me demande comment je vous reconnaît

  • marjorie garcia says:

    La chanson que j’ai écoutée c’est Make you believe in love mais je ne peux pas dire ma préférer car elles sont toute bien. Je suis tellement fan que même une personne que connaît grâce à ma famille qui vient de se lancer dans la musique en 2020 je l’écoute moins que marcus et martinus. Les chansons de deinos mc j’en ai que 6.

  • marjorie garcia says:

    Je suis leurs plus grande fan, j’aurai aimée les voirs en concert en france. J’aurai qu’il viennent visiter mon lycée à Jean Talon pendant une semaine entière et je serais leur guide pour la semaine. Je vous adore marcus et martinus

  • Marika says:

    I love you guyyssss ur so cute?? So I’m waiting you in Latvia ?? M&M DON’T GIVE ME UP OR IT IS GONA END BAD FOR U! Bye sweetheart’s) your fan who will love you forever?

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  • Amasha says:

    I love MMers and eMMa

  • maddie byl says:



  • maddie byl says:

    i love all of their songs like like it like it,heartbeat,make you believe in love,girls,dance with you,love you less and all their other songs.


  • Sophia says:

    The first song of theirs I heard was “Heartbeat”. I don’t know how they are so unknown in America, but my friends know about them and they hate it when I bring them up. But I’m not sure if I’d survive without them!

  • MMer FOREVER says:

    Idk why they are still so unknown here in Germany, at least there where I live. I acctually also only found them through my friend. How did you guys find out about them and their music? What was the first song you heard of them. Mine was Elektrisk, and I just saw Tinus and knew he is shy, a perfectionist and loves football/soccer. Idk how I could know that, but it’s not made up.
    PS: I’m only eleven years, but couldn’t live without their music anymore.

  • MMer FOREVER says:

    They’re the best! And they have sooo nice voices! I wish I were like them.
    BTW Emma has more songs, then those they say here.
    Listening to M&M right now, too.
    They’re sooo great.

  • erin says:

    hi my name is erin

  • maddie byl says:

    Marcus and Martinus are my BOYFRIENDS FOREVER

  • maddie byl says:

    Marcus and Martinus are my BOYFRIENDS FOREVER no matter what

  • anya says:

    my boyfriend s

  • Ashley Mills says:

    Want to be like them!

  • Alannah elizabeth says:

    Marcus and Martinus are the coolest people in thw world there’s no doubt about that! I love there mucic

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    Marcus si Martinus sunt speciali si ma inspira mereu

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    I like Marcus and Martinus the boys have a wonderful talent and their voices are so melodious

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