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Mariah Carey biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Mariah Angela Carey


singer, songwriter, actress

Birth Date

March 27, 1970


53 years

Zodiac Sign



Long Island, New York, United States


Harborfields High School, Florida Atlantic University



Mariah Carey family members

Father's Name

Alfred Roy

Mother's Name

Patricia Hickey

Siblings names

Allison Carey (sister), Morgan Carey (brother)

Is Mariah Carey a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Mariah Carey marital status?

In relation

Who is Mariah Carey husband?

Bryan Tanaka (boyfriend since 2017), Tommy Mottola (ex-husband), Nick Cannon (ex-husband)

How many children does she have?

2 (Moroccan Scott Cannon, Monroe Cannon)

Mariah Carey husband

Tommy Mottola (ex-husband; were married in 1992-1998)

Tommy Mottola

photo instagram / tommymottola

Date of birth: July 14, 1949

Nick Cannon (ex-husband; were married in 2011-2015)

Mariah Carey ex husband

photo instagram / nickcannon

Date of birth: October 8, 1980

Bryan Tanaka (boyfriend since March, 2017)

Date of birth: April 11, 1983

Mariah started dating Bryan approximately on March, 2017. At first the couple tried to keep their relationships in secret. But in autumn 2018 paparazzi caught Mariah on a date with Bryan.

Mr. Tanaka met Mariah many years ago. He was one of dancers on her shows. Later he became Carey’s creative director.

They seem really happy together, and the fans think, Mariah finally met the main man of her life.

Mariah Carey kids

Moroccan Scott Cannon (son with Nick Cannon; one of twins)

Mariah Carey son

photo instagram / demrocnroe

Date of birth: April 30, 2011

Mariah Carey became a mother of twins in spring, 2011. She gave a birth to two twins through C-section on that very day, when she tied a knot with her second husband Nick Cannon, just 3 years later.

Little Moroccan is a school pupil as for now. His mother calls him a computer genius. He shares his time between his mom’s and dad’s houses. Both parents take an active part in his life in spite of their divorce.

Monroe Cannon (daughter with Nick Cannon; one of twins)

Mariah Carey daughter

photo instagram / demrocnroe

Date of birth: April 30, 2011

Little Monroe was born a little earlier, than her brother. She is a real mother’s girl, who likes to dress like Mariah and even tries to sing like Carey. “She is incredibly talented”, told her mother in her interview to Jimmy Kimmel. Monroe is a primary school pupil as for now. She likes to play with her Poppy Nick, who never sops admiring his pretty daughter. “She is a little copy of Mariah, because she always knows, what she wants”, he says.

Who are Mariah Carey parents?

Alfred Roy (father)

Alfred Roy father Mariah Carey

Date of birth: October 23, 1929

Date of death: July 4, 2002

Alfred Roy Carey deserves love and respect just due to the fact that he gave the world a talented singer and actress Mariah. But that was not his only one life achievement. He gave a birth to two more kids, either and made a great career of an aeronautical engineer.

The man was born in New York City, United States in the family of Addie and Frank Carey. He married Patricia Hickey in his 30s. The couple had two daughters and a son. Mariah was the youngest child in the family.

After more than 10 years of marriage Alfred broke up his wife. After that Mariah and he saw each other quite rarely. Without You singer and her brother left in their mother’s home, while Mariah sister moved to their father’s residence.

In early 2000s Alfred was diagnosed with cancer. He suffered a lot, and his daughter Mariah stood by his bed and supported him. He passed away in spring, 2002. After that Carey felt really upset that she hadn’t spent enough time with his dad, when he was still alive.

Patricia Hickey (mother)

Patricia Hickey mother Mariah Carey

Date of birth: February 17, 1937

Patricia Hickey, who took her husband’s surname “Carey” after their divorce, was that very person, who saw Mariah’s talent to singing and helped the girl develop it.

Pat was born in Virgin, Utah, United States in the family of Ann and John Hickey. She grew up alongside a brother and a sister.

The woman earned her living as an opera singer. In her free time she coached kids, who wanted to improve their vocal skills – Pat was ready to take any job to make the ends meet. Once she was rehearsing and heard Mariah, who copied her singing.  The little girl was obviously talented, and Pat decided to train her. She was incredibly tired after a long working day, but found the time to make some voice exercises with small Mariah. Thus, the talented teen girl started her way to musical Olympus.

Patricia got married to a black man Alfred Carey in 1960. At that time inter-racial marriages were condemned in the society. As a result, Pat’s parents abandoned her. After 13 years of marriage she separated from her husband, and turned into a single parent with two kids, whom she had to carry.

Patricia served as a role model for Mariah. Later the singer confessed that her mother was a real diva and she inherited her famous voice from mom.

Mariah Carey siblings

Allison Carey (older sister)

Allison Carey sister Mariah

Date of birth: August 7, 1961

Alison Ann Carey Hickey is the black sheep in Carey family. Currently she resides in a small apartment in one of the towns of New York state. During many years the woman suffered from drug addiction, she earned her living as a call girl and was married several times. Allison had four kids, but she couldn’t care about them.

When Mariah’s father was dying, he asked his famous daughter to make peace with her older sister Allison. After that Mariah was a part of her sibling’s life and gave her financial support. But Allison continued to lead her troubled lifestyle, so Mariah and her mother Patricia stopped to keep in touch with her.

Now Allison stays sober, but several years ago she was diagnosed with AIDs. The woman is close to death, but Mariah doesn’t plan to reconcile with her sister again.

Morgan Carey (older brother)

Morgan Carey brother Mariah Carey

Date of birth: August 6, 1964

In her interview Mariah told, that her brother was that very person, who helped her record the first demo. He gave his sister $5, 000, which was a huge amount for Carey family at that time. Thus, with his sibling’s help the singer made her first steps to success.

Morgan saw the world for the first time in Huntington. He was in the primary school age, when his parents divorced, and the family was divided into two unequal parts – Alfred and Allison and Pat with her son Morgan and small Mariah.

He earned his living as a fitness coach, and later turned into a music producer and a model. The man manages career of a Korean performer Skull.

At first he was in good terms with his stellar sister Mariah, but then they had a conflict (the details of it are not publicized) and stopped communicating. As for now, Morgan and Mariah hadn’t spoken to each other for more than 5 years.

Since 2010 he has been married to an Italian actress Ilaria Negrini.


Mariah Carey bio

photo instagram / mariahcarey

Mariah Carey is celebrated as a prominent R&B singer and actress. In 1990s she was ranked as one of the most successful music artists in USA and all over the world. Mariah achieved popularity due to her strong deep voice with a massive range of 5 octaves and romantic beautiful songs, most of which she wrote herself. Her deep talent brought the singer numerous awards, including 5 Grammy awards, 21 American music awards and many others. As for now, the fair-haired artist has already presented 14 music sets, and one more is expected in autumn this year. In addition, she acted in a number of films, such as “Bachelor”, “Wise Girls”, “Precious” and others.

Interesting and fun facts

Mariah Carey Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / mariahcarey

  1. The singer dated numerous men, but officially was married just twice. Tommy Motola was her first husband and, probably, the person, who played the key part in her career. The ex-head of Sony Music, he took the aspiring singer under his wing and helped her release the album “Emotions”, which brought her first Grammy nomination. Their wedding ceremony was one of the most luxurious and their divorce was one of the most scandalous in the world. Later Mariah confessed that Tommy was a real tyrant.
  2. The comedian Nick Cannon became the second husband of the music star. Their married life seemed cloudless, even the most skeptical people enjoyed the romantic moments between them. But after the birth of the kids their relationships deteriorated. Nick worked a lot and was a rare guest at their family home. It was rumored, that he cheated his wife, although both denied it. In 2014 Nick filed for divorce, which was officially finished in 2016.
  3. After her second divorce Mariah got used to drinking and gained lots of extra kilos. But later she put herself together and got rid of bad habits and overweight.
  4. She was rumored to date Eminem in early 1990s. By the way, Mariah always denied the fact of her love affair with the rapper, but he on the contrary boasted with his probable romance with a music star.
  5. She has more than 100 pairs of shoes, which she keeps in a big wardrobe room, situated in her house. The star told in her interview, that in the teens she had to wear her mother’s shoes, because her family was very poor and she couldn’t buy her own footwear. When she became richer, she decided to create a separate room for her numerous pairs of shoes.
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  • Jorge L Toscano says:

    Mariah you had two kids annd you wanted to live it at that;you shouid had at least 8 being a multimilioner , what else is the money for, nick cannon was the love of your live and you were a fool by not acting natural, you made a mistake thats why you lost him.

  • Nazy says:

    Your facts need to be checked. She was married to Tommy motola in 1990s , after him she dated famous latin singer Luis Miguel for about 3 years after their break up which no one knows what happened because neither of them will publicly talk about it but Luis Miguels former manager said that Mariah was Miguels love of his life but it just never worked out. After that did the Eminem rumours start it could have been in 2004.