Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr.

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr.


celeb's relative, construction worker

Birth Date

June 30, 1951

Death date

June 26, 2019 (67 years)

Zodiac Sign



North Dakota, United States



Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. family members

Father's Name

Marshall Bruce Mathers

Mother's Name

Rae Mathers

Is Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. a gay/bisexual?


How many children does he have?

3 (Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Michael Mathers, Sarah Mathers)

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. relatives


Eminem’s father is the sample of other parent, who doesn’t perform his duties. He left his son (and namesake), when the boy was about a year and a half. He wasn’t present in his life from that moment. Numerous times Eminem wrote him letters, but got no answer.

When the rapper became popular, his father read an article about him in the magazine, and saw the pic of his ex-wife Debbie with a baby boy on her hands. He immediately recognized that photo and that child and decided to reconcile with him.

In 2010 he wrote Eminem an open letter through social media. He told his son, that he really loved him and changed his diapers, and he even tried to save his marriage with Debbie, but “they were too young” and “it was crazy”. After that, he moved to California and later changed it to San Diego. His ex-wife didn’t know his new address, that is why he couldn’t get the emotional letters he wrote to him.

Marshall’s father earned his living as a contractor. According to his own words, he “wasn’t poor”. The man re-married a woman, whose name he didn’t publicize, and welcomed two kids with her – Sarah and Michael. He tells that he is on good terms with his children from the second marriage because their mother wasn’t as troubled as Debbie.

For several years Mathers Sr. was alcohol addicted. But he managed to cope with this passion, and now he is clean. The man was dating Teresa Harbin. He hadn’t been close to his famous son till his death.

The rapper’s father died on June 26, 2019 (some sources suppose, it happened a day or two earlier) because of a sudden heart attack. Bruce was 67 at the moment of his death. He passed away at his house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His neighbors confirmed the sad news.

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