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Martin Garrix biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Martijn Gerard Garritsen


DJ, Record Producer, Musician

Birth Date

May 14, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands


Herman Brood Academie



Martin Garrix family members

Father's Name

Gerard Garritsen

Mother's Name

Karin Garritsen

Siblings names

Laura Garrix (Sister)

Is Martin Garrix a gay/bisexual?


What is Martin Garrix marital status?

In relation

Who is Martin Garrix wife?

Charelle Schriek (girlfriend since 2018)

Although Martin Garrix is a financially independent young man, he knows that his parents, sister and a childhood friend DJ Justin Mylo, with whom he goes on tours, are incredibly important people for him. “They are not afraid to tell me that I am doing fool things”, the star tells.  Meet Martin Garrix family!

Who are Martin Garrix parents?

Gerard Garritsen (father)

Gerard Garritsen

Martin Garrix father’s name is Gerard Garritsen. He told about it to his fans, when answered their questions through Twitter in spring, 2016. The young DJ didn’t tell, how old his father is, but looking at this middle-aged man, it’s easy to guess, that he welcomed his son at a not very young age.

Gerard is not a professional musician, but he plays the guitar and has a good understanding of music. Together with his wife he took the boy to Olympics opening ceremony, which was held in Athens in 2004 and there Martin heard DJ Tiësto music. That very time the boy got sure, he would go Tiësto’s pace.

Gerard Garritsen developed his son’s interest in music. He bought the boy all necessary equipment to DJ at school parties. In addition, he had never regretted money for DJ Tiësto’s and other musician’s recordings, which Martin bought all the time.

Gerard Garritsen resides with his wife and daughter in the suburbs of Amsterdam. His famous son lives 5 minutes walk from his parents’ place.

Karin Garritsen (mother)

Karin Garritsen (mother)

Martin Garrix’s mother doesn’t look young too. Probably, she welcomed her son in her 30s. The woman is keen on music, just like her husband. She plays the piano. Karin and her son are very close. It was not easy for her to raise him as the boy was hyper active. But she tried to develop all his talents in any case.

The woman and her husband very often join their son-musician during his tours.

Martin Garrix siblings

Laura Garrix (Sister)

Laura Garrix (Sister)

Laura is in good terms with her brother. She is younger than him, and she is Martin’s most devoted fan. The girl is a high school pupil. When she is on holidays, she likes to go on tour with her brother.



Martijn Gerard Garritsen is an incredibly young internationally celebrated DJ, who plays electro house music.

He was born in Amstelveen, Netherlands and attended a local school there. The boy decided to become a professional DJ after attending Olympic Games opening ceremony in 2004, where DJ Tiësto performed.

Garritsen downloaded a computer program and started to make music just from home. At first he demonstrated his tracks at school, and later he recorded some of his tracks and sent them to Tiesto. The famous DJ and Garritsen compatriot recommended the young prodigy to Dutch EDM recording studio, at thus the boy, who nicknamed himself Martin Garrix, started his career.

He presented his first album “Error 404” at the age of 16. Thus, the teenager has become an internationally popular star. At the age of 17 he arranged his first show at Ibiza. Then just 10 people were present at his party. A year later he became an Ibiza resident.

As for now, Martin Garrix is just 22. To that age mark he had already released 33 music videos, 2 extended plays and one album.

The young man constantly collaborates with young artists, such as Troye Sivan and Bebe Rexha, with whom he had a short love affair.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He is usually compared with Justin Bieber for becoming popular at a very early age.
  2. Martin’s manager Scooter Braun works with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande too.
  3. Garrix names DJ Tiesto and Calvin Harris (Scottish musician) as his inspirations.
  4. The young DJ has already signed his first endorsement deal. He advertises Tag Heuer watches.
  5. Martin Garrix has become popular overnight, having released an aggressive track “Animals”, which had become Number One hit in United Kingdom.
  6. Garrix has already become a millionaire. He featured in Forbes list of Top 100 Electronic Cash Kings.
  7. Although many teen stars often lose themselves in their fame and start to use drugs, Martin seems to be different from them. He has never tried drugs, but once smoked weed. In addition, the young man is not interested in alcohol. In case he is in mood to drink some alcoholic beverage, he chooses a cocktail Jägermeister.
  8. Martin Garrix is a social media star with more than 1 million followers at Facebook.
  9. Since 2018 he is dating a model Charelle Schriek.
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