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Master P biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Percy Robert Miller Sr.


rapper, entrepreneur

Birth Date

April 29, 1970


53 years

Zodiac Sign



New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Booker T. Washington High School, Warren Easton High School, University of Houston, Merritt College



Master P family members

Father's Name

Percy Miller Sr.

Mother's Name

Josie Keller

Siblings names

Kevin Miller (late younger brother), Germaine Miller (younger sister), C-Murder (younger brother), Silkk the Shocker (younger brother)

Is Master P a gay/bisexual?


What is Master P marital status?


Who is Master P wife?

Sonya Miller (ex-wife)

How many children does he have?

9 (Romeo Miller, Vercy Miller, Intylyana Miller, Tytyana Miller, Itali Miller, Hercy Miller, Mercy Miller, Veno Miller, Cymphonique Miller)

Master P family

Master P wife

Sonya Miller (ex-wife)

Master-P-ex-wife photo

Date of birth: October 1967

Sonya Cassandra Miller is widely known as the former wife of the music mogul Master P and the mother of his seven kids. Her parents owned a record store “Reflections” in New Orleans, Louisiana, so music has always been an inseparable part of her life. She was especially keen on rap. Sonya became a member of the hip-hop band “TRU”, which featured not just Master P himself, but also his two brothers. Later she married Master P they moved from New Orleans to Richmond, CA. There Percy and Sonya lived in her aunt’s house. They opened their record store in Richmond, which later was developed into the huge recording empire “No Limits”.

Although Sonya’s main activity was motherhood, in the early 1990s she attempted to become a professional rapper and released the album “Married To The Mob”, which got mostly negative reviews from critics.

In 2003 Sonya attracted lots of public attention after she filed for divorce from Master P. The woman claimed $67 million of her husband’s net worth. The final divorce agreement was settled in 2014. Its details are not publicized.

After her separation from Master P, Sonya focused on her career. She produced several movies, including “Material Girls” and “Catalog This!” In 2019 she graduated from Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA. Miller majored in Technical Theater.

Master P kids

Romeo Miller (son)

Master P kids son

Date of birth: August 18, 1989

Master P and Sonya C gave the world seven talented children, but Percy Romeo Miller, probably, is one of the most notable of them. As his mother confessed in her interviews, he has been keen on music since childhood. He saw his parents working from morning till night in the recording studio, and one day he convinced them to help him make music himself.

As a musician, Romeo released four studio albums, the first of which, “Lil’ Romeo”, got the gold status. He was also involved in the TV and movie-making industry and featured on 100+ screen projects, including “Honey” with Jessica Alba and “The Defenders” with James Belushi.

Despite a star status at an early age, Romeo still decided to go to college. At the University of Southern California, he played for the local basketball team.

In 2015-2016 Romeo and his siblings were featured on the reality TV series “Master P’s Family Empire”.

With his girlfriend Drew Sangster, he parented two daughters, River Rose and Winter Snoh.

Vercy Miller (son)

Vercy Miller son Master P

Date of birth: July 26, 1991

Vercy, widely known as Young V, is the second kid of the rapper Master P and his ex-wife Sonya. Vercy is an occasional actor, who made appearances in the movies “Decisions”, directed by his father, the mini-series “The Team”, comedy “I Got the Hook Up 2”.

Currently, Vercy is an entrepreneur. He works with his father at No Limits brand. Previously, Vercy co-hosted a YouTube channel with his long-term girlfriend Brittney Meraki, a singer and dancer. They met at a film set and immediately fell in love with one another.

Like his older brother, Vercy studied business and finance at UCLA.

Intylyana Miller (daughter)

Intylyana Miller daughter Master P

Date of birth: June 25, 1993

Inty is another talented girl from the Miller breed. She gained some recognition as a rapper and actress. She has released several songs, including “That Real Love” and “You Know I See You”. Besides, she acted in “A Mother’s Choice” with her younger sister Tyty, on “I Got the Hook Up 2” and some others.

Like her other siblings, Inty graduated from Calabasas High School. She played for the school volleyball team. Currently, she shares her time between her work as a singer and actress and motherhood. Inty is a mother to a small daughter.

Tytyana Miller (daughter)

Tytyana Miller

Date of birth: August 1, 1996

Date of death: May 27, 2022

In May 2022 Master P’s fans were shocked by the sad news about his daughter’s death. The rapper didn’t open up about the reasons for Tyty’s sudden departure, but he hinted that the young woman had a mental illness and was addicted to drugs.

Tytyana Miller was born in New Orleans, but she was raised in Calabasas, California. She decided not to continue her education after graduation from Calabasas High School. Tytyana started their career as a rapper and actress. She had a small role on Nickelodeon show “Just Jordan”. Besides, she featured with her brothers in “Growing Up Hip Hop” and in the drama “A Mother’s Choice”.

Tyty’s father opened up, that she had a long-term battle with drug addiction, which she lost on May 28, 2022. The reason for her death was a drug overdose. Tyty is remembered not just by her parents and siblings, but also by her little daughter Skye, born in 2018.

Itali Miller (daughter)

Itali Miller photo

Date of birth: 1999

The youngest girl in the Master P and Sonya C family is called Itali. Like her siblings, she tried her hand at singing and acting, but currently, Itali focused her mind on design and fashion.

Hercy Miller (son)

Hercy Miller

Date of birth: March 2002

Hercy is as talented as his older siblings. In one of her interviews, his mother Sonya told, him that Hercy was a premature baby, and his parents have to struggle a lot to save his life. That’s why the boy has become a little worrier, and he won all his battles. Hercy became a brilliant pupil at Minnehaha Academy. He joined his academic education by playing basketball for the school team. In 2021 he became a professional basketball player after he had signed a deal with Louisville Cardinals.

Mercy Miller (son)

Mercy Miller son masterpp

Date of birth: 2005

Mercy is closely-knitted with his older brother Hercy and follows his way as an athlete. He used to –play basketball for Notre Dame Knights. The boy has chosen basketball as his career.

Veno Miller (son)

Veno Miller

Date of birth: July 16, 1991

Veno is the son of Master P’s late brother Kevin Miller. After Kevin’s tragic death in 1990, Sonya and Percy Jr adopted the boy. Like other Miller siblings, Veno became an entertainer. He has appeared as an actor in several projects, including the upcoming “Malibu Horror Story”. He is also a model at Ford Models Agency.

Cymphonique Miller (daughter)

Cymphonique Miller

Date of birth: 1996

Nobody knows who Cymphonique’s mother is. She was born from Master P’s extramarital affair. It is rumored that Cympho’s mother is Lerma Pattugalan, the older sister of Junalyn, the wife of Master P’s brother Vyshonn.

The girl inherited her father’s singing genes. She used to perform in the church choir and then started her professional career as a singer.

Who are Master P parents?

Percy Miller Sr. (father)

Master P father

Date of birth: August 3, 1949

Percy’s father is his namesake. The man used to work as a policeman. Master P’s mother, Percy Sr. had four kids. He used to work from morning till night to make ends meet. When the future music magnate was just 11 years old, he came through his parents’ divorce. But Percy remained in touch with his father and grandfather Claude Miller, whom he named as his biggest inspiration. Claude died in 1990 and left $10, 000 to his grandson Percy Jr. The latter used that money to open a record store, which later turned into a big brand “No Limits”.

Josie Keller (mother)

Master P mother

Date of birth: December 1950

Percy’s mother was a housewife. She passed through hard times after her separation from her husband Percy Sr as she had to maintain four kids by herself. The incredible poverty made Percy look for a job. Thus, he became involved in drug dealing. But later he found the right way to top through his music and business career.

Master P siblings

Kevin Miller (younger brother)

Kevin Miller

Date of birth: March 2, 1968

Date of death: September 14, 1990

Master P is very proud of the fact that he is a zero-made man, who came from the streets. The fact that gave him some extra strength to achieve success was the death of his little brother in the streets. Like Master P, Kevin was responsible for maintaining their family after their parents’ divorce. He also was involved in drug dealing. The man was shot in the back during the car ride with two other men. One of them was Kevin’s friend. Both killers were later imprisoned.

Germaine Miller (younger sister)

Germaine Miller

Date of birth: May 10, 1969

Master P’s only sister is named Germaine Marie Miller. Previously, she owned the company “Vision Creations”. The woman lives in Louisiana as of 2023. Her marital status is not known.

C-Murder (younger brother)


Date of birth: March 9, 1971

Master P’s second youngest brother’s real name is Corey Miller. In 2003 Corey was convicted guilty of the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas, his fan. Master P’s brother got life imprisonment. Nevertheless, in 2018 his brother Master P, nephew Romeo as well as their famous friends, like Kim Kardashian, required a review of Corey’s case because two key witnesses had recanted.

C-Murder was a popular rapper. Represented by his brother’s brand “No Limits” he was a member of the band TRU and also released his solo albums. The most popular of them was “Life or Death”, which got platinum status. Some of his latest albums, like “Tomorrow”, appeared in sale after C-Murder’s imprisonment.

Silkk the Shocker (younger brother)

Silkk the Shocker

Date of birth: June 18, 1975

Silkk the Shocker is also a celebrity. He is a popular rapper and actor, too. His real name is Vyshonn King Miller. He is Master P’s youngest brother. Silkk the Shocker gained popularity as a member of hip hop bands “504 Boyz” and “TRU”. He has also released five studio albums as a solo artist, including platinum-certified “Charge It 2 da Game” and “Made Man”.

Silkk the Shocker is married to Jaclyn Pattugalan, Cymphonique’s mother, and raises three kids with her.

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