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Matthew Hussey biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Matthew Hussey


bestsellers' author, social media star, TV personality, dating coach

Birth Date

June 19, 1987


34 years

Zodiac Sign



Essex, England


Williams College; Stanford Graduate School of Business



Matthew Hussey family members

Father's Name

Stephen Hussey

Mother's Name

Pauline Hussey

Siblings names

Stephen Hussey Jr.

Is Matthew Hussey a gay/bisexual?


What is Matthew Hussey marital status?

In relation

Who is Matthew Hussey wife?

Camila Cabello (girlfriend since 2018)

Matthew Hussey wife

Camila Cabello (ex-girlfriend; dated in since 2018-2019)

Matthew Hussey girlfriend

photo instagram / camila_cabello

Date of birth: March 3, 1997

Who are Matthew Hussey parents?

Stephen Hussey (father)

Stephen Hussey

photo instagram / thematthewhussey

Matthew introduced his father to the world in one of his YouTube videos, titled “Meet My Dad”. In this video, the life coach and his parent discussed some relationship issues, while the viewers noticed just one thing – how handsome Stephen was.

In addition to his great look, this man boasts with other achievements, too. He raised 3 sons and created a happy strong family with his wife of many years Pauline.

Matthew Hussey father

photo instagram / thematthewhussey

As for now, the man serves as the manager alongside his son Matthew, developing his brand “Get the Guy”.

Stephen is that very person, who helped Matthew develop his skills of a psychologist. He taught his son to love reading, to take challenges and to reach high standards. His son respects and loves him so much, about which he told on Father’s Day through Instagram.

Pauline Hussey (mother)

Pauline Hussey

photo instagram / thematthewhussey

Date of birth: January 14, 1958

Pauline guested at Mathew’s YouTube video, too. It was named in a traditional way – “Meet My Mother”. After that Hussey’s followers showered the woman with compliments – she looked really fresh, beautiful and self-confident, in addition, the close connection between her and her son was obvious.

Pauline did a great job – she rose three talented boys, and now she feels free and is ready for the new era in her life.

Matthew Hussey mother

photo instagram / thematthewhussey

The woman and her husband Stephen have formed a strong happy couple, which serves as a role model to her sons and other people worldwide. In the video, she told that her family passed through rough times, but staying together and being close with her family members was that very torch, which guided her.

Her son never forgets to congratulate her on Mother’s Day through social media. He considers her as his best friend and inspiration.

Matthew Hussey siblings

Stephen Hussey Jr. (brother)

Stephen Hussey Jr.

photo instagram / stephenhhussey

Stephen is not just Matthew’s brother and friend, he is also his colleague. He writes articles for Hussey’s website, appears in his YouTube videos and contributed to his famous book “Get the Guy”. Several years ago, Stephen earned a doctorate degree in Political Philosophy from Oxford University. Like his brother, he makes his living as a dating guru.

Harry Hussey (brother)

Harry Hussey

photo instagram / thematthewhussey

Harry is the third boy in Hussey family. In 2015 he graduated from college. He seems to be the youngest in the family, although the exact date of his birth isn’t known. He is busy in his brother’s “Get the Guy” business, and in addition, he is an artist.


Matthew Hussey bio

photo instagram / thematthewhussey

Mathew Hussey rose to fame as the dating coach, radio and TV host and author of a bestseller “Get the Guy”.

He was born and raised in England in the friendly family of Pauline and Stephen Hussey. He grew up alongside two brothers. At the age of 11, he read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (by Dale Carnegie). That book inspired him to start studying human nature. That was interesting to Matthew, but he didn’t plan it as his occupation and source of income.

He studied business administration at Stanford Graduate School of Business and at first wanted to make a career of a real estate agent. But he couldn’t find a job, so he decided to spend his free time for another venture. He consulted women, who couldn’t build healthy relationship with their men. At first, he appointed meetings to his clients in cafes, but then he opened an office and started a dating website. Matthew was titled as “the world-famous dating guru” after the release of his book “Get the Guy”, which was ranked as a bestseller by “Times”.

His other accolades include hosting a radio show, hosting a segment at the popular show “Today” and playing a regular part of a matchmaker in the digital series “Ready for Love”. He runs the channel at YouTube, where he shares his relationship tips. The channel counts about 1, 6 million subscribers.

Interesting and fun facts

Matthew Hussey Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / thematthewhussey

  1. Since January 2018 he is a dating a singer Camila Cabello, famous by her hit “Havana”.
  2. He moved from England to USA in 2010. Since then he coaches people how to start and develop healthy relationship through his site and through his YouTube vids. There are lots of celebs among his clients. He consulted Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, and many others.
  3. He is 5 ft 11 in tall.
  4. He is a big fan of reading and traveling.
  5. He is a good boxer and practices this kind of sports regularly.
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