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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Melanie Adele Martinez


singer, songwriter

Birth Date

April 28, 1995


26 years

Zodiac Sign



Baldwin, New York, USA


Baldwin High School



Melanie Martinez family members

Father's Name

Jose Martinez

Mother's Name

Mery Martinez

Siblings names

Joseph Martinez (younger brother)

Is Melanie Martinez a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Melanie Martinez marital status?

In relation

There are many famous singers in the world. Some of them encourage us to dance; the others want us to feel some emotions while listening to their songs. In comparison with all of them, Melanie is different, because she is making us think. Each of her songs raises a problem, and each of her music videos is a small story. But what do we know about this special performer and her background? Let’s look at people, who brought her up.

Who are Melanie Martinez parents?

Jose Martinez (father)

Jose Martinez father Melanie Martinez


Melanie’s family is as mysterious as she is. Mr. Martinez appeared in public for the first time in 2012. He supervised her 17-year-old daughter (at that moment) to the talent show “The Voice”. After that, he was active on social media and posted lots of pictures of his sweet daughter. Melanie was just preparing the album “Cry Baby” when her dad posted the lines from her songs, which hadn’t been publicized yet. But Melanie wasn’t upset and even took him on her first music tour.

It’s hard to tell, what caused that decision, but Jose deleted some of his profiles from social media and is not active on the others, and now Melanie Martinez fans can see him so rarely! In the picture, he is with Melanie at the Los Angeles show.

Jose keeps extremely private about his occupation, but he eagerly shares his hobbies – watching baseball and football matches. Besides, he is a faithful person and always keeps God in his heart.

Mery Martinez (mother)

Mery Martinez mother Melanie Martinez

Mery stays away from the limelight, that’s why her Instagram account is closed. Nevertheless, she can be noticed at Melanie’s audition to the show “The Voice”, where she came to support her daughter.

It’s not known, whether Mery has a full-time job, but she names motherhood as the main priority in her life. She wrote, “I am a proud mother” on social media.

Previously, the woman had several Instagram accounts, but now she keeps so silent on social media.

Melanie Martinez siblings

Joseph Martinez (younger brother)

Joseph Martinez brother Melanie Martinez


Joseph’s exact age is not known, but he is just several years younger than his sister Melanie. In 2013 the boy graduated from high school, and his grades were great. His older sister adores him and calls “my Jofish“, while his full name is Joseph Timothy Martinez.


Melanie Adele Martinez is a singer, songwriter, and photographer of Dominican-Puerto Rican ethnicity. She was born and raised in Baldwin. Since the earliest years, she was interested in music. Her love for this kind of art was inspired by her paternal grandmother Lydia. The old woman encouraged her granddaughter to express her emotions through songs.

Ms. Martinez rose to international fame in 2012, when she performed Britney Spears song “Toxic” at the show “The Voice”. Then her talent was valued by three judges of the four. She chose Adam Levine as her mentor.

During her participation in the show, Melanie performed covers to many popular songs. Some of them reached the top 10 on iTunes, which sounds so solid for a talent show contestant.

As of now, Melanie boasts with two studio albums, the debut one is titled “Cry Baby” and the recent one, released in 2019, is “K-12”. Both of her albums reached the top 10 charts in the USA and some other countries.

Melanie is recognized by her exotic looks and extremely sweet voice, which is often compared to the voice of a kid. The girl likes bright doll-like makes up, she dyes one-two parts of her head in different colors. Her songs are always rhythmic and sometimes sound strange, but each time there’s some deep social concept in her hits. The song “Teddy Bear” touches the painful topic of violence, while “Mrs. Potato Head” deals with girls, who can’t stop changing their faces with plastic surgeries.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In 2018 Melanie confirmed through Twitter that she is bisexual, telling that she comes from a typical Hispanic family, a very religious one, so to be attracted to girls and boys simultaneously seemed inappropriate for her. But later she discovered her duality and decided to come out.
  2. Currently, Melanie is dating a singer Oliver Tree Nickell. Previously she dated her producer Michael Keenan in 2015-2018.
  3. Although her music videos are anti-alcoholic very often, in her real-life she is not against it. “Sometimes I like to have a glass of some alcoholic drink or to smoke a weed, but I don’t like to promote it”, she told in her interview.
  4. Cry Baby is her character, her alter ego. After that, she was compared to David Bowie, an artist, who created such personas and changed them several times in his career. But Melanie is not sure if she continues to develop her personage Cry Baby or will invent something else.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 2 in and her weight is 102 pounds.
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