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Melissa Benoist biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Melissa Marie Benoist


actress, singer

Birth Date

October 4, 1988


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Littleton, Colorado, United States


Arapahoe High School; Marymount Manhattan College



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Melissa Benoist family members

Father's Name

Jim Benoist

Mother's Name

Julie Benoist

Siblings names

Jessica Benoist-Young (older sister), Kristina Benoist (younger sister), Tanner Benoist (younger half-brother), Estella Benoist (younger half-sister), Coco Benoist (younger half-sister), Tor Benoist (younger half-brother), Rocket James Benoist (younger half-brother)

Is Melissa Benoist a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Melissa Benoist marital status?


Who is Melissa Benoist husband?

Chris Wood

When did get married?

September 1, 2019

Melissa Benoist husband

Chris Wood (husband)

Chris Wood husband Melissa Benoist


Date of birth: April 14, 1988

Melissa’s divorce with her first husband Blake Jenner was finalized in December 2017. That very year she was seen on a romantic date with her other colleague, Chris Wood. The actors met at the “Supergirl” set. It’s not known exactly when both started dating. Some of Melissa’s fans suppose, she fell in love with Wood, still being married to Blake Jenner.

In any case, their love affair seemed so passionate to her fans – the couple posted numerous romantic photos on Instagram. They got engaged in February 2019 and exchanged the votes on September 1, 2019.

Chris Wood was born in Dublin, Ohio, United States. He studied Fine Arts and Music Theater at Elon University. He debuted on the small screen in 2013 as Brandon on the drama series “Major Crimes”. His other screen projects include the roles in the series “The Vampire Diaries” and “Supergirl”.

Blake Jenner (ex-husband; were married in 2015-2017)

Blake Jenner ex husband Melissa Benoist


Date of birth: August 27, 1992

In 2012 Melissa met Blake Jenner at the set of “Glee”. They got married in 2015, but two years later the couple separated. You can read about their love story in “Blake Jenner”and know about her ex everything. 

Who are Melissa Benoist parents?

Jim Benoist (father)

Jim Benoist


Date of birth: November 22, 1960

The name of Melissa’s father is James Logan Benoist. In spite of the fact, that the actress’s parents divorced, when she was still a little girl, her daddy didn’t escape from the family picture. He supported her at the initial stages of her career when she was just a kid, who performed with the Academy of Theatre Arts. 

James is a father every girl can be proud of. He found the time to visit his daughter’s performances in spite of his so tough schedule. The man served as the physician, and many patients define him as a hard-working and talented doctor.

After his divorce to Julie, Melissa’s mother, he tied a knot with Kristin Benoist and fathered four kids with her. After some years of married life, they separated. Officially Jim is single as of 2019. He has 8 kids; from his side Melissa has five half-siblings. 

Julie Benoist (mother)

Julie Benoist mother Melissa Benoist


Date of birth: April 30, 1963

Julie Renee Benoist is Melissa’s mother. Obviously, the two have warm close relationships, typical for a mother and daughter. Previously, Julie was a housewife. She was so focused on the upbringing of her three daughters (Melissa and her two full siblings). It’s not publicized, whether she works somewhere now.

Melissa Benoist siblings

Jessica Benoist-Young (older sister)

Date of birth: January 9, 1985

Melissa is so close to her sisters. Although three of them have busy schedules and live in different places, they always find an opportunity to stay in touch with one another. 

Jessica Renee Benoist, who has changed her surname for “Young” after her marriage to Trevor Young, resides in Council Grove, Kansas as of now. She works at the Tiptoz dancing studio. She joins it with the writing activity. Jessica and Trevor have two sons. 

Kristina Benoist (younger sister)

Kristina Benoist younger sister Melissa Benoist


Date of birth: July 2, 1994

Kristina Elizabeth Benoist is the youngest of Julie and Jim’s girls. She studied environmental science at Westminster College and now works as an ecologist. Officially she is single. Currently, she lives at Salt Lake City, UT.

Tanner Benoist (younger half-brother)

Tanner Benoist brother Melissa Benoist


Tanner is the son of Melissa’s father Jim and his wife Kristin Benoist. His exact age is not known, but obviously, he is a teenager as of 2020. Tanner seems to be a humorous active boy. It’s hard to tell, whether Melissa and he share a close bond. 

Estella Benoist (younger half-sister)

Estella Benoist sister Melissa Benoist


Kristin Benoist’s daughter, Estella is related to Melissa through their father Jim. Estella is a teen girl, she is interested in questions any teenager has to deal with – trust, self-confidence, and judgment from the side of other people. She discusses these questions in her social media posts. 

Coco Benoist (younger half-sister)

Coco is another beautiful girl from Benoist’s large family. Melissa’s half-sister is not less beautiful than the actress. Coco resides with her mother and siblings in Denver, CO. 

Tor Benoist (younger half-brother)

Tor is another half-brother of Melissa Benoist from the side of her father. 

Rocket James Benoist (younger half-brother)

Rocket is Melissa’s younger half-brother. In spite of the fact, that he has an account on Facebook, he hasn’t posted any pictures yet and keeps very private about his education, career and relationship status. 


Melissa Marie Benoist gained wide popularity as a television and movie actress. Her face became recognizable after the role of 18-year old Laurel in Aaron Woodley’s drama “Tennessee”, where the main female role was portrayed by Mariah Carey. Although she acted in several big-screen movies, fans know and love her rather as the series actress. She played as Marley Rose in “Glee”, as Kara Danvers in “Supergirl” and as Molly in “The Good Wife”.

She was born in Littleton, Colorado in the family of a physician and a housewife. She has two sisters and five half-siblings from the paternal side. Since the earliest years, Melissa was interested in acting, singing, and dancing. She was a school pupil when she joined the Academy of Theatre Arts troupe.

After graduation from school, she moved to New York, where she joined studying theater art at Marymount Manhattan College with visiting auditions and participating in commercials. She met her big break in 2008 when she won the role in the big-screen movie “Tennessee”.

As of now, Melissa is a busy actress, who participates in several new screen projects every year. 

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