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Melissa Claire Egan biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Melissa Claire Egan


American actress

Birth Date

September 21, 1981


41 years

Zodiac Sign



Pound Ridge, New York, United States


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Melissa Claire Egan family members

Father's Name

Dennis Egan Melissa Claire Egan

Mother's Name

Mary Egan Melissa Claire Egan

Siblings names

two brothers

Is Melissa Claire Egan a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Melissa Claire Egan marital status?


Who is Melissa Claire Egan husband?

Matt Katrosar

When did get married?

July 26, 2014

In spite of active career each woman dreams about happy family life. Meet the closest people of Melissa Claire Egan!

Melissa Claire Egan husband

Matt Katrosar

Matt Katrosar husband

Date of birth: March 21, 1978

Matthew Adam Katrosar is the beloved husband of a famous soap opera actress Melissa Claire Egan (she took her husband’s surname after marriage and now she is known as Missy Egan Katrosar).

Matt spent his early and young years in Coral Springs, FL. There he attended J. P. Taravella High School, where was a brilliant student. After graduation from school Matt entered the University of Florida. He got bachelor degree in Science and Marketing there.

After graduation Matt moved to San Francisco, CA, where he worked at CBS Interactive (a media company). Since April, 2018 he serves as Head of Advertising Sales at Pluto TV. He resides with his beautiful wife Melissa Claire Egan in Santa Monica, CA.

The CBS day opera star Melissa Claire Egan and then-worker of CBS Interactive were inspired to go for a date by their common friend Josh. As later Missy told, their first meeting had lasted for more than 6 hours. And she was the person, who initiated their first kiss.

In February, 2013 the couple got engaged. They arranged a beautiful wedding on July 26, 2014. The couple exchanged the vows in the back yard of a big rancho in Santa Barbara. That was a very beautiful wedding, chic and simple at the same time.

Who are Melissa Claire Egan parents?

Melissa Claire Egan parents

Dennis Egan (father)

The father of a talented actress Melissa Claire Egan spent the major part of his life in Pound Ridge, New York. It is not known, what he did to earn his living, but Missy opened up in her interviews, that her father belongs to the middle class of the society. Soap opera star Melissa is the second kid in the family of Mary and Dennis Egan. She told that she was happy to grow up in a family of five, where each one tried to support the others.

Mary Egan (mother)

Melissa Claire Egan mother

photo instagram / missyclaireegan

Melissa’s mother did a big job to develop her daughter’s interest in acting. Mary took Missy to acting classes in New York, when the girl was just 10. In spite of the fact, that Melissa was keen on acting, her mother insisted, that she had to go to college. Thus, Melissa entered University of North Carolina, where she got a degree in dramatic art.

By the way, Melissa is in good terms with her parents. Very often she uploads pics with her mother and father in social media. She spends holidays and vacations in the company of her husband and her parents.

Melissa Claire Egan siblings

Melissa Claire Egan siblings photo

Scott Egan (brother)

Date of birth: November 3, 1993

He is a younger brother of Missy Egan. Till now the actress enjoys their time together, when both relax and play around like kids.

Melissa Claire Egan brother

photo instagram / missyclaireegan

Ryan Egan (brother)

He is an older brother of an actress Melissa Claire Egan. Their age difference is not defined exactly, but it must be not less than 3 years. The soap opera star and her brother Ryan have close friendly relationship.



The actress Melissa Claire Egan is widely known as a soap opera star. She portrayed a mysterious woman Chelsea in “The Young and the Restless” and, probably, it is her brightest screen work. The other credits include the series “Dawson’s Creek” and “All My Children” and films “Wrestling” and “Somewhere Slow”.

Melissa, who is frequently addressed as Missy, spent her early and teen years in Pound Ridge, NY. She attended acting and dancing classes in her young years. The girl decided to become an actress. She entered UNC (University of North Carolina) to study acting.

The actress recollects in her mind university years with warmth. She tells that she made a lot of friends at UNC, with whom she is close till now. Soon after her graduation, Melissa moved to LA. There she started career of a model. The woman appeared in numerous commercials and at the same time dreamed about acting roles.

Melissa Claire Egan debuted in one episode of “Dawson’s Creek”. Later she got the tiny role in “One Tree Hill”. Thus, gradually she rose to fame.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Melissa Claire Egan started to visit audition at a tender age of 10. Then it was just a hobby for her. She made her first public appearance a year later in the show “Late Night” (with Conan O’Brien).
  2. For her talented work the actress was nominated for Emmy 5 times. But she didn’t win any of them.
  3. Melissa’s favorite color is purple.
  4. She planned her wedding ceremony in Santa Barbara to the smallest details and many of her friends told her, that it was the best ceremony they had ever attended.
  5. Melissa Egan is a big pet lover.
  6. She had a miscarriage in Janury, 2018.
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  • Maestro says:

    Hope Melissa does more Hallmark movies. I enjoy hallmark movies and watch all year long.
    I hoped that Conner would be put away and end the relationship with Adam. He has been dead too many times, so why do you insist on brining him back. Since you have, I hope they go away and don’t come back. I thought Nick made her a better person but obviously I was outvoted on that.
    Melissa, you’re a good actress, I hope you get more movie contracts on Hallmark. The new actrors and actresses for 2019…….not the best I have seen on Hallmark and I have been watching for about 10 years.

  • Toni Johnsick says:

    Happy birthday!!!!!!! I sure hope that you have a blessed big day. ENJOY!!!!!