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Melissa McCarthy biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Melissa Ann McCarthy


comedian, actress, producer

Birth Date

August 26, 1970


52 years

Zodiac Sign



Plainfield, Illinois, United States


St. Francis Academy, Southern Illinois University



Melissa McCarthy family members

Father's Name

Michael McCarthy

Mother's Name

Sandra McCarthy

Siblings names

Margie McCarthy (older sister)

Is Melissa McCarthy a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Melissa McCarthy marital status?


Who is Melissa McCarthy husband?

Ben Falcone

When did get married?

October 8, 2005

How many children does she have?

2 (daughters Vivian Falcone and Georgette Falcone)

Melissa McCarthy husband

Ben Falcone (husband)

Melissa-McCarthy-husband photo

Date of birth: August 25, 1973

Melissa never gets tired to thank her beloved husband, actor, and producer Ben Falcone, for the great family they have. In her interview with “People”, the actress confessed, that she stopped worrying about her body weight due to the support and patience of her kind-hearted husband. They met in 1995 when both were busy at the Los Angeles theater company “The Groundlings”. During the year they were just friends and spent a lot of time together drinking beer with other Groundlings actors at the local bar. Finally, they had an extra beer tête-a-tête and admitted that they both liked each other.

Ben and Melissa exchanged vows officially on October 8, 2005. Read “Ben Falcone Family” to know about Melissa’s husband more. Their happy marriage resulted in the birth of two daughters.

Melissa McCarthy kids

Vivian Falcone (daughter)

Date of birth: May 5, 2007

Melissa and her husband Ben became the parents of two beautiful girls. Their oldest daughter is named Vivian. The girl, who is called the little copy of her mother, has been interested in acting since the earliest age. She was just four years old when she put on her mother’s tiara from the Emmy ceremony and pretended to be an actress. At the age of nine, she appeared in the film “The Boss” as the childhood version of her mother’s heroine Michelle Darnell. In 2021 Vivian starred in the film again. That was the superhero film “Thunder Force”, starring her mother and directed by her father.

Although Vivian gained some popularity as a child actress, her parents still insist, they don’t encourage their girl to become a movie star and want her to focus on her education.

Georgette Falcone (daughter)

Date of birth: March 22, 2010

Georgette is the second daughter of stellar parents Melissa and Ben. After her birth, Melissa gained some extra weight, but she didn’t pay attention to it as she was so into her motherhood duties. Like her sister, she debuted in the film “The Boss” and then acted in “Thunder Force”. The girl likes acting, but still, she is not sure to become an entertainer in the future.

Who are Melissa McCarthy parents?

Michael McCarthy (father)

Melissa McCarthy daughter

Date of birth: October 30, 1939

Melissa comes from a happy friendly family. She grew up on a soybean farm and spent the major part of her day hanging out with her friends in the open air. Her father, Michael McCarthy, was a mild-mannered person and he didn’t accept his daughter’s ideas to become a fashion designer (as she dreamed of during her high school years). Melissa wanted to find herself in her teens and tried the image of a goth. Later she told that she was thankful to her father for his wise attitude towards her “experiments”. But he beat her idea to enter the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, which made her turn her face to stand-up comedy.

Michael resides in Plainfield, Illinois with his wife Sandra. They both are retired as of now but still have busy schedules. The couple goes out for tea with their friends and spends three times a week in a casino, playing one-penny slots (as Melissa told at the Ellen DeGeneres show). Previously, he worked as a high school teacher, but later he worked as a railroad company arbitrator.

Michael is proud of his daughter’s success and supports her activities. Nevertheless, he caused some contradiction, when he didn’t attend the ceremony of Melissa’s receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That caused rumors of a father-daughter conflict. But at The Graham Norton Show, the star denied the rumors and told that her dad missed the ceremony because he “needed to de-weed a lake”. In any case, Melissa and her father have warm relationships and support each other.

Sandra McCarthy (mother)

Melissa McCarthy mother

Date of birth: April 10, 1942

Melissa’s mother is named Sandra McCarthy Cook. Her name is shortened to “Sandy” in the family circle. By the way, Sandy calls her younger daughter “Missy”, and for many years Melissa responded to just this name.

In her numerous interviews, Melissa told that her mother taught her a lot. She taught her to be kind to others – people and animals  – and to make the world nicer.

Sandy was born and raised in Higganum, CT. She has been married to Melissa’s father Michael since 1964. The woman has been working for the World Book Encyclopedia. Melissa confessed that she dared to give acting a chance mostly due to the support of her parents. Her mother never told the actress, that she had no chance in it. On the contrary, Sandy always advised her daughter to follow her dreams.

Except for Missy, Sandy has another daughter – Margie.

Melissa McCarthy siblings

Margie McCarthy (older sister)

Melissa McCarthy sister

Date of birth: August 14, 1967

Melissa has just one sibling – an older sister Marjorie McCarthy. The woman leads a very private lifestyle, so not much is known about her. Margie and Missy share a close bond. They attended the same school and hang out together after classes. Margie took her younger sister to Boulder, Colorado and they both made clothes for the dancing company. Finally, Margie supported her sister’s decision to move to New York and start a career as a stand-up comedian.

Margie stood behind Melissa’s success, too. She sent her sister the newspaper note that the theater company “The Groundlings” was looking for actors. Thus, indirectly she helped her sister start acting professionally and meet her future husband Ben.

Melissa’s sister is a Highlands Ranch resident as of now. She is self-employed. Previously, she owned the company Amelia Alexandre, Inc. Sometimes she supervises her sister at red-carpet events.


You may know Melissa Ann McCarthy as a talented comedian, award-winning actress, and producer. She gained initial popularity as Sookie from the television series “Gilmore Girls” and cemented her success with roles in numerous hit movies and TV series like “Mike & Molly”, “Spy”, “The Little Mermaid” etc.

She was born and raised in Plainfield, a town in the Chicago area in a small, but cozy house. She lived with her parents, older sister, and grandmother and had sturdy family traditions, like visiting the church every Sunday and having long family dinners. She was educated at the catholic high School and was fond of fashion. Melissa wanted to become a fashion designer and studied clothing at Southern Illinois University. She quit it soon to start a career as a comedian.

She moved to New York with $45 in her pocket, following her school friend Brian Atwood, the popular shoe designer now. With Brian’s help, she participated in an open-mic night at the club “Stand Up New York”, and that was the start of her acting career. Having started as a stand-up comedian, she gradually turned her way to the theater and participated in some performances for 2 years. Later she joined the company “The Groundlings” and that was her big break.

In 2010 she portrayed the main heroine in the series “Mike & Molly”. She got Primetime Emmy Award for that screenwork, which proved that her not ideally shaped heroine could be attractive to the audience. Thus, Molly became a popular actress with a busy schedule at 40-something, which is a kind of a miracle for the Hollywood industry.

In 2023 she presented the film “The Little Mermaid”, where she portrayed the witch Ursula.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In addition to acting, Melissa is a successful producer. With her husband, she co-founded the production company “On the Day” in 2013. The comedy film “Tammy” was the first project, produced by Melissa and Ben. It grossed $20 million at the box office.
  2. She launched the fashion line for plus-size women in 2015. The line “Seven7” for ladies up to the 28th size is sold through the Home Shopping Network. Melissa knows that sometimes it is very hard for a plus-size woman to find the clothes to suit her mood, and she puts lots of effort to support her clients in it.
  3. When she was 16, she worked as a waitress at a nursing home. She communicated with people over 65 and liked that a lot.
  4. Melissa never says the words “too late”. She thinks that it can’t be late for any of your ideas, starting from moving to another country and ending with launching any business gig.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 2 in and her weight is 207 pounds. Her net worth is $90 million.
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