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Men in Black International, or MIB: International, as it’s usually shortened in the media, is the new part of the legendary franchise, declared as its spin-off.

The creators of the movie – executive producer Steven Spielberg and others (screenwriters Matt Holloway and Arthur Marcum, the director F. Gary Gray etc) put lots of efforts to create the unique project, which wouldn’t ignore the events of the previous films at the same time.

In the new part of the franchise, the viewers meet new characters – the experienced Agent High T, the aspiring young Agent H and the trainee Agent M.

All of them are the members of a well-known London-based organization, which deals with aliens during several millennia. The aliens live on Earth, and the secret organization “Men in Black” monitors their lives and provides them legal protection, if necessary. This time MIB agents have to travel all over the world, not just stay in London (as it was in the first three parts of the film series). They have to investigate the mysterious murder.

The world saw the film for the first time on June 11, 2019. As the critics tell, the fourth part of the franchise didn’t hit the box office as successfully as three previous parts. Nevertheless, the MIB: International crew did a great work to create the picture of the highest quality to satisfy their capricious fans. So, the people, who made this movie – the producers and actors, who played the main characters, deserve our attention. Read about the family life of the MIB: International cast members and have a look at their closest relatives.

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