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Michel Stern biography
photo instagram.com/lisakudrow53
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Real name

Michel Stern


advertising executive, businessman, celeb's relative





Michel Stern family members

Is Michel Stern a gay/bisexual?


What is Michel Stern marital status?


Who is Michel Stern wife?

Lisa Kudrow

When did get married?

May 27, 1995

How many children does he have?

1 (son Julian Murray Stern)

Michel Stern wife

Lisa Kudrow (wife)

Michel Stern wife Lisa Kudrow

photo instagram.com/lisakudrow53

Date of birth: July 30, 1963

The French man Michel Stern married the actress Lisa Kudrow in 1995. Since then they have been together, serving as a role model for many other Hollywood couples, which split quite often.

Lisa likes to tell about her husband in her interviews. She confessed that her husband is the best in making great presents; quite often he gives her jewelry and other luxurious things. Lisa in her turn dreams to surprise her husband with an original present too, but she is not so great in it. One day she gave Michel a glamorous cheese grater, and he was shocked with such an unusual present.

But except for presents, in all other spheres of life, Lisa and Michel are perfect. 

Michel Stern kids

Julian Murray Stern (son)

Julian Murray Stern

photo facebook.com/julian.stern.18

Date of birth: May 7, 1998

Probably, you remember, that Phoebe Buffay (Lisa’s famous character) was pregnant during the fourth season of the show “Friends”. As you have guessed, the screenwriters used that trick to let the pregnant Lisa Kudrow appear in the episodes in spite of her huge belly.

In May 1997 she became a mother of Julian Murray Stern, her only child.

As of now, Julian is a handsome young man. He resides in Los Angeles. Julian is a Crossroads School graduate. Currently, he studies at the University. Mr. Stern is closely-knitted with his famous mother and successful father.

Lisa mentions her son in the interviews all the time. She tells, that the main rule of parenting for her is getting to know other parents and learn from them. Thus, once she thought that her son had attention disorder till she get connected with other mother from his class, who said, she thought the same about her son. Both agreed just to wait for a while.

The actress told about Julian, that he was very intelligent, and at the same time his school grades were not so high. “He is rather a philosopher, than a nerd”, she added about him.

Twenty years passed after “Friends” premiere, but Lisa’s son watched the series and liked it. Very often he asked his famous mom, “And how old was I, when you filmed this or that episode?”

Julian is a smart young man, who had never thought about experimenting with any kind of drugs. Till now he considers his mother as an addict, because she used to be a hard smoker, and now she chews Nicorettes.

Who are Michel Stern parents?


Michel Stern parents mother

photo instagram.com/lisakudrow

The name of Michel’s mother is not known. Nevertheless, her face has become famous after Lisa Kudrow, her daughter-in-law, posted a picture of her on social media.

Mrs. Stern comes from France. There she lives till now. Quite often he visits her son Michel and his family in USA.


Michel’s daddy keeps his privacy. He doesn’t want to go into the limelight. The only thing, which is known about him, is that he is a French businessman. 


Michel Stern is not a public person, and you can hardly find his pictures on social media. Nevertheless, people know him rather well – as a husband of a popular comedian actress Lisa Kudrow.

Michel was born in France in 1997, and he came to USA to get an education. He studied at the University and dated the French girl, who turned to be Lisa’s roommate. He and Kudrow were just friends for several years and started dating only in 1993 when both occasionally met at the barbeque. Six years passed after Michel’s affair with Lisa’s friend. But that woman is angry with her till now, although she got married another man and had two kids with him.

They wedded on May 27, 1995, at a very private ceremony. Michel and his beautiful wife welcomed their only son in May 1998. During many years Michel was working as an Advertising Executive. In the middle 2000s, he sold his business and stayed at home, thinking about the next stage in his career.

As of now, he is the owner of “The Murray Group”, which he founded in 2009. The company deals with advertising and marketing services.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Michel Stern is quite a rich person. His net worth is close to $1 million. Yes, this amount seems impressive to many people, but it’s not so big in comparison with Lisa Kudrow’s earnings. But the couple doesn’t pay attention to the earnings of one another.
  2. His favorite actor is Tom Cruise. 
  3. His hobby is reading. He likes gadgets, too. 
  4. Lisa and Michel’s marriage is based on friendship. And that’s the secret of their happiness. By the way, Michel was Lisa’s first sexual partner. She lost her virginity with him at the age of 31. 
  5. His height is 5 ft 9 in, and his weight is 178 pounds.
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