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Millie Bobby Brown biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Millie Bobby Brown



Birth Date

February 19, 2004


17 years

Zodiac Sign



Marbella, Málaga, Spain


Pokesdown Community Primary School, stage school in Orlando, FL, then homeschooled



Millie Bobby Brown family members

Father's Name

Robert Brown

Mother's Name

Kelly Brown

Siblings names

Paige Brown (older sister), Charlie Brown (older brother), Ava Brown (younger sister)

Is Millie Bobby Brown a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Millie Bobby Brown marital status?

In relation

Who are Millie Bobby Brown parents?

Kelly Brown (mother)

Kelly Brown


Date of birth: October 13

In one of her social media posts, Millie confessed, that she had been surrounded by strong talented females since childhood. These women were her grandmother, her older sister and of course, her mother.

The name of Millie’s mom is Kelly. The woman is not a public figure; she hates to be in the center of attention and is not active on social media. Her face is not known worldwide, she went into the limelight just several times in her life when she supervised her famous daughter to red-carpet events.

Nevertheless, Kelly is a person, who (in the company of other members from the Brown family) stays behinds the actress’s success. She saved each extra dollar for Millie’s lessons at a stage school in Florida. She bought her beautiful dresses for the auditions (by the way, Kelly is responsible for her daughter’s outfits at various events and ceremonies). Her faith helped Millie to succeed.

Now Kelly and Millie are best friends. Mrs. Brown is a housewife. She cares about her husband and their four kids all day long, and she is considered as the family hero.

Robert Brown (father)

Robert Brown


Millie was blessed with a great supportive father. In his rare interviews, Robert told, that his daughter was very artistic since the earliest years. She was the only of four Brown kids, who preferred musicals to animation films.

Robert is a real provider for his family. He owned a teeth whitening business in Florida and then began to work as a real estate agent. He is a family-oriented person. Every Sunday the Browns gather around a dinner table and have delicious meals in an old-fashioned English manner. 

Millie Bobby Brown siblings

Paige Brown (older sister)

Paige Brown


Date of birth: December 27, 1993

Paige is Millie’s older sister. Although in her interview the actress told, that Paige was disappointed by all the things the Browns had to sacrifice for the sake of Millie’s career, which was not so successful at its initial stage, now two siblings have cordial terms. Paige very often posts Millie’s pictures on her Instagram account and devotes her sweet lines.

Paige earns her living as a nationwide building society worker.

Charlie Brown (older brother)

Charlie Brown


Date of birth: circa 1998

Charlie is Millie’s only brother. He stays in the shadow and doesn’t have an account on social media, but two siblings have a close bond.

Ava Brown (younger sister)

Ava Brown


Date of birth: January 20, 2012

Ava is the youngest addition to the Brown family. She gained popularity at a very early age, as the sister of Stranger Things actress.

Millie adores her little sibling and posts pictures and videos with her very often. In 2016 she demonstrated a video “My little sister is the cutest thing in the world” through social media. 

No need to say, that Ava is the most pampered child in the family. 


She is an aspiring actress, the next loud name in the movie industry. Her talent was noticed after she had portrayed the telekinetic kid in the series “Stranger Things”.

Millie Bobby Brown saw the world for the first time in one of the Spanish clinics. Her parents ran a restaurant in that country, but their nationality is English. When Millie turned 4, her parents relocated again – this time to Florida. There the girl with unbelievably slim fragile silhouette and huge eyes – Millie – was scouted as an actress.

Since then the life of the Brown family has changed. Her parents and siblings settled in Los Angeles to help Millie start the career of an actress.

She wasn’t too successful at first. Supervised by her mother, the girl visited auditions, but landed just small roles in various TV series – such as “Modern Family” and “Grey’s Anatomy”. The Browns were short of money, and they had to struggle to let Millie an opportunity to realize her dream. The girl felt so uncomfortable because all the troubles her family members had to deal with. But finally, she met her big break.

Ms. Brown got the winning ticket when she had won the role of the telekinetic girl Eleven in “Stranger Things”. Soon the TV show became extremely popular, and Millie was named in the media as one of its best performers (and that is the high rating if to take into consideration the fact that Millie acted opposite the awarded star Winona Ryder). 

Ms. Brown made a rapid start in the movie industry. She was just 14 years old when she was included in the “Times” list of the most influential people in the world. 

Millie continues to build her career. Her friends and colleagues consider her as the person, who is much wiser of her age. 

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Millie’s heart is not empty. In March 2019, she started dating Romeo Beckham. They have been known each other since 2016. Previously Millie was romantically linked to a social media star Jacob Sartorius.
  2. Her talent of an actress is well-paid. She earned $350, 000 for each episode of the third season of “Stranger Things”. For the film “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” she was rumored to get $3 million.
  3. Brown’s role models are the actress Kristen Stewart and the filmmaker Jodie Foster. She dreams to work with them one day. 
  4. She is deaf in one ear, but that doesn’t prevent her from functioning pretty well. 
  5. Her height is 5 ft 4 in and her weight is 104 pounds.
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