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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove



Birth Date

May 14, 1993


30 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


University of Southern California



Miranda Cosgrove family members

Father's Name

Tom Cosgrove

Mother's Name

Chris Casey-Cosgrove

Is Miranda Cosgrove a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Miranda Cosgrove marital status?


Who is Miranda Cosgrove husband?

Nat Wolff (ex-boyfriend)

photo instagram / natandalex

Everyone knows that it’s not so easy to survive in show business world. It’s especially hard to remain healthy – both physically and mentally – for a child’s star. But the actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove managed to build a great career and become a teen star. She tells that she managed to become so successful just due to care and support of her parents. What do we know about Miranda Cosgrove family?

Miranda Cosgrove husband

Nat Wolff (ex-boyfriend; dated in 2009-2011)

Nat Wolff ex-boyfriend Miranda Cosgrove

photo instagram / natandalex

Date of birth: December 17, 1994

Being just 25-year-old girl, Miranda Cosgrove has a plenty of time to build happy personal life. But as for now, the star is single. She devotes her life to career making.

At the same time, the girl with such a cute smile and ideal silhouette is always surrounded by devoted male fans. She dated some of them.

The beauty Miranda was in long-term relationships with the actor James Maslow, iCarly co-star. But, probably, the most important (as for now) man in her life was Nat Wolff.

Born Nathaniel Marvin Wolff is widely recognized as one of the leading actors of popular comedy series “The Naked Brothers Band”, co-directed by his mother. In addition to career of an actor, Nat is also developing his talent of a singer. In 2011 the young man released a debut studio album “Black Sheep”.

Nat Wolff

photo instagram / natandalex

Mr. Wolff entered this world in Los Angeles, California. His parents are people of creative professions – the father Michael Wolff is a pianist, and his mother Polly Draper is an actress and a film director. He has a younger brother Alex Wolff, an actor.

The future star was educated at New York private school. He started his career as a singer, composer and guitar player. Having become initially popular as a musician, Nat soon was invited as an actor on TV.

He rose to fame as Jake from “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding”, a drama film, directed by Bruce Beresford. Then he appeared in a number of hit movies, such as “New Year’s Eve”, “Admission” and “The Fault in Our Stars”. Among the actor’s recent projects there’s the lead male role in the thriller “Rosy”, where he starred opposite a young actress Stacy Martin.

Nat met the beautiful talented girl Miranda Cosgrove at the set of a rock comedy “Mystery Girl”. Two incredibly popular teens started dating, at that was a real pleasure for paparazzi, which caught two talented sweethearts, going out of the movie theater or playing tennis at weekend. Their sweet romance lasted during two romantic years, but in 2011 the couple announced their separation.

Who are Miranda Cosgrove parents?

Tom Cosgrove (father)

Tom Cosgrove father Miranda Cosgrove

photo instagram / mirandacosgrove

Miranda is the only child of Tom and Chris Cosgrove. She has neither brother, no sister. Her father Tom is a real provider in the family. He runs dry-cleaning business. The name of his company is Crestmont Dry Cleaners.

From the earliest years Mr. Cosgrove tried to spend as many time as possible with his cute daughter. He showered small Miranda with admiration and didn’t regret money for her. At the age of 3 Tom’s daughter was sent to music and dancing lessons. She was discovered occasionally by an agent, when she visited food festival in LA with her parents. After that Tom and his wife Chris had to make an important decision, whether to let their girl participate in a commercial or not. But they wanted to save money for her college, so decided to give it all a chance.

At the 6th grade Miranda became homeschooled. Her schedule was too tight, because she was gradually turning into a TV star.

Chris Casey-Cosgrove (mother)

 Miranda Cosgrove mother

photo instagram / mirandacosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove’s mother was born in a rich family. Her father, William Casey, founded his own auto repair company in Compton, California, which became quite successful. With his wife Lois Ann Core he had four kids, including Christina Casey.

Later Christina met a young businessman Tom Cosgrove, married him and took his surname. They gave life to one daughter only, and she turned into an internationally popular star.

In fact, Chris devoted small Miranda all her time. She was a homemaker and her only passion was caring about her family. When her daughter started career of a child actress, Chris supported her and helped develop her talent.

Miranda Cosgrove loves her parents more than anything in this life. When she is free from work, she resides in her parents’ house, although Miranda has already earned enough to buy a mansion for herself. “Many people dream to be independent. But I feel cozy at my parents’ home”, the actress told in her interview to “People”.


Miranda Cosgrove bio

photo instagram / mirandacosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove is a famous American singer and actress, mostly known as Nickelodeon star. She acted in numerous series, created by this channel, such as “Drake & Josh”, “Unfabulous” (with Emma Roberts), “Zoey 101” and many others.

Mir, like her friends call her, was born to be a star. In the kindergarten age she had already performed in the restaurant Taste of LA. Occasionally discovered by an agent, she became a child model and starred in a number of commercials, including McDonald’s ads and others.

Cosgrove had a dream to become a professional actress. With great support from her parents’ side, she started to visit numerous auditions. Her persistence was awarded – finally, she won the role in the musical comedy “The School of Rock”, where she had a chance to see the film set by reputable Hollywood stars Jack Black and Joan Cusack.

That was a great start, and now Miranda Cosgrove is known not just as an actress, but also as a singer. In 2010 she presented her first album “Sparks Fly”.

Although the actress’s personal life nothing is known, her career seems to develop fast. In 2021 she portrayed Rachel in Mikey Alfred’s film “North Hollywood”. That very year she was featured on the TV show “iCarly”, the revival of the series, which made Miranda famous. As for now, she is also the executive producer of the show. In 2022 Forbes included her in their list of “30 under 30” highest-paid actresses.

Interesting and fun facts

Miranda Cosgrove Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / mirandacosgrove

  1. One of her most successful screen roles is Carly in “iCarly”. The show became incredibly popular, and the main cast got a solid salary. Thus, Cosgrove earned $180, 000 per episode.
  2. In spite of her star status, Miranda decided to continue her education. She entered the University of Southern California in 2012. The actress studied writing and theater art.
  3. Her favorite food is sushi. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite pets are dogs. Previously, the actress had a cute poodle, named Pearl, which died from kidney failure.
  4. Cosgrove is also a voice actress. It was she, who gave her voice to Margo in the “Despicable Me” animation film.
  5.  In spite of her wish to live with her parents, Mir is not homeless. In 2012 she paid $2, 65 million for a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles.
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