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Naomi Campbell biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Naomi Elaine Campbell


model, actress, singer, businesswoman

Birth Date

May 22, 1970


51 years

Zodiac Sign





Barbara Speake Stage School, Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts



Naomi Campbell family members

Mother's Name

Valerie Morris-Campbell

Siblings names

Pierre Campbell (younger half-brother)

Is Naomi Campbell a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Naomi Campbell marital status?


Men worship her kind of beauty, and women gossip about her bad temper at the same time buying the fragrances she created (in general 25 of them) with all their might to be similar to her, even just a little bit. She gladly reveals the secrets of her diets and talks about her favorite cosmetic products, but there is something that she will never share with fans – the mystery of her eternal youth. Naomi Campbell can be loved or hated, but she cannot be ignored. Therefore, today we will talk about her and her roots.

Who are Naomi Campbell parents?


The supermodel doesn’t even know who her father is. Her parents separated when her mother was pregnant with her. At the insistence of her mother, the Afro-Jamaican ballerina Valerie Morris, Naomi never met her father. Valerie got married again when her daughter was a teenager. At the urging of her mother, she has never tried to connect with her biological father and doesn’t even know his name.

Valerie Morris-Campbell (mother)

Valerie Morris-Campbell


Date of birth: circa 1952

Just one look at Valerie Campbell is enough to understand, where her diva-like daughter took the genes, which fueled her career in the fashion world. Two women are very close till now, but Valerie tells in her interviews that she never asks her stellar daughter about her personal life or career projects, and very often Mrs. Campbell knows about everything from the media.

The model’s mother was born in Jamaica in the family of a carpenter and a seamstress. There she welcomed her daughter Naomi at a tender age of 17. When her baby turned 2, she took the little girl and her mom, Ruby Morris, with her and moved to the United Kingdom to start everything from a sketch.

In Great Britain, Valerie found the job of a dancer. Very often she went on tours with her colleagues, and her daughter stayed at home with her grandmother. They lived in poverty, but Valerie found enough money to pay for her daughter’s education at London’s Barbara Speake Stage School.

When Naomi turned 7, her mother got married Cliff Blackwood and had a son Pierre with him, the only Naomi’s sibling. At the age of 53, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but managed to survive.

Naomi Campbell siblings

Pierre Blackwood (half-brother from the maternal side)

Date of birth: 1986

Naomi has a younger half-brother Pierre Blackwood, who mostly stays out of the limelight. Pierre is her mother’s son from her marriage to Cliff Blackwood. By the way, Pierre has an older half-brother from the paternal side, named Richard Blackwood. He is a famous comedian and singer, whom you may know as the performer of a hit single “Mama Who Da Man”.


For many people, she is an ideal woman, the pure elixir of beauty in the ideal bottle. She was born in Jamaica and raised in Streatham, Great Britain. Her mother was a dancer and sometimes she modeled herself, so the girl got used to the changeable world of fashion since the earliest years.

She attended Barbara Speake Stage School and then continued her education at the Italia Conti Academy. She was just 7 years old, when she had her first model-like experience – the girl participated in a music video.

She was professionally discovered by a scout at the age of 15, and the next year she turned into a star – after a super successful photo session for Elle magazine.

As of 2020, she is going to celebrate her fiftieth anniversary, but Naomi looks much younger of that age. During more than 3 decades of her career, she walked at the catwalk for such reputable fashion designers as Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace. She tried her hand as a singer, actress, and TV host. Besides, she created 25 beautiful fragrances for fashionistas all over the world.

But Naomi’s life has never been a bed of roses. She was involved in numerous scandals and sometimes chose the wrong path. The star was a person of interest in many legal proceedings. In 2002 her assistant started a court process against her, telling that the model wanted to throw her out from Peugeot. Later the other assistant told that Naomi hit her with the hard mobile phone. After that, she assaulted her housekeeper.

Now her friends tell that she has mellowed. Ms. Campbell, who previously dealt with drug addiction, is involved in lots of charity projects nowadays.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Naomi has never been married officially, but she dated lots of rich and famous men. She had a brief romance with Robert De Niro, was engaged to a Russian oligarch Vladislav Doronin and even was rumored to be in love with a singer Lenny Kravitz, whom she calls “my brother”.
  2. She doesn’t have kids, but she plans to become a mother in the future when she finds the best father for her kids (as she confessed on the media).
  3. Her favorite singer is Prince, her favorite food is junk food (it’s hard to tell, isn’t it?) and her favorite shoe mark is Louboutin.
  4. Her net worth is $60 million.
  5. Her height is 177 cm and her weight is 128 pounds.
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