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Nat Wolff biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Nathaniel Marvin Wolff


actor, musician

Birth Date

December 17, 1994


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


Friends Seminary; Professional Children's School



Nat Wolff family members

Father's Name

Michael Wolff

Mother's Name

Polly Draper

Siblings names

Alex Wolff (younger brother)

Is Nat Wolff a gay/bisexual?


What is Nat Wolff marital status?


Who are Nat Wolff parents?

Michael Wolff (father)

Michael Wolff father Nat Wolff

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Date of birth: July 31, 1952

In fact, Nat Wolff is not the alien in entertainment industry. His father, Michael Blieden Wolff, has been making a successful career of a musician since 1975. He gained kudos as the leader of the band, which performed at the The Arsenio Hall Show.

He entered the world in California, and since the earliest years was introduced to a great music of a jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and of a gifted pianist Herbie Hancock. No wonder, that one day he decided to follow their footsteps.

His parents (who later divorced) supported the boy’s interest in music and sent him to music school. By the way, his mother’s name was Lise Silverman and his father’s name was Marvin Wolff. Marvin was a doctor, and he was even honored to treat the star Elvis Presley.

In addition to music lessons, Nat’s father got a brilliant education at Berkeley High School, followed by studying at the University of California. There he performed in a local jazz band.

In early 1970s the man quit his education in order to become a full time musician. He became successful in the industry immediately – Michael started from collaboration with the saxophonist Cannonball Adderley and soon moved forward and occupied the post of Nancy Wilson’s (she is a rock musician and composer) musical director. Using that job as a trampoline, Wolff jumped up to television and began serving as Arsenio Hall Show bandleader.

He left work on television in middle 1980s and returned to playing jazz music. He released a number of recordings, including “2 AM”.

As for now, he teaches music in The New School of Jazz and plays in the band “Wolff & Clarke”, which he co-founded with his friend.

Michael is married to an actress Polly Draper. He is a proud father of Nat and Alex Wolff.

Polly Draper (mother)

Polly Draper mother Nat Wolff

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Date of birth: June 15, 1955

Polly Carey Draper is a loving mother to Nat Wolff and a talented actress, screenwriter, and film director for the whole world. By the way, our hero started his career in the TV project, created by Polly. The woman knew, that her sons named themselves “the naked brothers’ band”, while they were sitting in a bathroom. She used that name for the great project she created for the channel “Nickelodeon”, and of course, she invited her sons to the series. That was a great career start for Nat Wolff.

The actor’s mother was born in Gary, IN in the family of a Peace Corps Administrator (mother) and a venture capitalist (father). She grew up with a brother and a sister. Polly spent most part of her life in Palo Alto, California. She studied Fine Arts at Yale University.

She began to perform professionally in the early 1980s. At first, the young actress took part in Off-Broadway shows, and then gradually moved her way on television, where she landed the role of Ellyn in Ed Zwick’s series “Thirtysomething”. It brought her international fame and an Emmy nomination.

The actress boasts of other popular roles, too. She starred in the series “Monk” and “The Good Wife”, in the film “Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain” etc. In 2018 she was featured in the movie “Stella’s Last Weekend” with Nat and Alex, her kids.

Currently, she is married to the father of her boys, Michael Wolff. Previously, she was the wife of the screenwriter Kevin Wade.

Nat Wolff siblings

Alex Wolff (younger brother)

Alex Wolff

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Date of birth: November 1, 1997

The fans of Nat Wolff know that he is a real “big bro” for another popular actor, screenwriter, and composer Alex Wolff.

No need to remind, that Alexander Draper Wolff belongs to the great breed. The son of an actress and a jazz musician, he was born in Manhattan, NY, and started to practice music at kindergarten age. When the boy turned 6, his mother co-wrote “The Naked Brothers Band”, and he immediately got his first acting job. For his vivid natural performance in the show, he earned Cable Award.

After becoming initially popular, Alex developed his success and played in many other hit projects, like “Divorce”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”, “In Treatment” etc. He is not married and possibly, isn’t dating anyone at the present moment.

In 2023 we’ll see him in the biography movie “Oppenheimer” about the physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who was developing nuclear weapons.


Nat Wolff bio

photo instagram / natandalex

Nat Wolf is celebrated as a movie and TV actor, singer, keyboard player, and guitarist. He started his career in his teens at first as a musician, and later he was invited to television as a charismatic young performer.

From 2009-2011 he played the lead part in the series “The Naked Brothers Band”. The child actor wrote a soundtrack to the show. Having gained initial recognition, he continued it with roles in great interesting movies, like “New Year’s Eve”, “The Fault in Our Stars”, “The Intern” and others.

In 2015 Nat proved, that he was ready to turn from a rising child star into an adult professional actor, who was able to participate in serious projects. He acted in James Franco’s (Dave Franco’s brother) film “In Dubious Battle”.

Franco decided to invite a young actor to his project after watching his performance in a teen drama “Palo Alto”. And his professional intuition was right – Nat looked so natural, depicting Jim, the screen assistant of James Franco’s hero.

In 2018 fans had an opportunity to enjoy the great acting of their favorite star in the thriller “Rosy”. In general, Nat has already appeared in more than 40 screen projects, and he is not going to stop.

In 2022 Nat appeared in 2 new projects in a row. He acted as Travis Maldonado in the drama series “Joe vs Carole”, based on the podcast “Over My Dead Body”, released through Wondery. Then, he featured as Jimmy Ambrose, Jr. in Richard Gray’s western movie “Murder at Yellowstone City”.

Interesting and fun facts

Nat Wolff Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / natandalex

  1. Nat Wolff was dating an actress and model Grace Van Patten in 2018-2021.
  2. In 2009 he was frequently seen in the company of a beautiful young actress Miranda Cosgrove. But they didn’t give any comments about their relationship status and soon stopped seeing each other.
  3. His height is 6 ft 3 and his weight is about 156 lbs.
  4. The famous actor starred in the commercial for Dannon products.
  5. In spite of his acting career, Nat finds enough time for activity as a musician, too. In 2007 he released a debut album “Black Sheep”, based on music from the series “The Naked Brothers Band”. He worked on the disk with his brother Alex.
  6. His personal net worth is close to $3 million.
  7. His hobbies are basketball and swimming. His favorite color is blue.
  8. Nat was in a middle school age, when he was honored to take part in a charity concert, devoted to September 11 tragedy. He performed the song “Firefighters”, and his composition went well with public. He grossed $46, 000 for his singing, which he donated after the event.
  9. Wolff is crazy from Nirvana songs. He also a big fan of Beatles and Sting.
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  • Mollie Chambers says:

    Also, that movies heard about called Stella’s Last Weekend, which Nat starred in along with his brother Alex and their mother, Polly Draper, it’s very beautiful, heartwarming, and inspirational. Especially with that dog Nat and Alex was with in the film. It’s kind of like a family thing that you can cry and laugh at the same time because there a lot of special things about having a dog that was sick and was about to die. I think that sometimes having a dog in a family worth something to celebrate about and be thankful for it everyday. I’m very proud of Nat, Alex, Polly and everyone else from the film for such amazing work because it felt like they were a team together. I may have not seen Stella’s Last Weekend yet, but if I did then it would have brought me into tears. And my point about the movie is it explains how true these events of the Wolff brothers and their family are.

  • Mollie Chambers says:

    Wow! Nat Wolff is so cute! And funny sometimes. I’m a big fan of some of his work. He’s a such a great actor and a talented musician along with his brother, Alex. In fact, they’re both awesome together as a duo with music and stuff. Anyway, I gotta say that I’m very proud of Nat for all of the hard work he has done. And God, I’ve been having a crush on him because of his amazing talents, perfect looks, beautiful smile, and kind heart. I know that there are guys who have the same stuff. I kind of wish I had a guy who have all those things I’ve been dreaming of.