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Nathalie Emmanuel biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel



Birth Date

March 2, 1989


32 years

Zodiac Sign



Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England


St Hilda’s School, Westcliff High School for Girls



Nathalie Emmanuel family members

Mother's Name

Debbie Emmanuel

Siblings names

Louise Emmanuel (older sister), Katie (stepsister)

Is Nathalie Emmanuel a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Nathalie Emmanuel marital status?


Who are Nathalie Emmanuel parents?


The only thing that is known about her father is that he is of Saint Lucian and English origin. He is divorced from the actress’s mother.

Debbie Emmanuel (mother)

Debbie Emmanuel mother Nathalie Emmanuel


Nathalie Emmanuel is very close to her mother. She names her mom Debbie “Queen” and “Warrior” on Instagram.

The woman spent the major part of her life in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. She has two daughters with her ex-husband, Mr. Emmanuel. She separated from Nathalie’s father when the girl was still a kid. Debbie earned her living as a social worker.

Debbie cares about the girl Katie, who has Down syndrome.

Nathalie Emmanuel siblings

Louise Emmanuel (older sister)

Louise Emmanuel


Natalie is close to her older sister Louise. She names her sibling “a person, who brings light into the room”. Louise got married in 2019. Natalie was her Maid of Honor.

Katie (stepsister)

Katie stepsister Nathalie Emmanuel


It’s hard to tell, whether Katie is blood-related to Natalie, or her mother has just adopted this girl. Nevertheless, Mrs. Emmanuel cares about her for almost a decade (as of 2020), and she is a part of the actress’s family. Katie has Down syndrome.


Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel gained international recognition as Missandei, the slave and the translator from the legendary series “Game of Thrones”. Her heroine was killed in the last season of the series, but Nathalie’s fame is still alive. Except for Missandei, she has created lots of interesting strong female characters on other popular projects.

She was delivered in 1989 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. Her parents divorced soon after her birth, so she was raised by a single mother. Nathalie has just one full sibling – a sister Louise.

In her early years, she liked to perform and decided to become an actress at primary school age. She was just 10 when she got her first significant role in the stage production “The Lion King”.

Ms. Emmanuel felt the taste of success at the age of 17 when she was cast to the British drama series “Hollyoaks”. The actress depicted on the screen Sasha Valentine, the drug-addicted teenager.

After that, her career was developing very slowly, and she had to find a job in the apparel shop to earn some cash for a living. She even thought about leaving acting forever and returning to school, where she had A levels before she had been involved into acting. Natalie considered interior design as her alternative occupation. But then something happened, and it changed her world. Her agent sent her to Games of Thrones audition and she won the role of Missandei.

No need to say, that Nathalie Emmanuel, who worked hard on her character, and developed her heroine, awoke famous.

Now fans know and love her not just as “the slave from Games of Thrones”, but also as a hacker Ramsey from the petrol-smelled legendary films “The Fast And The Furious”. And yes, she made friends with Vin Diesel. Once he invited her to Thanksgiving into his house. Natalie felt lonely that evening and had a vegan cake in the room of her hotel. Vin called her and asked to spend the special day with his family. There was tofu turkey served on the table to satisfy Nathalie’s vegan needs.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Natalie is single as of now. She tells that dating and building strong relationships is very hard for an actress with her too busy schedule. Previously, she appeared in public with the actor Aaron Fontaine, who played her brother Sonny in the British series “Hollyoaks”.
  2. Nathalie suffered from body insecurity, and she used to work out daily to feel more confident in a bikini. Now she is in great shape (her fans know it, while they watch her in a bikini scene in Fast and Furious) and exercises not so often for it. The actress does yoga several times per week, she also practices running and boxing.
  3. Her favorite actress is Meryl Streep.
  4. She is ok with nudity in her screen projects (the actress had lots of nude scenes in “Games of Thrones”), but she felt offended when the fans printed her topless stills from the series and asked her to sign them. “I refuse to do it because I am not a glamorous model. I tell a story, and nudity is just a part of it, not the main point”, she explained.
  5. In 2015 she was included into the top 100 sexiest women list, compiled by FHR Magazine.
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