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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden



Birth Date

October 20, 1999


20 years

Zodiac Sign



Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States


Scotlandville Magnet High School



NBA YoungBoy family members

Mother's Name

Sherhonda Gaulden

Siblings names

Telee Gaulden, Ken Gaulden

Is NBA YoungBoy a gay/bisexual?


What is NBA YoungBoy marital status?


How many children does he have?

5 (Kayden, Kamron, Taylin, Kamiri, Kacey)

NBA YoungBoy kids

Kayden Gaulden, although named as Draco (son with Nisha)

Kayden Gaulden is the youngest son of YoungBoy

photo / instagram

Date of birth: 2016

NBA YoungBoy is just 18 years old, but he is a father of 4 sons. Kayden is one of them, born to the popular rapper by his ex-girlfriend Nisha. The famous rapper, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, and she had been in relations during several years. Kentrell spent a lot of time with Kayden and his younger brothers. He fed his kids from a bottle himself. But if he needed to change diapers, he asked his housemaid Montana to help him.

Kamron Gaulden (son with Starr Dejanee)

Kamiri Gaulden son nba with Starr Dejanee

Date of birth: 2016

Kamron is the second son of NBA YoungBoy and Starr Dejanee. Although the rapper and his girlfriend have already separated, he keeps supporting her with money. “I have to earn a lot, all my family depends on me”, YoungBoy told in his interview. In summer, 2018 it turned out, that his ex-girlfriend Starr Dejanee lied to him, and after DNA test it was proved, that Kamron, known also as Baby K, is not biologically YoungBoy’s baby. But the rapper promised to raise this kid as his own.

Taylin Gaulden (son with Nia)

Taylin Gaulden photo

Date of birth: March 19, 2017

Taylin Gaulden, or Tay Tay, is the third kid of a scandalous rapper YoungBoy. The name of the boy’s mother is Niya. The rapper had one-night affair with a girl Niya. When she announced she was pregnant, YoungBoy asked her to pass a paternity test. It proved that he was a biological father of a child.

On June 26, 2018 Tay Tay and his mother were involved into a terrible car accident. Now both of them are fighting for their lives.

Kamiri Gaulden (son with Starr Dejanee)

Kamiri Gaulden

Date of birth: July 6, 2017

Kamiri is the youngest son of YoungBoy. He was born by his girlfriend Starr. He is usually nicknamed as K3. As for now, Kentrell Gaulden has four sons and three baby moms. It seems that the rapper created a kind of his personal harem. He stays in touch with all mothers of his sons. In future he plans to buy a big house, where all members of his family, including his mother, siblings, sons and mothers of his sons would live together.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden (son with Jania Bania)

Kacey Alexander Gaulden

photo instagram / baniaajania

Date of Birth: February 13, 2019

Currently the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Jania, gave birth to his fourth blood related kid. Congrats!

Who are NBA YoungBoy parents?


YoungBoy tells in his interviews about his mother, late grandmother and siblings. But he keeps in privacy all the info about his father. He even doesn’t publicise his dad’s name. But in one of his songs there’s a line about his father, from which it comes clear, that his father is serving 55-year-term in prison. That’s his uncle told him, when he asked about his dad. NBA YoungBoy’s dad participated in a robbery and was put into jail, when Kentrell was just 8.

Sherhonda Gaulden (mother)

Sherhonda Gaulden mother

sherhonda_gaulden / instagram

Date of birth: October 9, 1974

Sherhonda is a mother of 3. YoungBoy is her middle child. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and tried to rap herself in her young years. Later she forgot about music and devoted herself to her husband and kids. It was she, who inspired Kentrell to start rapping. The boy was just 7 years old when he wrote his first rap song.

After the imprisonment of the boy’s father Sherhonda left her kids to her mother (YoungBoy’s grandmother) and moved away. Thus, the boy was raised mostly by his granny, who passed away in 2010 after a heart failure.

After the death of his grandmother, Kentrell moved to the house of his childhood friend, who is also a rapper and was YoungBoy’s manager. He is known under the name NBA 3Three. 3Three mother, named Monique, cared about YoungBoy. He calls her “Mom” now.

Sherhonda Gaulden returned to Kentrell’s life not long ago. According to her son’s words, she “doesn’t like to work”, that’s why he cares about her. Sherhonda seems to be talented as a standup comedian. She posts homemade videos of that kind to her Instagram page.

NBA YoungBoy siblings

Telee Gaulden (older sister)

Telee Gaulden

Telee is NBA YoungBoy’s older sister. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and lives there till now. The girl is not married, but she has a boyfriend.

Ken Gaulden (younger brother)

Ken Gaulden

Ken is NBA YoungBoy’s small brother. He appeared in his brother’s music video “Wat Chu Gone Do” as a younger version of Kentrell. The rapper spends a lot of time with his younger sibling. He is ready to support him instead of their imprisoned dad.


NBA YoungBoy, who recently refused from the first part of his stage moniker “NBA (Never Broke Again)” to avoid possible confusion with basketball league, had a tough childhood. He was raised by his maternal grandmother, while his father was put into jail and his mother left the family.

YoungBoy spent his childhood and teen years in Baton Rouge, Lousianna. He tells, that his hometown has a special atmosphere, probably, dangerous and unhealthy to some extent, but very close to YoungBoy’s heart. Now the rapper spends most part of his time at West Coast as he makes career there, but still he is not ready to buy a house and move out. He doesn’t feel natural in that place.

Born Kentrell Gaulden attended Scotlandville Magnet High School, which he dropped out, when he decided to pursue career of a rapper. Together with his childhood friend 3Three and a number of other boys they founded the band NBA and tried their best to save money for a recording studio. To achieve that aim, YoungBoy was ready for some criminal acts. One day he and 3Three stole car batteries and sold them to use this money for making professional records. Later 3Three mother Monique paid for the first professional recording session of YoungBoy.

As for now, the rapper has already released the first studio album “Until Death Call My Name” through Atlantic Records. He has also released 10 mixtapes, the most popular of which is “38 Baby”, which actually made him a star.


Interesting and fun facts

  1. NBA YoungBoy decided to quit his school after the 8th grade, because he didn’t have a school uniform or at least neat clothes, appropriate for visiting lessons.
  2. He recorded his first song with a cheap microphone he bought at Wal-Mart. When he uploaded his song online, he immediately gained a large fan base.
  3. The rapper has a habit to throw most part of his clothes to the crowd during his concerts. He tells that he never puts on his apparel twice.
  4. YoungBoy has a bulldog, named Naomi.
  5. He is managed by Fee Banks, who previously propelled careers of Lil Wayne and Kevin Gates.
  6. Kentrell was imprisoned in November, 2016 for opening fire in a public place after his concert in Austin. That incident happened after sad news about the death of his childhood friend Keondrae Ricks. Now he is on three year probation. In case he violates law during these three years, the rapper would be put in jail for 10 years.
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