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Nicholas Hoult biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult



Birth Date

December 7, 1989


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom


Ranelagh School, Farnborough Sixth Form College, Sylvia Young Theatre School



Nicholas Hoult family members

Father's Name

Roger Hoult

Mother's Name

Glenis Hoult

Siblings names

James Hoult (older brother), Rosanna Hoult (older sister), Clarista Hoult (younger sister)

Is Nicholas Hoult a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Nicholas Hoult marital status?


Who is Nicholas Hoult husband?

Bryana Holly (long-term girlfriend; baby mother)

How many children does she have?

1 (son with Bryana Holly)

Nicholas Hoult is a celebrity, and his family life is really interesting to his fans. Nevertheless, he keeps extremely private about it. Just a few things are known about his parents, siblings, long-term girlfriend Bryana Holly and their son. You can read about the family he created with the lingerie model in “Bryana Holly Family”. Now let’s speak about his parents, brother and sisters.

Who are Nicholas Hoult parents?

Roger Hoult (father)

Roger Hoult


Nicholas Hoult’s father is named Roger. He earned his living as an airline pilot. Roger has been married to the mother of his kids Glenis. He is a father of four. Roger is retired as of now. He resides in the leafy Wokingham, Berkshire. He was born and raised in the family of two English citizens, Henry Hoult and Laura Godfrey.

Roger maintains warm relationships with his famous son and appears by his side at various public events from time to time. Through his father, the X: First Class star is related to Anna Neagle, the famous British star of 1950s. She was incredibly popular during post-World War II years as an actress, singer and dancer. Her most popular screen works are in the films “Lilacs in the Spring” (1954), “The Lady with a Lamp” (1951) and others.

Glenis Hoult (mother)

Glenis Hoult mother Nicholas Hoult


His mother’s birth name is Glenis J. Brown. She was raised in Rochford, Essex. Some sources tell that Glenis met her future husband, a pilot Roger Hoult, while she was working for British Airways. Glenis and Roger parented four kids. They settled in Wokingham, Berkshire and there she started career of a piano teacher.

Nicholas is closely-knitted with his great mom. She supported his interest in acting, and at the same time, taught him to be a kind-hearted person, who is interested not just in brand new things. The actor is actively involved into charity, and it all started, when he was still a kid. Then his mother was sending Christian Aid donation envelopes and her kids assisted her and thus, they were taught since childhood to help the others.

Nicholas Hoult siblings

James Hoult (older brother)

Date of birth: 1977

James is Nicholas’s only brother. Unfortunately, not much is known about him. Some sources mention, that he used to be an occasional actor. Now he is based in USA and works as a biologist.

Rosanna Hoult (older sister)

Rosanna Hoult sister Nicholas Hoult


Date of birth: January 1, 1984

Nicholas was blessed with two sisters, and in one of his interviews he gushed, that living with his sisters among female things prepared him for the family life with his partner. The name of the older sister is Rosanna. She is a celebrity, too. She is famous by her roles in the films “Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Kill Your Friends” (where she worked together with her brother) and “Lobster”, where she co-acted with legendary Colin Farrell.

Rosanna shares the love to acting not just with her brother, but also with the other members of her family. She debuted in the movie industry in 2008 with the drama film “Adulthood”, directed by Noel Clarke.

The actress combines her career in the movie industry with the happy family life. She got married in 2014.

She is a well-educated person. Rosanna studied at London Studio Centre. She is a well-trained dancer. The girl worked at Susan Robinson School of Ballet.

Clarista Hoult (younger sister)

Clarista Hoult sister Nicholas Hoult


Date of birth: September 6, 1992

Nicholas has another sister, named Clarista Hoult. She is also an actress, who has already appeared in the British police series “The Bill” and in the British series “Holby City”.


Some critics still think, that Nicholas Hoult hasn’t yet become the Hollywood A lister. Probably, they are right; nevertheless, he is a big noticeable figure in the movie industry and deserves our precise attention.
He was born in Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom, in the family of the piano teacher and airline pilot. He has three siblings.
Nicholas started his education at Ranelagh Bracknell School, but he had to quit it at the age of 12, when his career in the movie industry started to develop. He gained initial popularity after his brilliant work in “about A Boy”, where he portrayed the little friend of Hugh Grant’s screen hero. His talent became obvious, and gradually movie industry has become his main occupation and main love. He was 15, when he was cast as Nicolas Cage’s screen son in the comedy “The Weather Man”. That very year he played the title role in the drama film “Wah-Wah”, directed and written by Richard E. Grant and based on his childhood memories.
It’s not an easy thing for a child star to turn into the professional adult actor. But Nicholas Hoult has made this transformation easily. He appeared on a number of films, which became box office hits. They are “X-Men: First Class”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Deadpool 2” and many others.
Nowadays we hear about Nicholas Hoult new projects all the time. He returned to the role of Hank McCoy/Beast in the super hero film “Dark Phoenix”. He played the main part in the biopic drama “Tolkien” and recently has appeared in the drama “The Banker”.
Aside his career in the movie industry, the actor is busy with his son’s up-bringing and numerous charity projects he is involved in.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Before he has met Bryana Holly, Nicholas dated a number of really famous and talented ladies. During a couple of months he flirted with Victoria Justice. Then he was in long term relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. After that he was shortly linked with a movie star Kristen Stewart.
  2. He depicted the student, which fell in love with his professor (portrayed by Colin Firth) in Tom Ford’s stylish film “A Single Man”. The famous actor and designer Tom Ford told about Nicholas in his interview, “he has depth in his play in spite of his young age”. Besides, Tom added, that nick got an eye injury because of the ash, which appeared after bush fires in Los Angeles, where the shooting process took place. The serious health disorder didn’t prevent Hoult from work.
  3. He doesn’t like giving interviews and tries to avoid this process all the time.
  4. He names his fans “Houltaholics”.
  5. It was not an easy thing for him to leave his school. That caused his breakdown at the gae of 17. But now Hoult is used to the uncertainty of the movie industry.
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