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Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers) biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Nicholas Jerry Jonas


pop singer, band member

Birth Date

September 16, 1992


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Dallas, Texas, United States


Eastern Christian High School



Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers) family members

Father's Name

Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr.

Mother's Name

Denise Jonas

Siblings names

Kevin Jonas (older brother), Joe Jonas (older brother), Frankie Jonas (younger brother)

Is Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers) a gay/bisexual?


What is Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers) marital status?


Who is Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers) wife?

Priyanka Chopra

When did get married?

December 1, 2018

If you think, that Justin Bieber and all his contradictions are typical for every teen star, then you have never heard about Jonas brothers. Nick, Kevin, and Joe have never forgotten about their good manners and spiritual background. Their parents, who met each other in the church group, taught their sons that money and fame shouldn’t be the priority in their lives. Read about Nick’s mother, father and three brothers, including Frankie, in “Kevin Jonas Family”.

Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers) wife

Priyanka Chopra (wife since 2018)

Nick Jonas wife photo

photo / priyankachopra

Date of birth: July 18, 1982

Nick Jonas had lots of career challenges, but he could easily forget about them in the arms of famous talented girls. He dated the beauty Miley Cyrus in 2006-2007, Selena Gomez was his love interest in 2008-2010 and in 2013-2015 he was in love with a model Olivia Culpo.

Nick’s parents, who created a happy and successful family, taught Nick that a loving marriage is the main priority in the life of any man. So, he was aimed to marry a great woman one day.

priyanka chopra and nick jonas

photo / priyankachopra

Nick met the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra in 2017. They sparkled dating rumors at Met Ball event that very year, but both denied them. But Priyanka and Nick had to confirm their romance after both were photographed together attending Nick cousin’s wedding.

The singer proposed to his loved one on her 36th birthday in July 2018. Previously, he bought a huge engagement ring at Tiffany store. He looked more excited than ever, as his brothers told media representatives. On December 2018 they finally made it official.

The couple hasn’t had kids yet, but Nick told in his interview, that he “definitely plans to become a father one day”.

nick jonas wife priyanka chopra

photo / nickjonas


Now it’s hard to believe, but Nick Jonas predicted his future of a pop star at a tender age of 3. Then he was singing in the kitchen, standing on the coffee table. His grandmother asked him to stop, and got an unusual answer, “I am rehearsing, because soon I would perform on Broadway”.

And the three-year-old boy was right. Nick was still a kid when he started performing on the stage. The boy acted in “Beauty and the Beast”, “Les Misérables”, “A Christmas Carol” and other musicals. From the very beginning, he knew, that music was his cup of tea.

When Nick reached his teens, he moved with his parents and brothers to Wyckoff, the New York suburb. His father was appointed as the ordained minister, so Jonas family moved to another city.

New York opened up new opportunities in front of three talented brothers. Nick, Kevin, and Joe created the family band and performed in front of their neighbors. Nick made tickets from construction paper and sold them for $5. Thus, the brothers earned their first money by making music.

Their big break found them in 2005 when “Jonas Brothers” was signed by “Columbia Records”. Previously to it, Nick released a solo album through the same recording company. But he put aside his ambitions to become an independent singer and focused on their trio. Their debut album “It’s About Time” didn’t perform commercially well, but three brothers didn’t fall in despair and recorded the second eponymous set of songs, which turned them into superstars.

After “Jonas Brothers” disbandment, Nick created his own band “Nick Jonas and the Administration”. In 2014 he released the second self-titled solo album.

In 2019 Nick joined his siblings in order the reload “Jonas Brothers” band.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. At the age of 13, Nick was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. No need to say that his mother Denise grieved deeply for her son’s health disorder. Her faith and support of her husband and sons helped her to cope with it. Now Nick appears everywhere with an insulin pump, attached to his body. He tries to support other people with the similar disease and spends the part of his income for the charity organization “Bayer Diabetes Care”.
  2. When nobody sees him, he likes to wear comfortable khaki pants and a white T-shirt.
  3. Stevie Wonder is his favorite musician. He likes his song “Superstition” most of all. His other music inspirations are Elvis Costello and Johnny Cash.
  4. Like his brothers, he is known as an actor, too. Nick starred in “Hannah Montana”, “Last Man Standing”, “Scream Queens” etc.
  5. In 2014 he featured on the list of Sexiest Men Alive, formed by OK Magazine.
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