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Noah Schnapp biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Noah Cameron Schnapp


TV actor, movie actor

Birth Date

October 3, 2004


18 years

Zodiac Sign



New York City, New York, United States


Scarsdale Middle School



Noah Schnapp family members

Father's Name

Mitchell Schnapp

Mother's Name

Karine Schnapp

Siblings names

Chloe Schnapp (twin sister)

Is Noah Schnapp a gay/bisexual?


What is Noah Schnapp marital status?


Who are Noah Schnapp parents?

Mitchell Schnapp (father)

Mitchell Schnapp father Noah Schnapp


Behind each successful person stay some people, who believe in his talent. In Noah’s case, such people are his parents. The name of his father is Mitchell Schnapp. Mitchell is a big fan of football, and he took his son with him to the matches, but then he noticed that little Noah wasn’t interested in sports at all. That’s why his wife and he tried to understand, what the boy’s cup of tea was. And that was acting! That’s why the loving parents sent the boy to Westchester’s Star Kidz School, where he was trained by a talented acting coach Alyson Isbrandtsen.

Mitchell Schnapp is not connected with the acting industry at all. He is a successful private equity manager. The man spent the major part of his life in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is a son of Donna Wexler and David Schnapp, who were happily married for more than 50 years and only Donna’s death separated them. Mitchell has a sister Justine Schnapp, Noah’s dearest aunt.

From his parents, Mitchell learned how important it was to create a happy family. He is a loving husband of his wife Karine and a loving father to their two children.

Karine Schnapp (mother)

Karine Schnapp mother Noah Schnapp


Noah’s mother is that person, who helped him to understand, that acting was his calling. She noticed that her son’s eyes were shining when he was watching the musical “Annie” on Broadway with his parents. The boy was just 5 at that time.

Karine’s maiden name is Perez. She is skillfully balancing between the role of a family woman and a persistent business lady. She serves as a vice president and a marketer of a huge cosmetics company “Hugo Boss”. Karine has Moroccan and Jewish roots.

The woman is very close to her stellar son. She takes him to auditions in New York and helps him to catch up with his classmates at school, when he comes back to his lessons after participation in some new project. By the way, Noah is busy at Stranger Things set from October till March. Except for Noah, Karine has a daughter Chloe.

Noah Schnapp siblings

Chloe Schnapp (twin sister)

Chloe Schnapp twin sister Noah Schnapp


Date of birth: October 3, 2004

Noah has just one sibling – a twin sister Chloe, who was born several minutes later than he. She liked to create homemade films with her brother, but acting didn’t become her favorite occupation. Instead of it, the girl is a big fan of music. She plays the violin and tries her hand in singing.

The cute girl became famous due to her brother Noah, who has already confessed, that they have warm amicable relationships. But now she has a separate fan base – Chloe is a bright Instagram star with 600k+ followers.


Noah Schnapp is an actor, who can put himself into his character’s shoes. His screen heroes are so different, nevertheless, each time they look so natural and emotional. The aspiring Hollywood actor put lots of effort to prepare himself for the role. Sometimes he watches the movies with similar scenes, reads the books on the topic, or he can listen to music. Let’s speak about Noah’s most famous films and the details of his bio. How did he start his way on top?

Noah Schnapp entered this world on October 3, 2004. He is a son of two loving hard-working parents. The future TV star has a twin sister, just a couple of minutes him younger, but they don’t look alike at all.

He seemed to be created for stardom – the boy with huge bright eyes and ideal delicate face features immediately catches the attention of each viewer. He liked acting since the earliest years and made his first film at a very early age with his twin sister Chloe. She usually wrote scripts, while Noah was acting and filming.

He was a pupil at Scarsdale Middle School when he won the first serious role. The boy was cast to Steven Spielberg‘s historical drama “Bridge of Spies”, where he depicted the screen son of the cult actor Tom Hanks.

That was a great start, but Noah became successful after he was cast to the popular series “Stranger Things”. He was a guest star during the first season (Noah portrayed little Will Byers, who disappeared in the first episode) and then he got the regular role in the second season, which he plays till now.

Of course, “Stranger Things”, is the main project in Noah’s resume, and he gained lots of kudos due to it. Nevertheless, he has some other screen works each actor could be proud of. Thus, Schnapp appeared as a teen shepherd in the drama film “Waiting for Anya”, based on Michael Morpurgo’s novel for kids.

Noah’s best projects are yet to come. The talented actor all the time works hard to develop his acting skills and become even better in his profession.

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  • Nora Brick says:

    He’s awesome

  • Rebekah says:

    Hi Noah I think your an amazing actor, will is my favorite character on stranger Things and you are my favorite actor 😀

  • Gabriel says:

    noah schnapp is one of the best actors i have ever seen

  • Meredith says:

    Hi Noah! I just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing actor and just a really cool person because your always so fun behind the scenes and even on camera! Will on stranger things is one of my favorite characters ever and honestly deserves so much more but he is still amazing!! I cant believe we have to wait so long for season 5 but i know it’s gonna be so good! Anyways just wanted to let you know that your so awesome and stranger things is awesome!

  • Annie Isabella Hester says:

    Hai Noah!! I hope someday i can meet u:)

  • Noah Schnapp says:

    Thank you Jaylynn

  • jaylynn smith says:

    hi noah i love you,you are freaking awesome i hope to meet you some day ,

  • Noah Schanpp says:

    aww thx i love u so much zuzu this made my day

  • #zappy says:

    hi noah love you

  • Zuzu says:

    Hi noah Schnapp, If you are reading this The first thing i want to say is Hi! How is your day and how is life in covid? I have never met you but you seem like the most positive and genuine person I have ever seen. I love stranger things so much it is so scary and technical and can not wait for season 4. I already know it will be amazing.
    All i want to say i do appreciate the time you take to say hi to your fans. I do appreciate that you say what is on your mind . And most of all i appreciate you being you and not listening to those false hate comments. We do appreciate you every single day. If you need anything, we’re here. You don’t know me but im zuzu. I like art, science and dancing. But most of all I do care about the little things but I do not let any hate get to me because I know there is a light that shines brighter than dark will ever be. Love you and hope you like this message.