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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado



Birth Date

March 13, 1992


29 years

Zodiac Sign



San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States


Puerto Rican

Ozuna family members

Mother's Name

Yomary Rosado Marrero

Siblings names

Jose Ginés Rosado (brother), Yoidaliz Sarduy Rosado (older sister)

Is Ozuna a gay/bisexual?


What is Ozuna marital status?


Who is Ozuna wife?

Taina Marie Meléndez

How many children does he have?

2 (son Jacob and daughter Sofia)

Ozuna wife

Taina Marie Meléndez (wife)

Ozuna wife Taina Marie Meléndez

photo instagram / taina_ozuna

Taina is Ozuna’s beloved wife, and actually, that is the reason for her incredible popularity. They met long ago in Ozuna’s home town (where she is from, too) and at first, they resided in the musician’s childhood home, which belongs to his paternal grandmother Eneida. Taina became the singer’s wife much earlier of his incredible fame. She supported her husband on his way to stardom, and now stays proudly by his hand.

The unbelievably beautiful woman, she has more than 15k followers on Instagram. Her account is completely devoted to her family – her husband Ozuna and their two kids – Sofia and Jacob. Taina exact age is not known, but obviously, she is in her 20s.

Ozuna kids

Sofia Valentina Ozuna Meléndez (daughter with Taina)

Sofia Valentina Ozuna Meléndez

photo instagram / ozunataina_italia

Date of birth: 2014

Sofia is the first child of Taina and Ozuna. She was born before her father’s meteoric rise to stardom. Her parents name her “our little princess”.

Jacob Andres Ozuna Meléndez (son with Taina)

Jacob Andres Ozuna Meléndez

photo instagram / jacob.andes.ozuna.melendes

Date of birth: December 28, 2016

The second child and the first son of the musician entered this world when his father had already become a YouTube star and was working on his first album. He posted on Instagram a sweet photo on Jacob’s first birthday.

Who are Ozuna parents?


The reggaeton singer’s father was killed when the future star was just 2 or 3. Probably, he inherited his love to music from his dad, who served as a dancer for the artist Vico C. Ozuna was raised in the house of his paternal grandmother Eneida and his uncle Felix, whom he considers as a father. It was Felix, who encouraged small Juan Carlos to devote his life to music. He gave the boy his first microphone on his 12th birthday, which he keeps till now as a mascot.

Yomary Rosado Marrero (mother)

Juan Carlos spent the major part of his childhood in the house of his father’s mother, so Yomary didn’t actually raise him. She was financially unstable so she couldn’t maintain her son Juan Carlos and his two siblings.  Nevertheless, Ozuna respects and loves her. He congratulated the woman on her birthday and told that she is the most important person in his life. The musician wished her to be healthy to stay by his side in his everyday struggle.

Ozuna siblings

Jose Ginés Rosado (brother)

Yomary Rosado confessed in one of her social media posts, that she is a mother of three. So, the Latin trap singer Ozuna has a brother, named Jose Ginés Rosado.

Yoidaliz Sarduy Rosado (older sister)

Date of birth: 1989

She is an older sister of a popular singer, who tells through social media, that she is incredibly proud of her brother. Sarduy was a student at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and currently, she makes the career in the fashion industry.


Ozuna bio

photo instagram / ozuna

Widely known as the singer Ozuna, Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado entered this world in March 1992. He was born in the family of a Dominican father and Puerto-Rican mother. Juan Carlos was keen on music in his teens, and at the age of 12 he had already authored his first song. He dreamed to become a musician and was ready to struggle for this in spite of the fact that he was brought up in a poor family, and his relatives couldn’t give him any financial support at the beginning of his career.

Till now Ozuna remembers that tough period of his life with gratitude and uses it as an inspiration. In 2014 fate finally gave him the first smile. The young singer and songwriter signed the recording deal with the company “Golden Family Records”. That very year he launched the YouTube channel, where he shared his music videos. This channel is one of the most popular on the platform. It boasts with 22 million+ subscribers.

The singer met his big break in 2015 when he presented a song “Si No Te Quiere”, which occupied leading positions in Latin American charts. In 2016 he co-wrote a song “La Occasion” with DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, De La Ghetto and some other musicians. The song occupied a rightful place in the Hot Latin Songs chart. Ozuna is known by his collaborations with other talented performers, like Daddy Yankee and Cardi B.

In spite of his young age and short work experience, he has already released two multi-platinum sets of songs, “Odisea” and “Aura”. Now Ozuna is one of the most popular Latin American performers in the world.

Interesting and fun facts

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U N I C A 🐻

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  1. He is 5 ft 5.5 in tall and weighs 143 lbs.
  2. There are no rude words in his songs, and they are full of beauty and romance. The singer tells he refused from any bad language in his compositions because of his daughter. He thinks that his little princess shouldn’t hear any bad words from her father.
  3. One day he dreams to record a song with Rihanna.
  4. At the beginning of his career, the musician performed under the name “J Oz”.
  5. He founded a charity organization “Odisea Children”.
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