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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Patrick George Considine


actor, screenwriter, film director

Birth Date

September 5, 1973


49 years

Zodiac Sign



Winshill, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England


Abbot Beyne Senior School, Burton College and the University of Brighton



Paddy Considine family members

Father's Name

Joseph Considine Sr.

Mother's Name

Pauline Considine

Siblings names

Martin Considine (older brother), Charlene Considine (older sister), Mandy Dotty Considine (sister) and 2 more sisters

Is Paddy Considine a gay/bisexual?


What is Paddy Considine marital status?


Who is Paddy Considine wife?

Shelley Considine-Insley

When did get married?


How many children does he have?

2 (sons Joseph and Francis Considine and daughter Lily Considine)

Probably, you know Paddy Considine as Viserys I, the fifth king from the Targaryen clan. The actor skillfully portrayed Viserys I Targaryen in “House of the Dragon”, the prequel to “Game of Thrones”. The English actor, who told that he had never planned to look for acting gigs in Hollywood, suddenly appeared in American TV series and immediately enlarged his fan base. So, what do we know about Paddy Considine and his family?

Paddy Considine wife

Shelley Considine-Insley (wife since 2002)

Shelley Considine Insley wife Paddy Considine

Date of birth: 1973

Since 2002 Paddy has been married to Shelley Considine-Insley. The woman avoids public attention, and Paddy supports his wife in her decision. So, he speaks about her so rarely and doesn’t share any pictures with her.

Nevertheless, the couple maintains great close relationships. They bring up 3 children.

Shelley and Paddy have been together since he was 18. They reside in Burton-on-Trent and don’t plan to change it for some bigger city.

Paddy Considine kids

Joseph Considine Jr. (son)

Paddy is a father of 2 sons and a daughter. Joseph is his oldest son. Nothing is known about him except for his name.

Lily Considine (daughter)

Lily Considine daughter Paddy Considine


The only girl in Paddy Considine family doesn’t hide from the public attention. She studies at Paulet High School in her hometown. Lily is a great equestrian and horse riding is her hobby. She owns a dog, named Ginny. Lily is dating her schoolmate, named Callum Miles.

Francis Considine (son)

Francis Considine son Paddy Considine


Paddy’s other son is Francis. He is a schoolboy. Francis spends a lot of time with his father. They both go to the theater, to the festivals, etc. Francis is interested in music.

As Paddy told in his interview with the “Guardian”, he teaches all his kids to respect themselves and “not to dumb down”. He encourages his three children to be creative.

Who are Paddy Considine parents?

Joseph Considine Sr. (father)

Date of birth: November 13, 1941

Date of death: August 1, 2001

The full name of Paddy’s father was Martin Joseph Considine. He came from Limerick, Ireland. Martin spent the major part of his life in the village of Winshill at Burton-on-Trent. From May 30, 1964, to his death, he was married to Pauline Coleman.

They raised 6 kids, including the movie star Paddy Considine, together. Martin put lots of effort to earn enough money to maintain his 6 kids and wife. Still, for the major part of his life, he was very poor. Martin supported the ambitions of his son Paddy to become an actor. Just before his death martin had made a wish for Paddy to succeed. And as you can see, his wish was fulfilled.

He died in 2001 from cancer.

Pauline Considine (mother)

Date of birth: July 5, 1944

Date of death: January 1, 2005

The actor’s mother, Pauline Dymphina Coleman, passed away in 2005, four years later than her husband. She is buried by her husband’s side in the cemetery near Burton-on-Trent.

Paddy keeps warm memories of both his parents.

Paddy Considine siblings

Martin Considine (older brother)

Martin Considine brother Paddy Considine


Paddy has just one older brother, named Martin Considine. They maintain a friendly relationship.

Martin resides in у Burton-upon-Trent with his wife Karen Gilman-Considine. He was a coach of a girl’s football team at the local school.

Charlene Considine (older sister)

Charlene Considine sister Paddy Considine


Date of birth: 1958

Paddy still maintains warm relationships with his older sister Charlene. When they both were kids, she tried her hand as a hairdresser and made herself and her little brother paddy a haircut. Nowadays she supports her little brother Paddy in his activity. She is so proud of his success with House of the Dragon.

Mandy Dotty Considine (sister)

Mandy Dotty Considine sister Paddy Considine

Mandy is Paddy’s other sister. Like her siblings, she resides in Burton-upon-Trent. She is a mother of several daughters and, probably, sons. The exact number of her kids is not known. Mandy is closely knitted with her siblings, including Paddy.

Paddy has 2 more sisters, whose names are undisclosed.


Patrick George Considine, or Paddy, was born on September 5, 1973. In England and all over the world he is known not just as an actor, but also as a film director and screenwriter. As of 2022, Paddy boasts of 37 various projects on his resume. He acted in films, TV shows, and theater productions, including the super popular “Cinderella Man”, where he acted opposite Renée Zellweger and Russell Crowe, “The Bourne Ultimatum” etc.

He was brought up by an Irish father Joseph Considine Sr. and a mother Pauline Considine. Except for Paddy, Joseph and Pauline had 5 kids. The future film star spent his childhood years in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

In his teens, he was interested not just in acting, but also in photography. He photographed boxers in the ring, which later helped him to create the realistic screen image of a middleweight boxer in the film “Journeyman”. By the way, he directed this movie, too.

Paddy was trained as an actor at Burton College. There he crossed his ways with Shane Meadows, the film director, in whose projects Considine often acted.

At first, Paddy joined his love for canting with his passion for photography. He was a college student when his photographic portraits were published in the Guardian, the popular English newspaper.

Paddy started his career as an actor in Shane Meadows’s film “A Room for Romeo Brass”. Then he appeared in the British biographical drama “24 Hour Party People”. Alongside acting, he tried his hand also as a writer in the thriller “Dead Man’s Shoes”. In 2011 Paddy Considine debuted as a film director for the drama “Tyrannosaur”.

In one of his interviews, Paddy Considine confessed, that the role of Viserys I Targaryen became the brightest in his career. To look like the King from the epic fantasy series, Paddy changed his naturally dark brown hair color to platinum blond (he wore a wig in the series). His makeup for the “House of the Dragon” role lasted for several hours before each episode.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In 2011 it was discovered that Paddy had mild Asperger syndrome. In his interview with “The Guardian”, the actor explained that he was happy to know his diagnosis. As during many years he struggled with some behavior peculiarities, not knowing that it was a mental disorder. For example, he was always afraid that something bad could happen to his wife and kids. In 2013 his diagnosis was changed to Irlen syndrome, a visual perception disorder.
  2. He is a big fan of Star Wars and has an extensive collection of their merchandise at home.
  3. In 2011 he made a debut as a film director and shot “Tyrannosaur”, the drama film with Peter Mullan and Olivia Colman as the main cast. In her interview, Olivia characterized paddy as a person “who can’t lie at all”.
  4. Paddy is the holder of a string of awards, including a BAFTA for his super successful debut as a film director. He liked his experience as a film director so much that even planned to leave acting and focus his mind on writing and directing exclusively.
  5. Mr. Considine is also talented as a musician. Previously, he played for several bands, including “She Talks to Angels”.
  6. He acted in the music video for the song “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face”, performed by Coldplay. He also played in the music video of the band “Arctic Monkeys”, titled “Leave Before the Lights Come On”.
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