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Patrick Mahomes biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II


American football player

Birth Date

September 17, 1995


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Tyler, Texas, United States


Whitehouse High School; Texas Tech University



Patrick Mahomes family members

Father's Name

Patrick Mahomes Sr.

Mother's Name

Randi Martin

Siblings names

Jackson Mahomes (younger brother), Mia Randall (younger maternal half-sister), Zoe Mahomes (younger paternal half-sister)

Is Patrick Mahomes a gay/bisexual?


What is Patrick Mahomes marital status?

In relation

Wow! That word can explain better than any other, what the whole world thinks about the young quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs (professional American football team) in 2017 and 2018 (that was his rookie year) he played just one game. At that was enough for him to become a star! He made 50+ touchdowns through 5, 000+ yards, which is amazing!

But what do we know about the family, where the star was born?

Who are Patrick Mahomes parents?

Pat Mahomes (father)

Pat Mahomes father Patrick Mahomes


Date of birth: August 9, 1970

Patrick Levon Mahomes Sr. is our hero’s namesake and father. No need to say, that this strong successful man played an important role in his son’s life. Being a professional baseball pitcher in the 1990s and then serving as a children’s team coach, Pat knew, how to develop his son’s talent. And now he is a proud father of a new sports-star! By the way, Pat visits almost each Chiefs’ game and supports his son.

Mr. Mahomes Sr. is a son of Betty and Johnny Mahomes. He grew up in Texas and was educated at Lindale High School. Like his son, he was an active member of school sports teams and practiced various kinds of sports. After high school, he decided not to go to college and to start the career of a baseball player. In the late 1980s, he was drafted by the Minnesota Twins.

During the years of his career, he played for various teams, like “New York Mets”, “Chicago Cubs” and others. After retirement from professional sports, he managed the school teams. In some of them his son Patrick played, too.

Previously, Pat was married to Randi Mahomes, Patrick’s mother. They separated when the future American football star was just 11. But Randi and Pat still maintain amicable relationships. Sometimes they can be seen together at the stadium, where Patrick is playing.

Currently, Pat is in relations with Trisha Myers Mauer Malone. It’s not known, whether they are married officially.

Randi Mahomes (mother)

Randi Mahomes mother Patrick Mahomes


Date of birth: January 18, 1976

Born Randi Gail Martin, ex-Mrs. Mahomes is Patrick’s mother. She is that person, who always supports her son and is his most devoted fan.

Mrs. Martin is a faithful person. She often mentions God in her social media posts and never gets tired to thank him for everything. She is a proud mother of three kids, a philanthropist and a family person, who loves her parents and sister most of all. Mrs. Mahomes earns her living as an event planner.

Patrick Mahomes siblings

Jackson Mahomes (younger brother)

Jackson Mahomes


Date of birth: May 15, 2000

Jackson is Patrick’s younger brother and his only full sibling. They both have two half-sisters, born by their mother and father with their new partners (after their split in 2006 Randi and Pat started new relationships).

Jackson lives with his mother in Tyler, Texas. He is nicknamed as LoJack in a family circle. The boy has warm relationships with his older brother Patrick. He is an active participant of TikTok.

Mia Randall (younger half-sister from the maternal side)

Mia Bliss younger half-sister Patrick Mahomes


Date of birth: July 12, 2011

Mia is Patrick’s sweet little sister. The cute girl with an open smile, decorated with nice dimples, is the daughter of Randi Mahomes. The identity of the girl’s father is not known.

The talented quarterback devotes lots of warm words to his little sister on Instagram. He is missing her so much when he is busy with his games and workouts and can’t see her too often.

Mia is an athletic little girl, too. She plays for the school basketball team and does it rather successfully.

Zoe Mahomes (younger half-sister from paternal side)

Zoe Mahomes younger half-sister Patrick Mahomes


Not each Patrick’s fan knows that he has another little half-sister – from his paternal side. Little Zoe is the daughter of Pat Mahomes Sr.  She goes to kindergarten in FriscoTexas and plays basketball, soccer and baseball. She lives with her mother and visits her dad occasionally.


Patrick Lavon Mahomes II entered this world several decades ago on a warm autumn day. He spent his early years in Tyler, Texas in the family of Randi and Patrick Mahomes Sr. His father was a professional baseball player, so sports were in his genes. His mom confessed in her interview, that Pat was active in his early years, and she was sure, he would become a skillful athlete. But she couldn’t guess what kind of sports he would choose.

Pat was educated at Whitehouse High School. He was a school sports star since the age of 14 when the teenager was playing for his team (Tyler East) against the rival’s team (Tyler West). Then he hit his first home run with a left hand (which was not typical for him).

At first Pat planned to become a baseball player, like his father, who served as a manager of his school sports team. But then he changed his mind and channeled his energy to another kind of sports – American Football.

After graduation from school, he entered Texas Tech University and he put lots of effort to help his college baseball and American football teams to win lots of matches. In 2017 he was drafted by the Chiefs, and thus his professional career began.

His rookie year was wonderful! In his interview with Jimmy Fallon Patrick opened up, that he appeared in a great situation at the beginning of his career. He was preceded by Alex Smith, the great quarterback, who left the Chiefs in 2017. That very year Pat was selected instead of him. Alex taught his young successor a lot, so Pat got everything to make a great start.

Many sports analysts are sure, that Pat has all the chances to become a new American football legend. His talent was valued by the bright sports star Tom Brady, which came to Patrick after the Chiefs game with the Patriots (which Mahomes’s team lost) and told him, that he liked the young athlete’s playing style.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Patrick Mahomes is very young, but his heart has already been captured (yes, girls, it’s quite sad). Since the high school years, he is dating a fitness enthusiast Brittany Matthews. Brittany has already become the beloved member of the Mahomes family. She has built warm relationships with Patrick’s parents and siblings.
  2.  Patrick is awesome! And we have some proof of it. The young man, whose career is rapidly developing, thinks not just about his girlfriend and football matches, but also about kids, who were not so lucky in their life. He created a foundation, which activity is focused exclusively on children from unprotected communities. “I want to give them recourses to have an amazing life”, he told in his interview with Jimmy Fallon. His foundation is called “15AndtheMahomes”.
  3. His net worth is estimated at $10 million.
  4. His height is 6 ft 2 1⁄8 in and his weight is 104 kg.
  5. His father nicknamed him “Showtime” in his early years.
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