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Payton Moormeier biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Payton J. Moormeier


social media star

Birth Date

July 28, 2003


20 years

Zodiac Sign



St. Marys, Georgia, United States


online school



Payton Moormeier family members

Father's Name

Chris Addario (stepfather)

Mother's Name

Joanne Moormeier

Siblings names

Faith Moormeier (older sister)

Is Payton Moormeier a gay/bisexual?


What is Payton Moormeier marital status?


Now the world is divided into two parts. The first one asks, “Who is Payton Moormeier”. The other one answers, “I can’t live without him”. Today we decided to tell the representatives of the first part everything, what we know about Payton Moormeier and his family. And we hope, that the representatives of the second part (who obviously, know everything about their idol) will just enjoy.

Who are Payton Moormeier parents?

Joanne Moormeier (mother)

Joanne Moormeier mother Payton Moormeier


Date of birth: September 17, 1979

The Tik Tok star’s mother is named Joanne Moormeier. Payton has warm relationships with her. She comes from Antelope, CA, but nowadays she lives in Mooresville, NC. She is a bright active woman, who runs her own gym. Joanne balances her business duties with family life. She is a mother of two – except for Payton she also has a daughter Faith. She is in relations with Chris Addario. It’s not publicized, whether they are married officially.

Joanne is a woman with a big kind heart. She cares about the animals, and is a big dog lover. Mrs. Moormeier owns several pets, including the bulldog Timber, who has a separate Instagram account, which boasts with 44k+ subscribers.

Payton’s mother is a very optimistic and well-educated person. She inherited her best features from her father, Mr. Craig Moormeier, a pilot, and from her mother, Nancy Elisabeth Moormeier.


Nothing is known about Payton’s biological father. He was raised by his stepfather.

Chris Addario (stepfather)

Chris Addario stepfather Payton Moormeier


Date of birth: October 8, 1975

Payton’s stepfather, Christopher Richard Addario, stays out of the limelight. Just a few facts are known about him. He was born in Gorham, New Hampshire. Now he resides in Mooresville, North Carolina. His occupation is not known, except for the fact that he helps his beloved woman Joanne to run a gym. He loves not just Mrs. Moormeier, but also her kids Payton and Faith.

Payton Moormeier siblings

Faith Moormeier


Faith Moormeier (older sister)

Payton has an older sister Faith. Their relationships are warm and amicable. Like her brother, Faith is registered on Tik Tok and uploads funny videos there. She sells cool merchandizing goods, too.


Payton J. Moormeier, or just Pay, as he is called in a family circle, is a famous social media star. He started his way to stardom from posting dancing and humorous videos on Tik Tok. As of 2020, his Tik Tok fan base is unbelievably extensive – he is followed by 9+ million people. Recently, Payton has moved his way to other social media platforms, and all of us know, what it means – soon he would push their leaders from their places there.

He was born in Georgia, but spent the major part of his childhood in North Carolina. His parents separated, and he was raised by a stepfather.

At first Pay was just an ordinary school boy, but everything had changed, when he started filming interesting short videos. By the way, Pay demonstrated his talent of a film director, too. His videos are different from the others by their careful editing. Besides, the blogger used unusual special effects.

Initially, Payton was the member of the band JrElite, which literally starred on Tik Tok, but then he decided to create his personal account.

Now Payton’s popularity is enormous, and he devoted all his free time to creating new content for his fans. The boy left public school and now he gets his education online.

Girls are crazy from Payton’s videos, which are very interesting and versatile. In some of them he is dancing (and his body movements are unbelievably gracious) and in the others he plays tricks and makes jokes. He is very fit, and quite often he demonstrates in the videos his six-pack abs. By the way, the teenager likes jewelry, and he has earrings in both of his ears.

Now Payton enjoys his fame and he always stays connected with his fans. But in future Mr. Moormeier plans to become a professional entertainer. He wants to become an actor or a singer. By the way, he has already made his first steps in this direction and released his first original single “Love Letter”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. As of 2020, Pay is officially single. Previously, he was rumored to date another Tik Tok star Avani Gregg.
  2. In December, 2019 he bought his first car and paid for it from his own earnings. The Tiktoker told about it to his fans through Twitter that very day.
  3. In his early teens he practiced gymnastics. The boy likes sports till now. He also likes blue color, Trippie Redd songs and Gucci fragrances.
  4. Like his mother and sister, Payton likes dogs. There are four dogs, which reside in his parents’ house and they are considered as real family members. Besides, there’s another pet in their cozy home – a parrot. The bird belongs to Faith.
  5. His height is 5 ft 8 in and his weight is 137 pounds.
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