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Piper Rockelle biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Pipe Rockelle Smith


YouTube star, Instagram star

Birth Date

August 21, 2007


16 years

Zodiac Sign



Georgia, United States





Piper Rockelle family members

Mother's Name

Tiffany Rockelle

Siblings names

Hunter Ray Hill (older brother)

Who are Piper Rockelle parents?


Her dad is not present on the family picture and the girl doesn’t even know him.

In her early years, Piper felt very upset, because all other kids had their fathers near them, and she didn’t. Even now the “daddy question” is really painful for her. The only thing she knows about her father is that he had a big dream – to become a professional musician.

Tiffany Rockelle (mother)

Tiffany Rockelle mother Piper Rockelle

pohoto instagram.com / piperrockelle

The girl doesn’t stay in touch with her father, but evidently, she is very close with her mother. Very often she uploads pictures on Instagram with Tiffany, and she always adds some sweet fragile words about her mom.

The fans notice, that Piper’s mom is a very beautiful woman. She has a pleasant face, long blonde hair, and a very slim silhouette.

The name of this great woman is Tiffany Rockelle. She raised her daughter and two older sons by her own, after the split from Piper’s dad. Mrs. Rockelle supports her little girl in each her beginning – starting from dancing lessons and ending with her social media activity. She has a big heart and has rescued lots of homeless cats together with her popular daughter.

Piper Rockelle siblings

Hunter Ray Hill (older brother)

Hunter Ray Hill

photo instagram.com / piperrockelle

Date of birth: November 21, 1996

Piper is not the first in her family, who got the status of a social media star. Her older brother Hunter, who is positioning himself as cinematographer on Instagram, is that very person, who helps Piper create some of her YouTube videos.

The girl and her brother Hunter are real friends; they spend a lot of time together and very often share common pictures on various social media platforms.

Hunter was born in Wyoming, and in his early teens he was just an ordinary boy. He attended middle school and was a member of the basketball team. After school, Hunter found a dull job, and he was busy 6 days per week. To relax after work he created short comedian videos and uploaded them on Musical.Ly. Soon he gathered more than one million followers there, and his videos got tons of likes.

Now Hunter is a full-time Internet star, and his sister is his constant collaborator.


You may know Piper Rockelle’s face from her energizing videos at Musical.Ly. She is also a famous YouTube star and a child actress. She starred in comedy series “Mani” as Sky and she also appeared in a short horror story “Dark eyes”.

She was born as Pipe Rockelle Smith on August 21, 2007, in Georgia and was mostly raised by a single mother. The girl has an older brother, named Hunter.

Her mother noticed her creative power since the early years and took the girl to dancing classes (mostly, she did jazz and hip hop). Piper won several dancing competitions. She was good at it, and then extended her boundaries and added modeling and participation in beauty contests to dancing lessons.

With the help of her brother Hunter, she created a YouTube channel on November 2016. She made funny short films, challenge videos, and fashion tips and uploaded them on YouTube, and soon gained 2, 9 million fan base.

In addition to the status of a YouTube star, Piper is also an Instagram celebrity (with 1, 7 million followers) and a child actress.

The starlet was blessed with her great family, which consists of a mother, a brother and a pug Frank Pugan, who has his own page on Instagram, too.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She is a big fan of JoJo Siwa. Like JoJo, she has lots of bows in her closet. But she denies the fact that she belongs to JoJo Siwa type of girls.
  2. Cinderella is her favorite Disney hero.
  3. Her weight is 42 kg and her height is 4 ft 11 in.
  4. In spite of her young age, she has already found her love. The girl is dating a child actor and social media sensation Gavin Magnus.
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  • Michelle says:

    Are piper and lev happy together they seem to be upset

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  • lilliana says:

    Hi piper it sucks that you don’t have a dad. Sometime I look back and I remember my moms ex boyfriend Patrick and I think he is my dad because my mom said that her and Anthony (aka my dad )broke up when I waasng born soo yeah. But its his loss your so pretty your so funny nice and he js missing out on something really special.

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  • Piper Rockelle’s squad fan says:

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  • piper rockelle says:

    hi my BBYs i hope yall are doing great i want to say my top fan ever that i LOOOOOVe so much is Natalie Reid she is the best person ever she has sooo many items from my merch shop so make sure you go and follow the sqaud bye guys if any one want to text me here is my number (478 722 7120)

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  • Zigana says:

    On October 11, 2015 he posted a selfie with his mom,  Irina. He has two older brothers. On  Valentine’s Day  2020, he asked  Piper Rockelle  to be his valentine. The two officially began dating in May 2020. 

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    Hi, Piper, I am a really big fan I would love to be in the squad one day but I cant do the things I need to because my parents won’t let me have a phone unless I buy it myself.

  • Jose says:

    hi PIper how r u

  • Loser fruit says:

    well, this site did not help at all…. thanks a lot

  • I love piper so so mutch pls see that❤? says:

    I love piper so so mutch and an yaa!

  • piper says:

    hi my name is piper to i dont like to be greedy but i really want tto come but my mom wolt let me have insta tiktok cam so ya um i now pepole say this alot but i will do everything i can love o your amazing i know how hard it is

  • jj says:

    Hi Piper how are u

  • Jose says:

    sorry if was bothig u piper

  • Sky says:

    Hi, Piper, I would like to say I’m a huge fan and I would really like to meet you one day can you please reply to me?

  • stacy says:

    I am 13 years old can i pls can i come too your squad pls i love you piper❤️❤️❤️

  • Stacy says:

    Hi Piper i am one of your big fans i lov your videos and the one that i like is your pranks.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    stop doing like that u will never come to my squad member and i will never zoom to u

  • Jose says:

    i wanna zoom so i can say hi to the whole squad please piper

  • Sky says:

    And also I would like to tell you I am a huge fan and watch all your videos. I would really like to go and meet the squad but my dad doesn’t let me have a phone so I cant follow you and the squad and make a fan page I really want to though.

  • Sky says:

    Hi, Piper where can I find your mailing address I would like to send you something?

  • jose says:

    hi piper how are u

  • lashonte crute says:

    when i get my phone i will do my best to be in your squad

  • Jose Fajardo says:

    piper please reply back it has to by the real 1 piper wanna zoom i wanna say hi to lev and the whole squad

  • mykenzi says:

    i love you so much piper im 12 and would love to join the squad but i cant have an instgram thats why i cant follow the whole squad

  • Jose says:

    is this the real piper now

  • jose says:

    hi piper i like u

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Stop fake piper @faith garner Awwe tysm

  • Jose says:

    i like u piper

  • Jose says:

    piper what time is it there

  • jose says:

    i love your dog to

  • faith garner says:

    hi i love you so much you are my favorite i now you are 13 and your dog is frank the pug he is so cute i like his name.

  • jose says:

    im 13 ill be turning 14 on may

  • Jose says:

    im 13 ill be 14 may 26 and i wanna zoom

  • Jose says:

    hi pi[er i wanna zoom with u to talk to u

  • piper rockelle says:

    hi faith you can be in the squad

  • faith garner says:

    hi piper rockelle how is your brother hunter hill im faith garner i’m a big fan of yours i want to be in the squad to im 12 years old and i’m growing

  • Jose says:

    sorry if i was annoying you

  • Jose says:

    ok sorry

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Sorry not now Ilygsm!

  • Jose says:

    hi piper please reply back i like to zoom

  • jose says:

    hi piper

  • Jose says:

    please reply or join my zoom

  • jose says:

    hi wnna zoom im free

  • Sky says:

    Hi, Piper I just wanted to say that I really like your videos. But the question I wanted to ask was what is your mailing address because I would really like to send you something

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    @Anonymous Its totally fine thanks for watching my vids Love you all!♡

  • Emily says:

    Hi piper can you do a zoom

  • Jade says:

    What’s up piper him can you please give me a shout out on one of your videos

  • Jaded says:

    What’s up piper him can you please give me a shout out on one of your videos

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry piper I didn’t know l love to watch your videos ❤️

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi guys i cant do a zoom right now cause zoom isint working for me apparently ill tell you when it works

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    @ambrie hawkins that would be messy! your guys are asking for a zoom i cant do it right now cause apparently its not working right now.

  • Elsie swartfag says:

    Hi piper i know im a nobody and your not going to read this but ill say it anyway. I need you to email Elsie Swartzfager. If you answer i will give you my email adress. Love you piper.

  • Jose says:

    Hi piper do u wanna zoom

  • biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    OMG I am a really big fan of piper rockelle and piper do u wanna zoom?

  • Piper Rockelle fan says:

    OMG!!! Piper I am such a huge fan of you and THE SQUAD!!! I wish we can have a zoom call and get to know you I follow all of your social accounts and I’m a sub on ur channel and the Squad. Have a nice day!!!!

  • Jose says:

    piper do u wanna zoom on friday the please answer back

  • Roxi says:

    Hi I’m a fan of you piper can we zoom call one day

  • Juliette says:

    Hii i name is juliette i justed started watching you and i maybe want to zoom . I used to have covid and i felt better watching your Videos ! Please send me the link and maybe tomorrow we can chat

  • ambrie hawkins says:

    i have some new ideas for a new video the one called the Eat it or Wear It Challenge make sure to wear the old clothes. This is a challenge in which the participants have to put some random foods in bags give numbers on the bags. Now you have to eat random foods number wise and if you refuse to eat then you have to wear it on your face and body. At the end, the winner will be that person who wears less amount on his body. This is quite funny and entertaining challenge love you piper

  • jj says:

    piper do u wana zoom

  • ambrie hawkins says:

    i have some new ideas for a new video the one called the Eat it or Wear It Challenge make sure to wear the old clothes. This is a challenge in which the participants have to put some random foods in bags give numbers on the bags. Now you have to eat random foods number wise and if you refuse to eat then you have to wear it on your face and body. At the end, the winner will be that person who wears less amount on his body. This is quite funny and entertaining challe

  • Jose says:

    piper do u wanna zoom

  • ambrie hawkins says:

    and dont let the haters get to you i know how you feel im also you age life is tuff at my age love you and pls give me a shout out

  • ambrie hawkins says:

    hi piper im a big fan i would love to meet you and the girls is it better in L.A or in gorgia i love you piper

  • sarah says:

    hi piper i am your first faveret youtuber you are just so inpottant to me a i am only 11 plz choose me to be in your sqaud

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi BBYS!

  • Avani says:

    Stop hating on piper

  • hgfdfcghjkiuytresdfghj says:


  • jj says:

    piper wana zoom

  • perla says:

    hi piper i am a big fan ily sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! can we zoom

  • perla says:

    hi piper i am a big fan

  • yo says:

    hey piper

  • Jose says:

    piper please reply back

  • Jose says:

    My zodiac sign is Gemini

  • Jose says:

    Please reply back please

  • Jose says:

    Please reply back if you want to

  • Jose says:

    do you want to zoom

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    hi Jose

  • rihanna toledo says:

    i love piper. i wish i can see her and be in her squid.i love you piper

  • Jose says:

    hi please reply back

  • Jose says:

    piper please reply

  • sex piper rockelle says:

    hi my sexy piper rockelle i put my dick in ur pee hole

  • caroline corbett#BIGGEST FAN says:

    piper i was just reading something& it said you are still w/Gavin

  • Jose says:

    piper do you want to zoom

  • drew says:


  • drew says:


  • kendralynn says:

    hi i love ur tik tok and likee and youtube video’s

  • Alexa Teters says:

    Your so welcome!!!!! Have a good day!! Thank you for all the amazing content you put out and music!

  • biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    I’m subscribed and Piper’s right if you don’t like her you just don’t like her.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thak you guys for supporting me! Make sure you guys subscribe. For all of you guys who dont like me, its perfectly fine. I love you piperazzi and please subscriber

  • biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    Ok then but im still a fan just because you said you didn’t wanna zoom just means you don’t won’t to zoom

  • Sophia says:

    Stop being rude to piper and saying f u just because you wanna zoom with her doesn’t mean you cuss her out .I love her so much my fav song is sidewalk and butterflies thank you for making those songs piper

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    no i will not zoom with u

  • biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    Hi piper sorry to bother you but do u wanna zoom?

  • Harper/PiperRockelleLover says:

    Hey piper not to make it your problem an all The code for zoom wouldn’t work

  • biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    Hi piper i’m your iggest fan wanna zoom?

  • biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    Hi Piper im your biggest fan wanna zoom? please.

  • Zanazia biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    Hi piper im your biggest fan and wanna join the squad but do u want to zoom?

  • Zanazia biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    Piper wanna zoom? I am your biggest fan.!

  • BIGGEST FAN Ruhama says:

    Can I have a zoom meeting with you piper are see you in real life.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    love u too Makayla i will give u the code 15453

  • Makayla Doumas( BIGGEST FAN) says:

    Its fine. But I am down to zoom anytime. Btw I am a youtube too. So go take a look at my channel!

  • Harper/PiperRockelleLover says:

    Sry I really wanted to zoom but cause of time change I didn’t get quick enough

  • Makayla Doumas( BIGGEST FAN) says:

    I LOVE Piper and the crew and I would love to meet you in person but I don’t live in L. A I am in Cincinnati OH. But I would love if we could do a zoom!

  • Harper/PiperRockelleLover says:

    Thankyou so much for the offer but I can’t thankyou though

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    by the way i am going to Bangladesh do u want to come with me if u want i will pay for ur ticket

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    ok the code is 15453 i will do the zoom now

  • Harper/PiperRockelleLover says:

    Also thankyou so much for answering it means the world to me I really appreciate it love you so much

  • Harper/PiperRockelleLover says:

    Sry to ask this can I have your email so I can call ??? Cause I can’t have your phone number

  • Harper/PiperRockelleLover says:

    What is your code for zoom

  • Niaysiah/Im a bby and big fan of piper says:

    Piper Iḿ your biggest fan in the world

  • Harper/RockelleLover says:

    I live in Kansas I can’t but I can zoom

  • natalie/piper rockelle's number 1 fan says:

    plzzz i luv luv luv you vids so much it would mean the would to me’

  • my name is zedariah says:

    Piper I’m like your number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch your videos like every day

  • natalie/piper rockelle's number 1 fan says:

    plz it would mean the world to me to know that someone noticed me

  • natalie/piper rockelle's number 1 fan says:

    hey i have a google meet code and i would love if you would join it at 12 00 cuz i would be after school for me and i would love to meet the squad and frank of course virtually heres the meet link and i did 12 30 cuz for me it would be 3 00 and i would be out of school join there plz on these days to day tomaroww and this thursday i will be able to go to google meet and type in this code plz cgo-nrgv-vvx

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Ok Harper I will give u the code wanna hangout Harper I will give the money

  • Harper/Piper rockelle lover says:

    Hey my names asked Harper if you would answer this it would mean the world to me. Also when is you next zoom can I have the code

  • Harper/PiperRockelleLover❤️❤️ says:

    Hey piper my names Harper I luv, luv, luv ur videos
    Plz answer it would mean the world to me
    Also when is the next time you zoom plz send me the code

  • Audra Chakma says:

    wanna zoom piper if u want to zoom u can say me at Friday I will be free if I am not I will say when u will be free that time u can say i will give u the id and pw.
    Thank u piper i love u a lot than u think I am biggest fan of u and I love u and ur pug dog frank . God Bless You I love u very much stay safe and stay at home
    from Audra Chakma

  • Jo Miller says:

    Hey, Piper Imma send i some fam mail of a big drawing but u tell me what it should be

  • Niaysiah says:

    wanna zoom sometime not now piper???

  • Niaysiah says:

    piper loved your video today

  • Lashonte crute says:

    hi piper lit vidoe today

  • Niaysiah says:

    Piper your an amazing youtuber and i ship liper 4 life ❤️❤️???????❣️❣️❣️❣️????????????????????

  • Rose says:

    Love ya piper amazing youtuber

  • Lashonte crute says:

    I feel bad for the poeple who did get the tornado but i will be praying for them

  • Niaysiah says:

    HIIII i’m a biggg fann of you and i’m a big shipper of liper 4 life❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Heyyyy guys it will no tornado ayya ya aya

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Please be safe god is watching all of us

  • Lashonte crute says:

    be safe it is a tornado warning

  • Lashonte crute says:

    piper i will do it i will make a zoom here 975-829-0042 and the code is 3QLyP9 there piper

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    i ship piaven Sorry we already broke up but i still like gavin shh do not tell him and i wanna cheat on lev!

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hey bby’s yes i will have a baby with lev right now we will name the baby martin!

  • Piper rockelle says:

    Hey bby’s Thank you for the support and love if you wanna do a zoom right now heres the code 15453 , see you soon and have a great day bby’s ( I will be on this zoom for 2 days so come and join! you guys are amazing go and buy my merch Shoppiperrockelle.com we will also be watching a movie so go and grab your snacks and the squad will also be there to! Enjoy your day!

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hey bby’s Thank you for the support and love if you wanna do a zoom right now heres the code 15453 , see you soon and have a great day bby’s ( I will be on this zoom for 2 days so come and join!) 🙂

  • lashonte crute says:

    yall need to have a baby it will be so cute

  • lashonte crute says:

    anyway let lev put that dick in you girl lol i am playing

  • lashonte crute says:

    they just some’s pussy cause they hating on you ad lev everyone wants lev but hey can’t get him

  • lashonte crute says:

    wanna zoom piper

  • lashonte crute says:

    hi piper wanna zoom

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Well lanshote crute am actually homeschooled because to keep up the fame it is to much hard work for me to keep up with youtube and school at the same time so am homeschooled.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi my bby’s sorry for not being active hi to everyone love you guys so much and go check out all of my media you guys wanna talk a bit ?

  • serenity says:

    hey piper I love lev

  • serenity says:

    i love lev and piper

  • Annabell says:

    Hi I each of your videos love you ❤️ piper

  • i ship piaven says:

    i think gaven and piper should get back together

  • Keaton Sherwood says:

    Im in 7th grade im 13

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Do you go to school piper rockelle cause you are 13 you in middle school or high school

  • Audra Chakma says:

    i know it’s from Dharr Man

  • Lashonte crute says:

    never jude a book bye it cover

  • Audra Chakma says:

    fair not hair

  • Audra Chakma says:

    pls pls pls zoom u are going to zoom with that Donyenne and not with me that’s not hair

  • Audra Chakma says:

    i love ur video and i love u so much and i have a little sis like u

  • Audra Chakma says:

    pls can u do zoom with me
    pls pls ????????????????

  • Audra Chakma says:

    it is Audra Chakma

  • Zhantu Chakma says:

    if u want to me to
    subscribe to ur channel let’s do zoom meeting pls pls pls zoom

  • Audra Chakma says:

    i will give a password and id

  • Donyenne❤️❤️ says:

    Piper I watch all your videos on YouTube and I love them so much and I like all your music videos love you so much piper??????????❤️❤️❤️ And I’m a bby

  • Danna Avila ❤❤ says:

    Hi i watch your videos all day and when im sad frank makes me laugh? And im a big fan of you!!

  • Camille Gonzalez says:


  • ?Your The best Piper? says:

    You are so Awsome piper rockelle and with a rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy nice heart!!!!!??And i am sooo jealious about your boyfriend Lev.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    ok zoom then

  • Donyenne says:

    No it’s ok

  • Donyenne says:

    Let’s do zoom tomorrow because I get out of class early.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    i can pay for your plane if hangout

  • Donyenne says:

    Yeah we can do zoom because I live in North Carolina

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    want to hangout Donyenne or zoom

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    i love u to Donyenne

  • Donyenne says:

    I really love your videos

  • Donyenne says:

    I’m in zoom school but I’m on my lunch break and I’m a BBY

  • Donyenne says:

    I love the song butterflies that you made piper?????

  • Donyenne says:

    I love pipers videos on YouTube

  • Donyenne?? says:

    Piper is the best YouTuber ever I think her dog frank is funny??

  • Donyenne says:

    Piper is the best YouTuber ever I think her dog frank is funny

  • lilly says:

    i want a sleepover. i live in maize kansas and my neighborhood is hampton lakes and my address is 3838 north rutgers court!!!!!!

  • MaKayla says:

    Hi piper it’s Makayla again and now I know u respond on here so I just wanna say that I am a real bby and I luv u so much piper

  • Audra Chakma says:

    hi pls zoom meeting

  • Audra Chakma says:

    and I live I Bangladesh in Dhaka
    love u piper very much i am Chakma
    pls zoom pls answer me ?????

  • Audra Chakma says:

    i want to see the squad pls or i will cry

  • Audra Chakma says:

    hi piper can we do zoom pls

  • Audra Chakma says:

    i’m so sorry that ur dad is not with u

  • Biggest fan of piper rockelle says:

    Hi piper I love ❤️ your videos so much and you and your boyfriend are the cutest my dream is to come and see you but I love far away ❤️???

  • Haley says:

    I’m a big fan of piper Rochelle and piper f the haters

  • unicorn princess says:

    Piper you’re the best

  • unicorn princess says:

    actually whoever said I hate Piper shouldn’t be on this website

  • unicorn princess says:

    who ever said i hate piper is a fake fan

  • nicole says:

    piper you are the best all your dreams will come true and whatever you do i will always believe in you

  • Lashonte crute says:

    piper is the cute girl on the world

  • ?Naiomi? says:

    Piper rockelle and Lev cameron make the nest cou[le ya’ll are so cute togeather?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bella says:

    Where does she live because I need to send her something

  • piper the best says:

    im sad to

  • piper fan says:

    im sad that piper dad is not with her

  • APOCALYPSE Mohamed says:

    What’s her religion.

  • Vanessa zaccour says:

    Hi piper I love you so much and I am your so biggest fan ever ?
    Can you please send me the merch the butterflies and a little bit more bcs I can’t buy anything cause I live in Lebanon ???????
    I love all the couples in your so beautiful squad ❤ ? ?

  • unicorn princess says:

    Piper thank u for clearing that breaking up with lev thing because I was so confused

  • Lashonte crute says:

    My friend love your new song

  • Keaton Sherwood says:

    weres pipes

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Hi piper rockelle you and lev are cute but you chose are true love if you want gavin get him if you want lev keep him that is nothing wrong you chose piper lev or gavin

  • alyssa says:

    ih i will like for you to come to new Carlisle so i can meet you and you boyfriend my adders is 903 applewood Dr.

  • Danijah mcgee says:

    where do u live

  • Keaton Sherwood says:

    im a huge fan

  • Keaton Sherwood says:

    Piper Rockelle you there

  • Keaton Sherwood says:

    Do you still live in L.A

  • Keaton Sherwood says:

    coco are you still together with gavin

  • Keaton Sherwood says:

    hi pipes

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    hey bby’s all those messages about me breaking up with lev is not true am the real piper rockelle

  • Lashonte crute says:


  • Lashonte crute says:

    Coco is starting to hate on piper and her song but both of them are cute

  • Raghad says:

    you are the fake coco quinn and piper rockelle coco will never say that and piper will never talk here only in tik tok or cameo and her in instagram

  • Coco Quinn says:

    Hi everybody, I’m NOT shading Piper it’s all fake

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Piper that was lit girl keep it up

  • Lashonte crute says:

    they say that were to young for love but i say that you could be the one

  • Mia Mchale says:

    you give me something that i can’t deny, you give me you give me butterflies

  • Lashonte crute says:

    really frank

  • Frank the pug says:

    you give me you give me butterflies

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Piper rockelle smith

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Stop talking that cat she moved on

  • Ana-Maria says:

    hi, paiper plese respond am relly happy and sorr about your cat !!!!

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Piper rockelle do you want to date gavin again i am sure he wants you back

  • Mia says:

    Love you a lot Piper and the squad???

  • Lashonte crute says:

    And those hater’s of yours they got to go because whatever they say they can say it to yo face and my face you like family to me piper and lit song thot

  • Lashonte crute says:

    yes that is good piper

  • Smriti says:

    Piper is your editor Hunter your brother ?????? Mmmmmm cuz 8 am seeing google telling me you guys are siblings ????
    Is it true
    Oh and I am very sry about your cat ?‍⬛…. May her Soul Rest In Peace ✌? RIP ?

  • unicorn princess says:

    PIper I was wondering if u date Gavin what about Lev is he still gonna be in your videos?!

  • unicorn princess says:

    piper sorry about your cat and I do not think u should date Gavin but that is just my opinion

  • lmao says:

    lmaoo gavin magnus?! comeon!!! he’s her ancul b so how ?! what about lev ?!?!?! its false

  • Raghad says:


  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Ok lashonte crute should I think I should date gavin and put goatfam and my squad together.

  • Lashonte crute says:

    ummm are you piper no that is what i thouth

  • Lashonte crute says:

    And can i flim with you one day

  • shut up says:

    youre not piper lmaooooo

  • Lashonte crute says:

    piper what do you say

  • jayshon says:

    wassup piper

  • Lashonte crute says:

    well that is up to you make sure you make a vidoe if you do and do you wanna have a zoom meeting we can talk in their

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Ok well am thinking on breaking up with lev

  • Lashonte crute says:

    yes piper any question

  • Lashonte crute says:

    yes piper

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Sure piper you can

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Yeah am okay trying to get over can I ask a question

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Are you okay piper rockelle

  • Lashonte crute says:

    it will be ok piper

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Guys am really sad right now for my cat ashby

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thank you so much love you bby bye

  • Lashonte crute says:

    ok piper and i love that new song it is fire

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    And yes hi to all those other fan pages and names

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi lashonte crute well am so sorry I can’t today but another time yes make sure you go pre-save Butterflies ok love you so much we ca continue talking through here if you want.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi unicorn princess am amazing I know just know you need to be your own person love you so much

  • Lashonte crute says:

    so what do you say can we zoom later

  • Emely says:

    HI piper i love all your videos i like them all am a huge fam of you i love you and i love all the sqaud and all th couples my fav is liper i love semily and sayden but they broke up am so sad.

  • unicorn princess says:

    And I can’t sleep that’s why I am up right now.

  • unicorn princess says:

    HI Piper I am a huge fan and I just started watching your videos and you are so funny and your pranks are amazing. Like I just want to be you, you are so amazing. Sorry I can’t subscribe I am not allowed to subscribe to people and my youtube is not signed in but I would subscribe to you if I could. YOU ARE SOOO AMAZING AND SO ARE YOUR FRIEND’S.

  • Im a bby and big fan of piper says:

    Hi piper

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi lashonte crute its nice talking to you love you so much I answered you reply

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hey bby’s what you doing am bored and you waiting for some answers and questions wanna talk

  • Raghad says:

    trust me guys this is the fake piper rockelle piper will never talk like this stop doing that

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hey bby’s am bored wanna talk

  • Blessing says:

    Is it actually true that hunter is ur real brother or something cause I’m confused ????( btw ilysm ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️) my idol

  • I'm a BBY says:

    Hey Piper, hope your doing well. I’m Ellie by the way. I really wanted to tell you that my dream one day is to be able to move to LA and meet you, and be friends with you because you are the best person in the whole entire world (to me) lots of love Ellie 🙂

  • saraji says:

    OMG Piper rockelle I’ve watched almost all your videos like I love your videos

  • Piper rockelle says:

    Hiiii bby’s i love u guys just so u know i love all of u guys byeee!!!❤️❤️

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Yes you all are if you are the best fans! And you Saraji

  • saraji says:

    hi Piper you’re like my favorite youtube in the whole entire world

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi everyone hope you like all my vidoes and subscribed to my channle and i will always be here

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Hope you answer cause i will really love a meeting with you

  • Lashonte crute says:

    Hi piper rockelle and i am a fan i love you so much

  • lashonte crute says:

    that is cute

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    And yes cherish Campbell glad to hear you know am real and not a faker

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Am not the fake piper it really hurt me to hear that but if you think so ok then.

  • cherish campbell says:

    she is the real piper rockelle

  • Raghad says:

    we all know that you are the fake piper Rockelle stop doing that and i love you the real piper Rockelle

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi Ema Williams so cool you’re one of my bby’s love all my fans

  • me says:

    jk kind of

  • me says:

    well well if its piper Rockelle the girl who actes like her relationship with her weird boyfriend is like they are 20 years old

  • Ema Williams says:

    hi piper am part of the bbys am bored to

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi cherish Campbell love you so much ?

  • cherish campbell says:

    hi I did my big fan

  • cherish campbell says:

    hi I did my big fan love you so much

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hey bby’s I’m bored

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    I can’t believe it’s you Cardi b I love you so much

  • Gavin Magnus says:

    Am sorry I cheated on you piper all those comments are fake by the way. Love you so much

  • Cardi B says:

    Hey piper that wasn’t really me someone pretending to be me so here is the thing you are beautiful amazing love am your favorite yes and am the real Cardi B

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi gavin what’s up

  • Gavin Magnus says:

    Hey pipes

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hope more people answer

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi Omg? talk to me am here 24/7 also my friends the squad.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Am also glad you were with me from the beginning on my YouTube channel that means a lot

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi RM ? ? ? ? ? yes I reply am glad you are a big fan

  • Rm ????? says:

    I can’t believe piper rockelle reply’s on here btw I’m a big fan and I love your vids I’ve been watching your videos from the very start I’m a huge fan hope you reply to me

  • OMG ? says:

    I can’t believe piper rockelle reply’s on here btw I’m a big fan and I love your vids I’ve been watching your videos from the very start I’m a huge fan hope you reply to me

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi Muna how are you thanks for being my fan I answer the comment love you so much ?

  • Muna says:

    Hi piper been a fan pls comment

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    I hope to reunite someday too Gavin love you so much ?

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thanks so much Natalie love you too You know what to do to join the squad go watch the video hope to meet you someday am glad I make you happy be yourself love your sef love Piper. ? ? ❤????????

  • Natalie says:

    @Hunter @Piper @the squad members I love all of your guy’s videos and I really wanna join the squad someday I hope I can and you guys make me happy when I’m really sad and I’m am so glad that you guys can do that. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Love Natalie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

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    Make sure you guys go follow annypoleo569 ones she reaches 1 million on Instagram there will be give aways and 5 new squad members per month

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi gavin I love you so much I hope to reunite soon love your new song No Pressure can’t wait for Fake Love with Luh kel

  • Gavin magnus says:

    Hey piper hope to reunite someday

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    I don’t answer my DM’s but I answer here

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thanks so much Julio Vergara I love all my fans too

  • Julio Vergara says:

    I love you so much piper ? ♥ ? ?

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi Ema Williams nice to meet you hope you can join my squad so day

  • Ema Williams says:

    Hi piper hope you can answer me

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    By the way many people,e ask if Huter is my dad or my brother the truth is he is my Step Dad sorry for the lies guys my mom did that to protect me

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hope I can meet you some day Cayden

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thank you Cayden for all your love it means a lot

  • Coco Quinn says:

    Thanks so much piper for backing me up yes guys make to go follow annypoleo569 on Instagram when she reaches 1 million followers she will join the goatfam and the squad

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    Piper rockelle I’m in love with you

  • cayden says:

    piper Rockelle i love you like love

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thank you so much Marilyn Nicholfor watching all my videos no need to be like,e me just be yourself we will meet someday did you follow my best friend annypoleo569 and the rest of the squad

  • Marilyn Nichols says:

    Piper, lev and the squad, I am your biggest fan I watched all your videos hope that I can be like you when I am older! Thank you for making funny pranks those are my favorite!

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thanks guys for all the support but please do not hate on Gavin or Coco
    Neither Lev I love all of them so much.

  • Rucha says:

    Hi piper and the squad. I am a really big fan. I love all your videos. You guys are so awesome. My only wish is to someday be a part of the squad. I love you.


  • Ananya says:

    Umm people replying here (like Piper and Hunter) are real? as in, it’s not a fake account or something?! Anyways, Piper, i’m your age. The way you deal with haters is amazing. Hunter, take care of your sister. You’re lucky to have such a mature younger sibling..

  • Mymuna says:

    hi piper i love your videos they made my day way better

  • Kalia says:

    Omg thank u sm ❤️

  • Kalia says:

    Omg thank u sm

  • Hunter Ray Hill says:

    @Natalie I’m the real Hunter.
    Please stop spreading hate about the break-ups??

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Aww, thank you Kalia I love my fans so much they treat me well. By the way I love your name, next video I post I will give you a shout out.
    Love, Piper Rockelle & The Squad❤️

  • Kalia says:

    Hi piper I’m a really big fan of yours and I just wanna say that you are the most amazing girl I’ve ever seen. I’m 12 years old . I really wish that I could meet you. I watch all of your videos and I love all of your prank videos . since then I watch all of your vids . you are only 1 year older than me. You are my number one influencer. I saw a hate video about you and the girl hating on you said like “I really hope I don’t end up like piper rockelle.”she’s younger than me so I can hate on her.” so in the comments of that video I said that she was jealous of you and how far you’ve come as a wonderful person in this world.

  • Baby Yoda says:

    November 19, 2020 at 8:58 pm
    i hate u and u stink
    John if you’re just sad she is richer than you will ever be just say it

  • Baby Yoda says:

    To all the people who hate on piper just know she’s worked hard to get where she got 🙂

  • Samantha says:


  • saraji says:

    Piper and Hunter, you are my favorite people in the whole entire world

  • Hi I'm Naiomi? says:

    Hey Piper?

  • jordan says:

    who is your father piper

  • Name: Makayla Gender: girl says:

    hi piper me again and I just wanna say that my one and only wish is to be in the squad

  • Name: Makayla Gender: girl says:

    Hi piper I’m a really big fan of yours and I just wanna say that you are the most amazing girl I’ve ever seen. I’m yen years old my birthday is 04- 28-10. I really wish that I could meet you. I watch all of your videos and the video that got me hooked on you is the tinder in real life. since then I watch all of your vids . you are only 3 years older than me. You are my number one influencer. I saw a hate video about you and the girl hating on you said like “I really hope I don’t end up like piper rockelle.” or ” she’s younger than me so I can hate on her.” so in the comments of that video I said that she was jealous of you and how far you’ve come as a wonderful person in this world. I love you piper.

  • Natalie says:


  • Natalie says:

    are u the REAL hunter!

  • Natalie says:

    Hunter you and the squad member are AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • Hunter Ray Hill says:

    Please stop hating on my sis, she wil get very emotional.
    From Hunter Ray Hill

  • Piperbestfanxo? says:

    I love piper and her squad, god bless them! I hope it’s all a prank and not real for the break ups?❤️

  • UnicornNP03 says:

    I love piper

  • Natalie says:

    @hunter ray hill ur a really good editor but i was sad when the squad pranked u that u were fired and then i was happy when they bought u a carrrrr

  • i love the squad says:

    i can,t wait for your new video that premieres in two hourssssss!!!!! and can I plz join your squad

  • piper_fanxoxo says:

    first things first im really sorry but piper is dating lev camron and gavin who i hate is dating coco queen uhh the most annoying girl

  • Natalie says:

    hi piper I can,t wait till YOUR new song comes out Butterflies its gonna be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie says:

    hi piper

  • Raghad says:

    hi piper Valentine Day i hope you be safe and i love you sooo much but are you hunter’s brother love you ??

  • Hi I'm Naiomi? says:

    Hello piper happy Valentine Day ?? soon and to all of your supporters! And stay safe from covid-19 guys. And Piper tell us when your new video comes up I cant wight to see it!!!
    Love Naiomi???

  • Hamilton says:

    I love your song sidewalk it is sooooooooooooo good

  • ?? says:

    Do you have a sister Piper?

  • Hi I'm Naiomi? says:

    I love you piper you make me happy you bring inspration to our lives you are funny, beatiful, talented, and way more! And don’t let no one break your heart and bring you down just be you. And don’t be sad because you are the only one that don’t have a father because i never meet my father or talk to him so we feel the same. I love you! love Naiomi???

  • karen says:

    her brother looks like Donald Washington.

  • Hi I'm Naiomi? says:

    I have been watching you videos and they are just AWSOME! And you are so pretty you have a wonderful life and boyfriend and friends, but i know that these times things don’t go as we wished it did so i hope everyone and you piper have a wonderful 2021 and i will like and subscribe Love you all!???

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi, bbys how are you doing? A new video coming soon so make sure you like, subscribe and turn on those post notifications!!

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi, bbys thank you so much for all the support I hope you all stay safe during this 2021 and I love lev so please stop hating on me and my boyfriend. thank you.

  • Princess ReeRee says:

    Hey pipes

    you are so pretty and you are pretty then me im just ugly

  • Unknown says:

    Isn’t she with Lev…? Pavin or giper whatever you want to call it is over.

  • Ashleigh? says:

    Sorry I was meant to say I want to be like u when I’m older (pretty ,sassy and all sorts)???

  • Ashleigh says:

    U want to be like u when I’m older (pretty,daddy and all sorts

  • Ashleigh says:

    Hope u keep in touch with me because I love all of ur videos and it inspired me to do loads of pranks to people also my question for I was that when are I doing new videos and what days are u doing them on

  • Zoe says:

    Keep up the good work of YouTube and songs i am a fan of u ???

  • Walker says:

    Piper i love you still…

  • Biggggg Fan says:

    Piper is now dating lev also in one of her videos they did where hunter became piper and piper became hunter for the day then she picked up hunters mom and surprised him?!? Is this true?!? Love u piper:P

  • Jenn aka Piper's Biggest Fan says:

    She is now dating Lev Cameron and how is Hunter Hill her brother how are they sister and brother? Also, she has a squad with all of her friends.

  • Raghad says:

    you can have a crush on lev piper is dating lev and piper i love you soooooooo much you are the best

  • Hailea Marie westervelt of atoka,Oklahoma says:

    Piper your the best youtuber in the world your awesome tell levy I have a crush on him

  • Shalom Guys :) says:

    She isn’t dating Gavin Magnus anymore. She is dating Lev Cameron. I luv ur videos Piper

  • Piper is my idol says:

    Hi piper love ur videos watched all of ur videos love ur new house tour amazing

  • Hi piper says:

    I love piper’s videos and I really love her challenges ??

  • Piper's fan says:

    OMG I love you so much piper and I really enjoy your videos and I love the squad. you guys are so cute


    OMg piper I love you and the squad so so so so much if you get this till the squad I say HI! I love your vids!

  • Naomi says:

    Piper i love you so much and I love the squad and you I wish I was in the best squad ever s

  • She says:

    Love you piper I wish I can meet you ❤???

  • jeanette says:

    what is your boyfriends name

  • Brooklyn says:

    Piper Is your mom the one who plays Frank?

  • shylah johnson says:

    i love you soo much and i am sorry about your dad i did not grow up whit one to then one day i got to see him for the first time and i think you will see yours one day. ps i love you

  • bristol says:

    Piper you are so cute and i wish i could be in your squad i love all your squad i love you piper?

  • bristol says:

    Do you live with your parents and why not

  • Ricky Davis says:

    Who is your dad

  • Unknown ;) says:

    She takes her so-called “relationship” seriously and she does things kids her age shouldn’t be doing. And she calls herself child-friendly smh.

  • Pipers#1Fan says:

    She is dating Lev and I thought Hunter was just her editor. Is Piper keeping something from us…

  • Raghad says:

    no piper is still dating lev and do you know that coco and gavin kissed go check the song

  • Eva rohde says:

    I am the biggest fan I watch all your videos

  • This is not up-to-date says:

    This is not up-to-date Piper is dating Lev Cameron

  • Sophie Fergi is the best celebrity ever! says:

    I’m a big fan of Sophie Fergi! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

  • Piperazzi says:

    Pipers dating lev now and Gavin Magnus is mean bcs he tried to make it look like Sophie was attacking some so piper is better off with leg anyway

  • Meredes and read now says:

    piper i love you so much after school and homwork i wach your noe or old vidos i love see you sophie went to talk to you so bad plz talk for a little bit.

  • Joanna Bannana says:

    Hi! Ummm, piper, I love u, and I just wanna let u know I love watching ur vids and I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU! I know a lot of people say this, but I really need someone like u to talk to, (I live in New Jersey)

  • Love u!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ says:

    I am ur biggest fan my best friend and I watch ur videos and I love every one of them

  • Aylla miranda says:

    Hi piper i am your big fan

  • Taylor says:

    I want to know how Piper has never meantiond her mom in by of her videos that I’ve seen

  • Dhiya says:

    Is that real piper hunter your brother

  • Blessing says:

    Piper and Hunter I never knew you guys were siblings and I watch your vids everyday

  • Raghad says:

    hunter are you piper’s sister pls answer me love ya!!!

  • Southern says:

    Some of yall must have not gotten beay as a kid or yall would have some manners and some respect for yourself and others. Also, why are people frickin out about 2 years thats not alot. My parents are seven years apart.

  • Asmaa says:

    dont go trust me

  • Raghad says:

    vexi my dad will kill me STOP I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE

  • vexi kea says:

    I wanna see your house!!!

  • Raghad says:

    vexi i am not your friend i hate you

  • Asmaa says:

    Dont go to herr house ok

  • Raghad says:

    when you come my mom don’ts know you so she will say no go away and i am going to my cosun house trommorw so you are not my friend anymore i hate you hahahahah

  • vexi kea says:

    raghad im sorry IDC if ur not my friend hahahahha im coming to play with you thats all why ur dad will yell

  • Asmaa says:

    answer me raghad on outlook

  • Asmaa says:

    rghad go to outlook

  • Raghad says:

    hunter pls answer me are you piper sister

  • Raghad says:


  • Raghad says:

    vexi if you come i will never be your firend and never text you now you are not my friend anymore

  • vexi kea says:

    you said i can come do u remeber it was when we were at school

  • vexi kea says:

    noooo i will come tommarow ok and asmma raghad told me where her house is!!

  • Raghad says:

    vexi pls don’t come my dad will kill me pls don’t but when we go to the park i will tell you and you can come okay

  • Raghad says:

    asmaa wallah i don’t know how she know’s my house

  • Asmaa says:

    raghad how does vexi know that you live in my old house?

  • vexi kea says:

    i mean old house you live in asmma old house right

  • vexi kea says:

    ik you moved raghad but ik but i know now that you live in asmma new house

  • Hunter Ray Hill says:

    yes she is

  • Raghad says:

    vexi i have a new house so i am not next to you sorry

  • Raghad says:

    i hunter i wanted to asks you are you piper’ sister

  • Hunter Ray Hill says:

    Im the real huter

  • Hunter Ray Hill says:

    Im hunter the other hunter is fake

  • vexi kea says:

    ik your house its bigg and has brown carpet and you live next to the park right live next to you!!

  • Raghad says:

    i know that is’s hunter that is piper’s fan pls stop doing that

  • Raghad says:

    vexi how can you come to my house

  • Raghad says:

    i know that is not hunter that is piper fan pls stop doing that

  • Raghad says:

    how can you come vexi

  • vexi kea says:

    raghad can i come to your house plsss

  • huter says:

    yea i am

  • Raghad says:

    hunter pls answer me are you piper’s sister

  • Raghad says:

    vexi do you know piper rockelle she is the best

  • Raghad says:

    vexi i am going to my cosin house and we will have a girl night we are going to spen the night awake that is a girl night i wish that you come

  • Jessica says:

    I I ugh whatever byee

  • Chloe rose says:

    Oh yeah there’s a thing called homeschool go there and learn what respect means it’s not pronounced disrespect

  • Jessica says:

    Nah I can’t because I won’t a preschooler already took my spot and that Chloe rose

  • Mayaa says:

    Chloe wanna Ben friend

  • Chloe Rose says:

    Ok people Jessica your disrespectful to everyone and I ship Cavin nice comeback so Jessica go back to kindergarten and learn how to respect people

  • Jessica says:

    I’m not a kindergartener I’m a Proud American

  • I ship Cavin says:

    Hahaha I love when a kindergarten tells jokes

  • Jessica says:

    What u think I’m afraid I’m not and I ship Cavin I bet u ugly as fu*k

  • I ship Cavin says:

    Bro ok wanna go and Black Lives Matter ✊?

  • Jessica says:

    Hahah very funny black undergoes Chinese lover

  • I ship Cavin says:

    Bro what the hell that ain’t nice respect man and wanna go ?

  • Jessica says:

    What it is and Also I ain’t like those indegous people who love Pipper rockelle or those black Americans or Chinese

  • Mayaa says:

    Jessica stop being rude to people u don’t know asshole and that’s on pieriod

  • I ship Cavin says:

    Bro don’t be like man

  • Jessica says:

    Like haha so true

  • I ship Cavin says:

    I’m sorry I shouldn’t be saying that y’all pipper rockelle fans I’m sorry there and also thx for forgiving me Pipper Rockelle fan

  • Pipper rockelle fan says:

    Like that’s disrespectful man but I forgive u and don’t be mean

  • I ship Cavin says:

    Im so sorry

  • I love Pipper says:

    Omg what the hell I Ship Cavin that’s is not nice that’s just rude and disrespectful man I’m Russian

  • Hi says:

    Why does anyone even like piper she a back stabbing bitch period and I’m not jealous of her

  • I ship Cavin says:

    I ain’t jealous just because she dating a Russian boy who cares she should just stick with one boy and I ain’t jealous I’m single for life ?

  • vexi kea says:

    hi raghad cosin what do you me about girls night?

  • Asmaa says:

    raghad we will have a girls nighttt!!!!!!!!

  • Asmaa says:

    raghad rhaff is here

  • Asmaa says:

    oh yay raghad, and hi vexi

  • Raghad says:

    asmaa i am coming at your hosue at friday wallah my mom said and i will bring so chips maybe

  • Raghad says:

    asmaa vexi is here look

  • Raghad says:

    Hi vexi yes i do rembber you

  • vexi kea says:


  • Raghad says:

    asmaa why did you say I love Lev I was pranking you oh my God asmaa i hate you so much wallah I am so mad at you ????

  • anonymous says:

    omg hi piper me and my sis love your videos !!!

  • Lesmein says:


  • Vivian says:

    That is not the real Piper that is a fan piper loves lev she would never do that

  • Vivian says:

    I love Piper Rockelle

  • Bivian says:

    I love Piper Rockelle

  • Asmaa says:

    what and go to outlook ok

  • Raghad says:

    asmaa why did you say that whyyyyyyy

  • Asmaa says:

    Hi i got pranked you got me i was like :0 NOO you will break Lev’s heart!!

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    I was just joking i LOVE Lev he is the best i wanted to prank yall! Did i get you!?

  • omaile says:

    why piper

  • Kkkkkkk says:

    I think yes live stram

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Im planning to break up with Lev and go with Gavin! Kelsey what do you think?

  • kelsey says:

    Omg hi Piper Rockelle!

  • Raghad says:

    yea piper you should go to gavin he is better

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi, I just wanna tell you guy that should I break up with Lev and go date Gavin! I think you guys want me to go to Gavin, he is my age and i think he is cuter and i still LOVE HIM!!


  • avery says:

    idk but she is pretty but like why does her voice sound like a little kid not to be mean jus sayin and i like her style

  • Emily says:

    I love piper rockel

  • lilly code says:

    piper is a fraud, she is always changing boyfriend like how does that and just because Sophie is bff with gavin she pushed her away so rude. I bet lev is just being her boyfriend for, like, fame and money

  • Ann Marie says:

    I have watched like every single video of yours you are so awesome

  • Jayshe bell says:

    she is not dating him she’s dating lev.

  • jensyn woods says:

    actully, Piper is dating Lev Camron and Gavin is dating Coco Quinn so they have both moved on and said that in mutiple videos

  • Alexis h says:

    hi Piper I love your videos and you so much. I love your squad, your videos, and your new purple house
    (ps) I love Bella Thorne to!!

  • nikki ñ hunterhill says:

    Hi Piper.
    I’m a big fan of yours i’ve been watching your channel since you and Gavin were dating i guess you could say i’m a bit older than some if not all of your viewers.
    I’m gonna be moving to LA pretty soon any advice?

  • Caroline Stanley The soccer player says:

    HEY PIPER you are so awesome on my freetime I look at your new post on insta and tik tok love your new youtube videos. YOu are so freaking talented I hope you know who I am if not that is totally fine. ALSO YOU and your boyfriend are a really cute couple.⚽?

  • Sophie? piper and square fan ☺? says:

    Hi pipre I love you, you family, and the squad Always been there for you I love the ship name Liper ,Semily Jelliana, I love all of them ??☺? can I join the squad please please please please please please please please.?????????

  • Sophie? piper and square fan ☺? says:

    Hi piper I love you and the new squad? I support you ,you family and the squad I love everyone ?i not like other people mice the squad you are awesome ???????

    I love you guys???☺?????

  • Not saying my name sorry says:

    Do yalll al hate that she is home schooled well guss what I am a 10 year old who home schools why does it matter if she is home schooled ,DONT MAKE FUN OF HER?

  • Not saying my name sorry says:

    Please dont let any one tell you your not good enof,my parents won’t let me be on you tube beacuse I’ll will get hated on

  • Not saying my name sorry says:

    Hi guys I love the squad I wish so bad that I could go see yall I haven’t been watching yall very long …………pipper you are a great roll model thank you. you are soo pretty

  • Girl says:

    Actually she is dating lev Cameron dancer and tiktok star

  • I ship Cavin says:

    No hat but I mean like she should go to a public school or private School

  • I ship cavin says:

    Ok yeah Ik that but she need to go to school and I ain’t jealous ur talking to your reflection and she need to go to a public school man like she’s just a YouTuber who makes content she’s not a celebrity like she doesn’t live in a mansion or anything like that she’s just a 13 year old girl who makes YouTube videos and has a Instagram page and who wearer crop tops at age 12 and 11

  • Soft Anx says:

    Stop the hate and look at yourselves. Focus on your own lives. Stop criticizing others online, you don’t even know Piper in real life. I just started watching her videos and she seems like an amazing and likable person. And about her being 13 and dating a 15 year old, honestly, let her do what she wants. You’re all just jealous. And the age difference honestly isn’t that big, it’s just 2 years.

    Piper, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re okay. Don’t read the hate comments, don’t let anyone change your mind. You are who you are and you should always love yourself. I’m happy for you and what you’ve achieved at such a young age, you’re a fantastic role model.

    Have a good day, everyone!

  • I ship Cavin says:

    Ok pipper Rochelle u need to go in a public school ur are not that famous ur just a 13 year old girl who dates a 15 year old and who has a YouTube channel your not a celebrity just because u dance sing doesn’t make u a celebrity and also Gavin ain’t a bad person he’s just trying to make content and pipper Rochelle just because ur trying to act like those you tubers who have squads doesn’t mean u have to copy them kk and I support cavin

  • Gavin Mangus supporterjk says:

    Piper ur just 13 no hate
    u should be focusing on school and should not be wearing makeup and get ur self enrolled in a public school

  • Gavin Mangus supporter says:

    Piper ur just 13 no hate
    u should be focusing on school and should not be wearing makeup and get ur self enrolled in a public school

  • Kailyn says:

    P.S. Piper, I’m 12 years old and i am a girl i dont know why i wanted to tell u that lol XD ok bye

  • Kailyn says:

    Hello Piper, I just wanna say that you and Lev are adorable together and you guys are perfect together and not to be rude or anything but I’m glad that you and Gavin aren’t together anymore…just look at what he is doing on his TikTok…also I love you! <3 And I would love to be on your squad someday it would be great. I dream about that every night

  • no name says:

    hi piper i love you so much you are so cute

  • Raghad says:

    hi gavin and sophie i love you guys

  • ur biggest fan says:

    her love is lev cameron may u know i will be a big fan of u u are my role model but do u actually reply lol

  • hi says:

    piper is nice

  • hi says:

    stop with the hate piper is nice

  • hi says:

    stop with the hate

  • gavin thegoat magnus says:

    hi… make sure to check out my ig bye!!!!! 😀 D 😛

  • arianna love says:

    hi gavin im a huge fan 😀

  • gavin thegoat magnus says:

    sophie left the goatfam im heart broken but i respect her choice goodbye sophie our memory will never fade

  • gavin thegoat magnus says:

    ! going live here on youtube check out my ig

  • sophie fergi says:

    thxx!!!!!!!!!!! shout out also to lover queen

  • sophie fergi says:

    thxx!!!!!!!!!!! shout out to arianna

  • arianna love says:

    also ffor the FAKE person whos trying to be sophie fergi its not working we all know if that was sophie fergi she would not have mentioned jentzen at all…………….. so stop it its not funny this is not instagram PS: always stay positive and stay safe

  • arianna love says:

    ps: OCEAN JACKSON if u have something negative to say keep your comments to your self no one likes negative hateful comments…………… also i love u piper rockelle and i love u gavin mangus i wish u would just reunite already

  • arianna love says:

    hey piper and hunter love ya hope to meet up with ya again one day bye bye!!!!!!!!!

  • lover queen says:

    hi pipes your welcome bye!!!

  • piper rockelle says:

    Hey guys i am back thank you for not giving me hate and stay safe from covid-19 love you all!!!

  • Analyn love you pipes and you too hunter says:

    i love you all stay confedint

  • big fan says:

    Big fan can be in your squad but i’m young but not to young.

  • jessie shirley says:

    hey piper i love your videos on youtube and why did sophie break up with jentzen

  • kiara says:

    piper your so preety

  • Sulamita says:

    Hi piper you are the best

  • no one says:

    i love your vidoes and hi piper and sofe skwad memers

  • thavrie/i Love piper says:


  • lamarce says:

    can I join the squad plz plz plz plz

  • Not Gavin Magnus says:

    hey Piper Sophie left me wanna be friends again????

  • Gia Griffin says:

    yeah im pretty sure they live together

  • Ann Marie says:

    Omg you are the best. You and Sophie. Do or did you and sophie live together?

  • thavrie/i Love piper says:


  • thavrie/i Love piper says:


  • thavrie best fan says:

    hi im thavrie i really REALLY want to join the squad PLEASEEEEE

  • john says:

    i hate u and u stink

  • Riya says:

    i hate u and u stink

  • Sophie fergi says:

    Hey guys make sure you subscribe to sophie ferigi shorts and just so you know I am with GAVIN’S SQUAD AND I DON’T DATE JENTZEN even though I still love jentzenbear

  • hunter hill says:

    Hi guys thanks for sharing the love to piper because she really needs it because we have been though some tough times and we need all the support we can get so thank you guys for sharing all the love to piper we love you all.

  • Riya says:

    Piper I have been watching your video you are best even when you go through rough time the all mighty god will always be with you amen

  • jessica ramens says:

    you are dating a 15 year old your 13 HOE

  • lamarce says:

    can I join your squad? PLZ??? I love your videos ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????

  • lamarce says:

    can I join your squad.

  • Tt says:

    It’s not real Piper rockelle I have been through this before trust me

  • Zaniya says:

    Hi piper I wish that I was your fr


    HI PIPER I watch your videos they’re really cool I love them especially in the challenges my name is Brooklynn Liberty Breum I ship Liper.

  • jada says:

    hi pare can i Be in your vondes i Be look at them

  • lamarce says:

    I wish I could meet you but I live in Greenbay drive

  • lamarce says:

    I love your video piper


    I don’t have a phone I can’t I can’t tell you or send you what I want from your merch store what is really want the necklace the one the is a that heart that comes with the key in the lock and a Frank Halloween mask


    I love your videos so so much I wish I could see you but I live in Sioux Falls South Dakota I also love your your merch

  • Albino Lover says:

    No hate intended at all, but she’s SUPER young to have a bf. A 12-year-old should be caring about school and grades, not her love life.

  • BROOKLYNN says:


  • DERYIA says:

    HI piper rockelle I,m a really big fan and Hunter is a great editor and i love your music videos and your youtube videos iwish i could get oe of your hoodies and necolese sorry for the bad spelling im only nine but any way i love your vids so yea bye love you guys

  • neve says:

    hi piper rockelle I,m one of your biggest fans my name is…. neve mcewan

  • julissa says:

    hi piper i am your bigest fan i love yoar vidos

  • Tt says:

    Omg has been that long sense I was talking here. I miss al of you guys remember me it has been almost a year lol

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi guys love ya

  • ceannha says:

    hey piper can you pick me up plzzz

  • Rocky, Piper's namesake, rocky-elle? says:


  • Xzolarah Ferryman says:

    I love Piper i´m a really big fan of Piper and her boyfriend????

  • Xzolarah Ferryman says:

    I even subscribed!!!…

  • Xzolarah Ferryman says:

    I love their videos I love them.

  • Xzolarah Ferryman says:

    I did the simple method stops ringing ears!.

  • jacinta larfield says:

    piper and hunter’s youtube and music videos are just amazing i love them so much
    ignore the haters and continue being yourself everyone else is already taken
    you go piper

  • kelsey says:

    can i get in the squad plz!

  • kelsey says:

    I love your video’s

  • aaliyah price says:

    hi piper if you read this I will love to join your squad your awesome

  • Kaleena says:

    i’m her fan can i join her squad please

  • pipers big fan says:

    wow her mom is beautiful

  • no name here says:

    she’s so pretty i love her

  • no name her says:

    she’s so pretty

  • no name says:

    she’s so pretty

  • Piper fan says:

    Piper is very smart and funny and talented and she appears to have been dating Lev for at least 2 years

  • Sophie ferner says:

    Hi did everybody see piper’s newest video hot and cold she did it with her boyfriend and connor, and ruby and elliana,and jentzen i wish sophie was there but i am not blaming piper she is the only youtuber that i watch. # i want to join the squad @piperrockellebby thats her tiktok but go get her merch i have all her merch at shoppiperrockelle.com and i am 13 and next Aguast ,21 ,2021 i am going to be 14 # the real year i was born was 2007.

  • Name not mentioned says:

    Piper is getting a nose surgery,???.check out her new video on youtube for more information and her mum had a surgery of the backbone. So sad. I shall pray for you piper.

  • Olivia Erivian says:

    Oivia Erivian,
    Hi everyone im called Olivia call me Olives if you like for short well im kinda big fan of the squad and I love you guys im 11 turning 12 please continue to waych Rockelles videos.
    From Olivia ,big fan.??

  • Rocky, Piper's namesake, rocky-elle says:

    Hey, l am from Uganda, the pearl of Africa. I ?u and the squad(lev,sophie ,jenna ,emily ,symmone, jentzen ,sawyer ,ayden ,ruby ,connar ,abigail ,elliana ,hunter ,hayden ,claire ,clementine ,mariam and many more. Follow piper @piperrockellebby.com on tiktok and the rest of the squad on their social media platforms .Dont forget to follow frank pugan,her ?, too. By the way ,we are all part of the squad ,piper says, watch the video ,SURPRISINGTHE SQUAD WITH A NEW MEMBER, for more information. Dont forget to subsribe to her channel with 6.28 million subscribers. Unfortunately ,I dont have any social media platforms. ❤ u all?

  • Rocky, Piper's namesake, rocky-elle? says:

    Hey, l am from Uganda, the pearl of Africa. I ?u and the squad(lev,sophie ,jenna ,emily ,symmone, jentzen ,sawyer ,ayden ,ruby ,connar ,abigail ,elliana ,hunter ,hayden ,claire ,clementine ,mariam and many more. Follow piper @piperrockellebby.com on tiktok and the rest of the squad on their social media platforms .Dont forget to follow frank pugan,her ?, too. By the way ,we are all part of the squad ,piper says, watch the video ,SURPRISINGTHE SQUAD WITH A NEW MEMBER, for more information. Dont forget to subsribe to her channel with 6.28 million subscribers. Unfortunately ,I dont have any social media platforms. ❤ u all?

  • Trixie says:

    You said you wanted to make people happy
    In my heart , you achieved that goal
    To piper, the entire squad ( Jenna , Claire , Emma , Simone , Sophie , etc ) and everyone else ever
    You are amazing
    You are beautiful
    You are caring
    You are passionate
    You are kind
    You are enough
    You are perfect
    You are awesome
    Don’t ever change ❤️???

  • nykayla says:

    hay i am a big fanof piper

  • Shakaiya Terry / kaiya says:

    Dear: Piper Rockelle smith
    I known you sinse I was 4 years old . This letter may make you cry , so i first seen you on the internet is through musicly and instrgram at the time you did not have a youtube channal it was 2014 you were 9 years old people across the country are sending you hate like for example i think you youtube channal suck piper you i strong and i can see it is you Right now i and 9 going to be 10 next August on the 21 other people would say that you are ugly and stupid but do you think you are do Hunter think you are do the squad and you family think you are I think you are a awsome and beautiful I know you have feelings for lev so he is one of the most imortant people in your life just cause you think your dad is did not want you born think about know ask all the squad haydan , ayden , lev , jenna , jentzen , emily, sawyer , and most important mariam ask them did they want you born ask them do they like being you freind ask mariam if she can come to your house so he can see the hunter and your mother too lev to . I am a nice person if some one someone put hate on you i am going to speak you for you on internet or in real life piper ,sophie wants you back she wants to be in you squad you two have been friends most of yall lives so yall friend ship is strong she just needs a break i will talk to her about you and gavin why when you are live and gavin joins you run to the back this is not hate what i am saying this a help when gavin joins that is when you should talk so pisogav can be a thing again all those times you ran to the back you all could of been a thing piper why in my mind you are the best youtube reply back as soon as you see this please . i love you and tell the squad i love them to.

  • Shakaiya Terry / Kaiya says:

    Piper Rockelle I have known you through the internet all my life i know everything about you I even know when you started youtube which was 2017 i Know you were a real dancer and you still are i suport you and suport you through every thing all the good moments with gavin , walker but know you stay on whats more important don’t let nothing get in your way i am not the person that going to just say sorry about sophie left i am going to stay here and suport you your mom tiffany I know she is a single mother but you help her stay strong about you losing friends named coco quinn , hayley lablanc I am not saying they left you but if they did remember them keep they in your heart show the world @fans that you can stay strong and all the hate is mean bad is is mean that you are getting hate all the hard work you do you deserve everything you have and don’t have exsept hate I am 9 years old you are 13 year old i was born in georgia and you were to I followed you on tik tok .I followed you on instrgam and I booked you on cameo I followed you on every platform that you have. And can you please tell the squad that i love them and I love you to@ can i join the sqaud.

  • Jenna Davis says:

    Hi babe
    Your videos are so good … better that mine
    luv u so much ❤❤❤

  • piper says:


  • Serenity May Dawn Schwartztrauber says:

    Hi piper rockelle i love u so much and i love your titok

  • Park July55 says:

    Piper is still a beautiful and smart girl. PLEASE STOP WITH THE HATES ON HER ..

  • piper rokelle says:

    i am not dating gavin i am dating lev

  • Tab says:

    Now Piper dating lex not Gavin

  • savanah says:

    i love pipers videos she so funny

  • Erin Danuwar says:

    piper is so cute and she knows everything , i want to be like her , i don’t know when i will meet her . see u soon piper. ?can somebody know her number please?

  • Ava says:

    Piper is amazing and people have to stop hating im actually going to meet her soon!

  • puppy123 says:

    i love piper STOP THE HATE OK STOP sha is an AMAZING


    Dose any one know who the new squad member is? I am A huge fan of Piper and to all the haters STOP THE HATE She is an AMAZING girl and so is EVERYONE OUT THERE IN THE WORLD NO ONE CAN STOP HER OR ANYONE ELSE!!! So YEA just let me know who the knew squad member is!! BYE

  • Preena says:

    Ohh wow thanks for this and at first I didn’t know hunter and piper are siblings

  • Piper Rockelle fan says:

    And I wish that I could meet you I am you 1st number one fan I can’t meet you because I live in Texas and our City Still haves COVID 19

  • Surprising my best friend with a new squad member shocking reaction says:

    Hi piper I am a big fan of and I see a
    all your videos like this one Surprising my best friend with a new squad member shocking reaction

  • tk125 says:

    hey piper

  • Jess says:

    Hi I’m a huge fan of the the squad and would one day love to join the squad! I’m 12 years old, 13 next year. Piper, Symonne, Jenna, Emily and Claire are my all time favourite YouTubers. Sadly I can’t go on the tour because I’m from Australia. ok my hands hurt from typing bye!!!!

  • piper says:

    i looooooooooooooooooooove piper but hunter is not a sib btw

  • Joana says:

    Hi Piper I watch your videos every day. I really wish that I could meet you one day but I don’t think that’s going to happen because I’m all the way in England but quite a lot of my cousins live in America. So they might see you one day I love you so much bye .

  • Swag_feeling_girl says:

    Hi piper rockelle…I love you so much
    I always watch ur YouTube videos…
    I would feelse really happy if u would reply…

    Love, girl

  • Sydney love says:

    Hi piper how you today I really want to meat you so I will see ya on tour

  • piper rockelle says:

    she was the best at a lot

  • Esmeralda says:

    Hi Piper I love you so much you make me feel happy you are beautiful and sweet I a big fan of you on YouTube

  • Nadelin Trochez says:

    piper is an amazing person,i know how she feel bc i’ve been cheated on and all you haters out there to tiffany and piper….bro…if you can’t be nice get the f*** out of the website.Gavin messup really bad and gavin need to stop being mean.Coco is the f***king hater,Coco sucks she is really mean and if she could change ,she won’t,why? who knows.I love you piper and even tho you dont know who i am i will defend you and if your hater have a problem with that they can come to me ,lets see if they have the nuts to do iti love you tiffany and even tho im younger than you i will keep defending you,too.BYE!!

  • eva says:

    i really could wish to meet piper and the squad i cant go to tour because there is none in kenya but i really love piper she always entertains me

  • nadine says:

    piper is amazing!

  • Sassy says:

    y would u b sorry about that

  • mackenzie says:

    sorry piper but i watch your youtube

  • Sassy says:

    I wish I could meet piper one day. I can’t go to the tour because theres not one in AZ.

  • Keira says:

    Hi piper you Are the best I love you so much and please sub to my best friend

  • Sassy says:

    did you guys know that jenna davis plays an episode in ravens home. she is so much younger.

  • Tabitha says:

    i wish i can be apart of the squad please

  • Tabitha says:

    i do miss pavin its just piper happy and gavin that is all that matters and i love you piper you rock

  • Angielite says:

    the is so maen the piper’s dad didn’t want her when he don’t know how cute she is im a fan im and im 9

  • Rocky says:

    I ❤ u so much piper✌

  • Zuzu says:

    Hi txunamy if you read this i just want to say you are so postive and so pretty and worked so hard to be where you are. I love chicken girls and every time you do something new it pays off because you kill it every time. Be the queen you are and slay Tiktok, Insta, Acting etc. Love you

  • Kenzie says:

    Hi Piper I am a huge fan I love you so much you are an amazing person hope your mom is feeling better

  • Jessica says:

    Hi piper I am a big fun and I love u???

  • Anniemae Nicole Perkins says:

    Hi I’m anniemae Nicole Perkins and my 13 years old and live and savanna and I like your songs and you are good at them.

  • Yaritza says:

    Hi piper I what you’re YouTube videos that amazing and I love you new song and fact about me I’m 10years old.stay safe?

  • Bettie says:

    Piper is da best

  • THe real lev says:

    hi guys and please be nice to piper and #liper and sub to our channels we love you guys and please stop being the fake us cause we will never do something like that to you guys and check out the new music video we put out it is fire
    ???❤❤❤?✌? please stay safe ?

  • Melody says:

    I love u so much piper and hope the best for u also stay strong and don’t listen to the haters and I love ur new song bby i

  • Lena says:

    I love you piper I. Love your new song??☺?

  • Cailynn says:

    Hi Piper I am a HUGE BIGGGGGGG fan of yours im so happy i cant eve write I really hope you are reading this I REALLY LOVEEEEEEEE THE NEW SON bby…i its so cute! I really ship you and Lev together and yes you do look good well not even good STUNNINGGG!

  • Bethel says:

    I Love you Piper

  • Agnes Mary-Florence says:

    Hey, Piper i am a huge fan of yours. I love all your songs and videos KEEP IT UP???You’re SUPER DUPER AMAZING??????
    And remember no matter what people say be whom you are because you’re EXEPTIONAL??? Love you Piper Rockelle

  • KAYLE says:

    I am a big fan of you I have a youtube to Morgan Robinson

  • Hannah says:

    I love you Piper I wish you are my sister ???

  • Sassy says:

    Who has popjam??

  • Sassy says:

    Horselover is right, a thief or something could come on here pretend they are a kid and then they can get pipers address and then take her stuff again.



  • Horselover says:

    Asking someone where they live is not very appropriate. Just go on tour like sassy said. Someone else bad could find out. That would not be good.

  • Sassy says:

    If you go to tour you will probably meet her.

  • brooklynn says:

    I am a fan I am 10 please

  • brooklynn says:

    i love her so moch

  • kenize says:

    shes not dating gavin
    she is dating lev

  • maddylynn says:

    were does piper live i want to meet her
    so bad

  • summer says:

    i love piper rockelle i want to meet her or call her i am piper`s biggest fan

  • JohnNL says:

    Needs to be updated

  • Lillie says:

    laylie who are you talking tooo

  • laylie says:

    i love you

  • armony says:

    piper rockelle is my faverite youtber

  • Lillie says:

    OKay is piper really on here because if not i am not going to be on here

  • Kambree says:

    Kenlee you are awesome piper make a vid and talk about kenlee

  • Kenlee hater b says:

    OMG shut up B@$@!

  • Lillie says:

    Love how kenlee has suport

  • Kenlee says:

    Yes toatally agree sassy thanks for all the comments

  • Sassy says:

    You know what my parents say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. So shhhhhh all you haters

  • Sassy says:

    Ya we come on here to support the people we love. RN it’s Piper, and so be it if she doesn’t read them and how would you know anyway. She has gone through a lot and I know that I want to support her and kenlee wants to support her.

  • Sassy says:

    Thank you kenlee. Sorry I was doing school and just now had time.

  • lacy says:

    piper make an insperation video and say kenlee was your inspration but i dont think you will

  • unknown says:

    stick up piper dose not even read these

  • Txunamy Ortiz says:

    @Txunamy Instagram

  • Txunamy Ortiz says:

    Good Job!! Kenlee .Piper look at a the support you have

  • Kenlee says:

    Where and what school

  • Kenlee hater b says:

    Yes i do we go to school together

  • Kenlee says:

    Thanks Guys And kenlee hater you don’t even know me so yeah

  • Kenlee hater b says:

    Whatever b@!#$

  • MACK says:

    Yes!! kenlee love the movement

  • Kaylee says:

    I agree we do come in here to make a movement

  • Kenlee says:

    That is rude and we come on this app to say nice things about our favorite Celebrity’s and if your going to be a hater leave u i am here to say nice comments about piper and what if i do make a movement Sooo

  • Kenlee hater b says:

    YOur a brat and you should hate piper and piper will nvr see this kenlee you wont start a movment so shut up

  • Kenlee says:

    Okay Lol

  • Lillie says:

    You should be in the sqaud and i will to and we will move together

  • Kenlee says:

    Thx You Lillie

  • Lillie says:

    You go girl Aka Kenlee

  • Kenlee says:

    Thank U Guys Love ya’ll and the support PLZ make a video about this love u piper

  • MACK says:

    Yes!! I agree with kenlee you are true inspration piper make a video

  • Kaylee says:

    Yes!! I agree with kenlee you are truly making a stand and piper she is a the inspration for this videp

  • Kenlee says:

    Is this the real Txunamy

  • Kenlee says:

    Thank You Sassy You sound very nice And you should be included in it inspiration

  • Txunamy Ortiz says:

    Yes It is I Love all my fans and You sound like a very sweet person Kenlee Love You

  • Sassy says:

    YES Kenlee… thank you. Ya, yall need to stop. its not right. I agree with Kenlee, piper should make a vid and to prove it she should say at least 2 names that were an inspiration, and Kenlee should be one of them.

  • Kenlee says:

    This Can’t be real Are u the Real Txunamy OMG Ekkkk

  • Txunamy Ortiz says:

    I Totally agree with Kenlee Piper is not a bad person She is really nice and sweet I love you piper and will always support you Go watch My family Youtube @FamiliaDimond And My own Youtube @Txunamy Love You Guys And Follow all my socials

  • Kenlee Trapp says:

    OKAY for all of the people on here ya’ll really need to stop the hate on piper and saying things that are not true and for the people pretending to be piper need to stop she Loves Lev and she is happy with him and stop saying that she is running back to Gavin Face it they are not getting back together so. She is doing the best she can and only on Youtube to let ya’ll get to know her and I have watched all of Pipers videos since she started With her very first video on how to make slime and she is not a bad person she is doing youtube for you and she does not hate on people she is one of the nicest You tubers ever and I love you piper and i am your Number 1 fan and i will always watch your videos and support you Love You BBY and you should make a video on What people say on here and i hope i was your inspration for the video and i have liked all your post on Instagram My name on Instagram is Jennifer Sweeten because its my moms and i am sorry this is sooo long but my name is kenlee trapp Love you!!!

  • Sassy says:

    sorry it was so long

  • Sassy says:

    I just finished watching the emotional vid where it gives information about someone breaking into your house and people saying bad stuff about you piper. You may not know who I am or if I even exist, you may have never seen me before in your life, and you may have never talked to me before, for crying out loud we may never be friends (although that would be nice to be friends), but, just so you know I am here for you and if you need to talk to anyone I bet you could talk to the people who are like me, who support and love you piper. You are funny, sweet, kind, and much more (aka etc.) As long as you know that piper dont let anyone tell you other wise. Trust me piper, I know what you are going through. My (bio) dad, he doesnt call me, or ask to see me, he thinks he is doing the right thing when he isnt. Are dads may be different, your dad didnt want you and my dad thinks he is being a loving father, yet both of our dads dont see us and dont communicate with us. The 2nd thing, I used to get bullied to and probably still get bullied, but now I have friends who are brothers and sisters to me, just like you have sophie, lev, jentzen, emily, and everyone else in the squad. You also have a huge family who loves you. You may be wondering, what. You have your personal family, the squad, and you have the people on social media who love you, want to meet you, want your #, want to be your bff, want to hug you when your sad, and the people who support you. I love you piper and I wish I can meet you or have your #. I just want you to know, ” sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never stop you”. Whenever someone says something mean say, ” sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never stop me”. I love you piper and hope you can believe me. ( If you need an encouraging message just ask)

  • fggt says:


  • lilly says:

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    I dont think so ………
    He just might bee avery very close friend or relative

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  • Maddy says:

    Hey piper!! I like really LOVE you and I like wanna meet you sooo badly but I cant go to tour so thats unfortunate but I love you so so sooo much and you are so pretty and i was wondering if there was ANY way to reach you!!! Im sorry if that sounds like a stalker but I LOVEEE YOU!!!! please respond back to meee with a way I can reach you!!!# loveyougirllll!!!!!!?????

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    HEY BBY’S!! sorry i haven’t been active! but how are you guys! just want to say that i love you guys so sos so much and don’t forget to shop at shoppiperrockelle.com

  • Piper Rockelle says:

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    and I think I know who is doing this to piper because some people hate her because her and gain broke up its not her fault they broke up its gavins he cheated on her and that isn’t right and I think gavin is the one doing all the hate I use to like pavin but I don’t I hate it all!!!!!!!!! and I hate Gavin and coco.

  • I miss pavin says:

    I REALLY SHIP Liper, BUT i miss pavin… And that was the best ship there was… I hope one day they will get back together which i know will never happen. 🙁 But liper is a really GOOD ship.. Im just wondering if pavin will be back one day 🙁

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  • AshTheBitchyBoss says:

    Hey Y’all should be nice to everyone because being mean to one another is not going to help you I have a dead brother and I live my grandparents I don’t live with my mom and dad my dad abused me and my mom left me, so don’t be talk’n BULLSHIT on here about piper her squad gavin and cocco because I don’t want to see your BULLSHIT on here it is stupid. Life is hard on me I’ve been through breakups before and I hate them but I get use to it and i’m done with EVERYONE’S BULLSHIT!!!!………. Also everyone have a great day love y’all

  • the real lev camoron says:

    don’t say that to piper and why you do know but will not come outside so get away from her and your just cruel???? or else ????? you will regeret even come towards her door???⚠⚠

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    Hi piper i am so sorry piper I am sorry that happened I am a fan of you so I am so so sorry that happened to you I love liper, siper pisogav and piker .❣??❤??
    I am so happy now you’re a teenager you like 13 years older I’m very happy for you .keep your squad save I don’t know why I’m saying that you know a little kid so I don’t know you that well but I don’t know why I’m saying that to you but stay safe wash your hand and and I know I’m supposed to say my name first but my name is Sophie beaubrun?
    by the way that was just the same girl or stop talking to you on Tik Tok bye Piper and?❣ bye guys Please follow me on tiktok i give it to you but you don’t see it bye❣??????✌??‍?‍?‍? ?

  • Alyssa says:

    you look so good in your insta pics you and lev are so cute have a great day


    Piper is very sweet and is only 13 so she does not deserve this hate someone has stolen her jeep spray panted her house ?saying things like Piper sacks possibly stolen her pug ?and broken into her house?.!!¡¡??????
    She and her squad are only trying to make kids days better she should not be offended on social media ☆??☺???❤?????????????????????????????????????⭐⭐⭐⭐?

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Shalom guys! I just wanted to say please stop pretending you’re me. I love all of you and go check out my newest video and my instagram @Piperrockelle

  • Liv says:

    I really would love to be in the squad! I watch all your videos, next time you’re in colorado we should meet up i would love to meet you and i ship #Liper

  • Piper fan says:

    Your brother and I have the same birthday date

  • #zappy says:

    your right demon princess but lev could be a pervert and plus that could be piper and when your done with a youtube video then who knows if he is a pervert 🙁

  • liper sorry pavin no hate says:

    actually she has a new boy lev camorron

  • demon princess says:

    i honestly thought she was an only child. but reading this review confused me so much. and its september 5 and if lev and piper are still dating that means whoever said lev was a pervert 2 days ago is not really piper. no hate just the obvious facts

  • Piper rockelle says:

    Hi guys well i just wanna say i love gavin again and imma break up with lev soon hes a prevert always trying to touch my privite parts and have sex

  • gachaloverrss says:

    piper and gave broke up she loves lev and he loves her so update this cuz if she looked at this she would cry

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  • gavin magnus says:

    piper you should break up with lev you know that i was better than him and plus i have a lot of money you need me more than you need him i look better than him anyways so you should come to my house sometime .

  • #Piper fan girl says:

    Piper you are so beautiful kind and sweet I hope you know that happy belated birthday you and Lev are the cutest❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Why are so many people pretending to be me? Also im here because Lev told me that there were people on here that are impersonating me. Just please stop. Thank you for understanding. I love you guys and stay safe!!

  • #zappy says:

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  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hi guys I love you all so much and I want to thank all of you for supporting me through everything. Go check out my YouTube channel please subscribe. Check out my Instagram too and you can book me on Cameo. Check out all my social media platforms and I love you all so much.

  • Sassy says:

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  • Sassy says:

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  • Sassy says:

    If you are the real piper I’d like you to say my name in the next vid so we know your the real piper

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  • PIPERS BIG FAN says:


  • Piper Rockelle says:

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  • Wafa says:

    omg guys please stop pretending to be people your not and stop the hating and let piper be and Gavin and coco are still friends but they wanted to take a break and liper is still together and the goatfam and the piprazzi army are working it out and we should stand up for them not make fun of them and this family torn has been made back when piper was dating Gavin and please pretending to be people your not not gonna end you up in something helpful cause both of the squads are in touch and piper and coco we that they do not hang out with each other but they are still social media friends love ya piper

  • Emily says:

    Didn’t know that hunter was pipers brother I always thought that it was her dad nice to know that it was her brother the whole time

  • Tt says:

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  • christina says:

    okay look there is a simple way that we can tell if this piper is the real one only the real piper would be able to tell the exact age that means years minths and days i know my cats one so you should be able to know yours

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  • Haylen says:

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  • Haylen says:

    Thank you rosabella I think that they will be yo friend too

  • Rosabella says:

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  • Rosabella says:

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  • Pipers biggest fan says:

    Pls can u do a video explaining about the squad I’m very confused ?????ur my star ⭐️ I rlly want to meet u one day as ur have such an amazing personality and u seem like an amazing friend and great fun person to hang out with

  • Tia bell says:

    Hi Walker and Lev , piper
    Can we all be good Freinds yes or no???

  • Rambo says:

    Hey what your name guys its a beautiful picture And I am not going into work and then I’m sorry to bother people I am not sure what I

  • Tiabell says:

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    Piper is Sophie fergi adopted into ur family does she live with u or is just for the videos that she is in ur house just wondering I am a big fan

  • Lily Colleran says:

    HI piper hi walker hi lev can we pls be friends

  • Krystal Mitchell says:

    Hey piper walker jentzen and the rest of the squad love y’all



  • Haylen says:

    Thank you walker yes your welcome mabey can I have you Gmail so that we can talk on that plz I am y’all’s biggest fan I think that you and Piper make a cute couple. Hope you guys the best and I just wish the fighting would stop and that people stop saying names that went there’s and righting mean comments about piper.and thank you for excepting to be my friend

  • Rosabella says:

    Hi walker how it going?

  • Walker Bryant says:

    Yes halyn we can be friends. Thanks guys for bearing kind and in my side and clearing up things. ??❤️❤️❤️

  • Miriam says:

    Hi piper i love u and hunter and the rest of the Squad so much ?❤?

  • Tia bell says:

    Hey Lev and Piper and Walker.

  • Lev Cameron says:

    Hey everybody! I am the real Lev Cameron and I wanted to clear things up.. me and Piper are STILL together and Coco and Gavin are STILL together. Please stop making excuses to be someone your not and stay safe! ??

  • Rosabella says:

    Thanks Pipes I am so glad you saw my comment and I wish you the best of luck and keep doing what you’re the best at?

  • Haylen says:

    Hi walker this is haylen and I was wondering if you want to be my friend I am ten and I hope that all this drama stops with Coco and Piper and Gavin Magnus I am on your side all the time though

  • Walker Bryant says:

    Dear fans I love u guys thank u for supporting piper. I love you Piper I hope your doing good in all this mess. ❤️❤️❤️ Please stop the drama guys and stop pretending to be people. I hope for the best for you guys

    Stay safe and heathy

    Love walker ❤️❤️?

  • Haylen says:

    Hi Piper I thought you where dating Gavin Magnus are you together with him now or is he with doc still

  • Someone says:

    Guys please get a long

  • ameya watson says:

    sure bestie i would like that

  • ~Piper Rockelle~ says:

    its ok guys and coco I hope we can be friends like befor

  • ameya watson says:

    i feel sorry for you piper i hope you feel we all feel sorry.

  • ameya watson says:

    girl how did you lost a father.

  • carissa says:

    piper i thout edider was your dad

  • Tiabell says:

    Hey piper

  • Rosabella says:

    Please stop all the hates for piper and hi piper if you see this comment can you please let me know

  • ~Piper Rockelle~ says:

    Guys stop pretending to be people and lying coco and lev that’s not me this is the real Piper and I am not a cheater.

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    This is not a prank me and Gavin are really back together.

  • Coco Quinn says:

    I think that’s the fake piper and a prank.

  • Coco Quinn says:

    Piper you are such a lier and Gavin and I have true love. And Lev piper is lieing

  • Lev says:

    hey, guys thanks for the support and just a reminder piper we are over.

  • Tiabell says:

    I don’t how you feel Lev.

  • Tiabell says:

    Lev is well be oh ok .

  • Tia bell says:

    Lev is mate be a prank

  • Lev says:

    Really piper you cheated on me with your ex.! We are over

  • Piper Rockelle Smith says:

    Guys as you may know, gavin and I are back together as of may 3. Lev and coco dont know but….I love gavin so much…..

  • Tiabell says:

    That is true Coco qinn hater and Piper is best the you Coco

  • Personnel agréable très agréable says:

    Guys stop the drama and faking to be people if u are than your the losers duh

  • Leann says:

    Piper is so much better than you coco!!!

  • Piper_Fan says:

    That’s true Cocoquinhater

  • Cocoquinhater says:

    Coco your Such a hater on Piper and Coco go work out and tell Gavin to stop making songs about Piper

  • Oreoluwa says:

    Piper pls can you give me your number I am of your fans

  • PIPERS#1FAN!!!!!!!! says:

    piper plzzzzz notice me i have seen all of your vids

  • Coco Quin says:

    You Now why i love Gavin because he is helpful and cute Piper Is a Loser right guys Yes Or No Gavin i want to have 3 Kids with you Love YOU GAVIN!!!! loser piper sophie walker jenna sawyer lev aiden jentzen hahahaha Im BETTER OMG love you gavin

  • Tia bell says:

    Hey piper and walker

  • Matilda Johnstone says:

    Can everyone please stop pretending you are someone from piper rockelle’s squad Because your not. And coco I really think that you and piper should still be friends, your both beautiful in every way. Gavin stop being rude to piper. All you haters leave her alone piper is going through enough, you hater are dumber than u think. So stop commenting to her channel. Love you piper and can I get a shout out please

  • Matilda says:

    Can everyone please stop pretending you are someone from piper rockelle’s squad Because your not. And coco I really think that you and piper should still be friends you are both beau In every way, and last Gavin do you miss piper because I saw your video about the truth and it seemed that you missed her but you are commenting rude stuff about her. If you are one of those people pretending to be someone your not than stop

  • Just do it says:

    Go to Omegle.Vip. Just do it…. you will love it ?

  • Piper•~• says:


  • Amiley says:

    like gavin he a nice boy

  • hate gavin and coco love piper says:

    i used be be subcerid to gavin and coco but i unsubceried but i sub to piper rockell because i fell bad becase oned my dad found out that she was peregenet of me he left her and 5 kids wioth me 6.

  • Tiabell says:

    I don’t know.

  • myleigh says:

    piper hi i am a subscriber i love your videos you are so awesome

  • Tiphani says:

    By the way that Gavin Magnus is fake he would never say stuff like that!

  • kayleen says:

    this may sound silly,but, can i live with you

  • kayleen says:

    piper what is your phone number

  • not tellig u my name says:

    Gavin and coco yall are the ones hating and coco u were pipers bff why did gavin mess it up UGH

  • Tiabell says:

    Why Coco Quinn

  • Scarlet says:

    Hi Piper

  • Gavin Mangus says:

    Guys stop hating!!

  • Coco Quinn says:

    Guys stop hating!!

  • Tia bell says:

    She is a youtube and she is so nice and sh3 is so funny and .I love her so much.❤❤

  • Unknown says:

    how are you Piper

  • Tiabell says:

    I think piper is the best and coco is ugle and not piper bc she is so nice to gavin and coco and coco is not best they piper . I love piper so much

  • #Liper forever says:

    Hi piper I love you so much I am so sorry about your grandmother also
    me last year when I was at school my brother came to pick me in school at 12:00 am i thought she was sick but when I saw my big sister crying then I knew and I started crying to love you piper and my opinion is lev #liper cause your so cute together bye hope you reply me I wish I could see you piper but I stay at Tanzania

  • sweet liper forever says:

    piper you and walker looked so good togher but walker go for indi but it okay you liper is so cute piper i dare to make a video prank lev to kiss him the whole day i dare i love you bye piper

  • sweet liper says:

    piper i’m sorry about your grandmother i hope you are okay i love you

  • Ava says:

    I am so sorry for your grandmother piper. That sucks. But, you have all these amazing friends like Jenna, Jenzen, Sophie, lev, Walker, and so much more. I just want to say people should really stop hating on piper because she’s going through a hard time right now. Piper you are not alone!!! We are all here for you to support you. Move on from Gavin, even if your his friend and coco friend move on!! You got a wonderful and amazing squad and boyfriend to love you ? and support you. We love and appreciate you piper, keep being strong!!!

  • Emry M says:

    I just want to say sorry for being mean to piper and coco. I was just mad that you were hating on piper. I love you Youtube channel coco, and Gavin, it’s just your being rude to piper, but she was saying that you guys are friends and miss each other, and you and coco are friends. The thing is I don’t know if it’s random people pretending to be Lev, or Piper, or Coco, or Gavin. I want to bring no hate and if you guys coco and Gavin are hating on piper just stop. There is no need for hate in this world. Or on YouTube.

  • Amy .S says:

    All Gavin says in his comments about Coco was how pretty she was. You are not supposed to love your girlfriend for only how she looks, but also her personality. I am glad that Piper is with her own squad now. Piper’s mom is really sweet Gavin you and Coco have fun with each other. Sorry for your grandma Piper. #Piperazzi is the best.

  • Avaleigh Brooke says:

    Piper your the best YouTuber i have watched! I love you so much keep up the good work. I have noticed in your comments you have been getting some haters but ignore them because they hold you down! I hope I could meet you one day! Xxxx PS: I seen the gavin Magnus things but I think you should just move because he was making you upset and you don’t even need him! However I might be coming to your tour so I can meet you and the squad! XXXX

  • ruby says:

    piper , you are a kind girl and don’t let the other people hate you

  • Shea R. says:

    Piper, I love you. Your so pretty and don’t let anyone hate on you. A bunch of people love your vids and you are amazing. You have a bunch of people who love you. Focus on the love and kindness insted of the dark and negative.

  • Emry M says:

    Coco and Gavin, back the hell off. What the heck is wrong with u? Coco u think ur perfect but ur not and Gavin ur ugly. Piper is amazing and way better then u Gavin. Back off, she did nothing 2 u. You guys got some problems. I want to know what the heck in your pea brain drives you 2 act like that. Stop hating, i am hating on u because u rude to poor piper. Get ur life together, both OF YOU!

  • Amy .S says:

    Gavin, Piper is going through a lot right now and kissing her best friend was something really bad to do. She actually is being nice to you a you are being rude. (no hate)

  • Gavin magnus says:

    PANCAKES ARE GOOD stop yes she did do stuff to me she looked at me with her ugly face ugh


    Gavin and coco stop being mean to piper ! She did nothing to you

  • Gavin magnus says:

    Coco is all I think about she is so pretty and piper is so ugly ugh. Me and coco kissed so beat that piper. Piper you are an ugly brat I never liked you. Coco bear I love you ❤️?? piper you are stupid,ugly,and ,fat and Sophie you are a retard and nobody likes you either ,

  • Gavin magnus says:

    I’m so glad that I left that ugly brat for coco bear l love coco piper was so annoying and ugly ugh and yes we made out it was awesome piper is so ugly and selfish don’t call coco that because she is perfect ❤️

  • Gavin magnus says:

    I love coco I hated piper she was so ugly ugh I’m glad that I have a prettier girlfriend now coco is the best I love her and we actually kissed in senorita so we actually love each other and I never liked piper ugh.

  • Ryan says:

    Piper is the best no matter what anyone says. Back off people!


    Pancakes are the best I really want some pancakes right now ?

  • unknown says:

    stop with the hate coco bc everything your saying is not true bc your ugly and selfish so stop saying those stuff about piper and i am pretty sure you and gavin did not make out bc you just want people jealous but your not and a nother thing your bad at spelling and your to ugly for gavin that he will not even kiss you so tell the truth

  • Lev Cameron says:

    I love you piper.

  • Coco Quin says:

    We made out once. It was great. We were on a date.

  • Coco Quin says:

    Gavin is my boyfriend now! I am way cuter than piper! BTW we did actaully kiss in senorita so let it go. I love gavin. Stop critizing.

  • Coco Quin says:

    stop saying that Gavin is a looser you Now guys that i really Kiss Gavin in senorita .piper is a loser im more cute then you guys like you like walker and lev you have to pick one . Gavin toll my that i was cute then why started to kiss and hugs and doind videos if you now why kiss like 6 times loser piper right gavin is helpful

  • Sara Ann says:

    it says Piper and Gavin are dating there not even dating!!!

  • martinez says:

    piper what happen to me but diffrent story my dad had a grilfred she dusint lit us see him or he dusint lit hem see us

  • alexa sofia says:

    piper and Gavin are not dating
    stop the hate on piper

  • Hewo_Sana says:

    And my Account is Hewo_Sana with an emoji with a mask on!

  • Hewo_Sana says:

    Hey, piper I just wanted to ask you is you have houseparty?
    And if you do can you accept my friend request on your account PipperRockelleBby

  • sherina says:

    God bless I subscribe to you your amazing

  • amy says:

    i really love piper and am her biggest fan i hope she notice me some day☺??❣@piperrockelle

  • Coco Quinn says:

    im breaking up with gavin

  • jazmine/pipers big fan says:

    Sophie i love you too

  • jazmine/pipers big fan says:

    i love you piper so much i feel so bad for you but idc what happend with you and gavin i love you so much and i think you should now that walker likes indi you should be with lev

  • Queency legas says:

    Love you piper im your biggest fan

  • Piper 1Fan says:

    He a bunch of shit anyway
    Ppier you are amazing.

  • Piper 1Fan says:

    I love you guys were a cute couple ?? i s.p.e.t on Gavns name

  • Rosabella says:

    Hi stay safe and stay healthy piper,Jenna and Sophie and the rest of the squad

  • Jordin Regula says:

    Hey Sophie fergi you should make 24 hour challenges with jophie I dare you guys to be shipped oh yeah!!!!❤️

  • Sophie Fergi says:

    Guys, this isn’t piper it’s just some facts about her-

  • danelle says:

    omg lysm i really want to see you in real life but the closest to me is Texas and thats 4 states away ? i love you so much!!!!!!!!!! can i add you on snapchat??????

  • Jenna davis? says:

    Hey guys hope everyone is safe ..lysm .thanks for you support

  • Alea says:

    Hi Piper can I have ur number plz

  • Elli says:

    Piper l’ve always wanted to see you in real life please can I those tickets?

  • Elliana says:

    Piper i’ve Always dreamed to see you one day and thank you for being a really good role model you proved to me that you should never be afraid of telling something that is really sad to yourself

  • Paul Jessica Walker says:

    piper i am your biggest fan please i want those tickets

  • Paul Jessica Walker says:

    I haven’t even met my dad too piper i feel so lonely without him cuz i was born hawaii and he left to heaven and he was named as paul walker he died in 2013

  • Elli says:

    Hello piper I love every single video you make and I watch them too

  • Charlize? says:

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  • Charlize? says:

    Does pipers mom sell drugs and give them to pipers dad

  • Charlize? says:

    Does pipers mom sell drugs to her ex pipers dad after that didn’t want to be together that is kinda weird.

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  • Sorrayah says:

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  • piper rockelles #1 fan says:

    WOW!! i didnt know that hunter was her brother thats crazy!!

  • Liper forever says:

    Hi Piper I am a big fan I love ur vids pls give me ur number I really would like to meet at least on zoom and I hope u are safe and I love that prank lev did were “he got arrested” pls read this comment and I will stop the hate that is going around stay safe and don’t let people bring u down

  • mourad says:

    elle est forte et courage

  • Amy .S says:

    Comment I u ship Clementine and Haydenat so cute together

  • Amy .S says:

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  • Amy .S says:

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  • Addison says:

    Shes not dating gavin anymore shes dating walker and lev she has to crushes i ship liper and jophie

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  • Piper s, big. Fan. Sienna says:

    Hi. Walker s, mine

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  • Piper Rockelle says:

    I should coco I miss u so much Gavin is beaing mean to me and saying that I suck

  • Coco Quinn says:

    Guys I’m thinking I should break up with Gavin we had a fight recently what do you think. I’ve recorded a video about it but am thinking if I should post it.

  • Hoom says:


  • .... says:

    well piper at least if you want someone to be your friend or crush let it be cause you like that person not for some kind of business
    p.s: your a loser

  • A random person who hates Piper and loves Cavin(Coco and Gavin) says:

    Umm I think Piper exaggerates a lot with her videos,I don’t really like them,I hate her but I feel sorry for her life but when she grew up she became crazier.i don’t like her????

  • Sienna liper says:

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  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Me and Gavin were never in a fight we miss each other and hate that we had to break up and me and coco are still friends ???????

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    I would actually like to hear the story from piper and Gavin they need to get back together.

  • pavin : samari says:

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    Hey piper I’ve been a huge fan since forever we used to talk when you had a smaller population but would love to meet you. We’re about the same age I’m 11 but I’m in 6th grade this august I’ll be in 7th it’s just I have a later bday than all my friends lol. If you see this I don’t want to be one of those creepy people who are like “please be my friend, just because your famous” I would want to be your friend because you seem pretty genuine and not fake and I need those type of people in my life so piper if you ever see this and if you want just give me a comment back I would appreciate that even if it’s just a ft during this time or even a text it would be nice to talk to someone who’s not always trying to stab me in the back and stuff. You just seem really nice to your friends and you don’t try to steal their crushes for example unlike my ex best friend who stole 3 of my crushes and one upped me on them and stole my boyfriend. And to add onto that I found a guy who I reallyyyy liked and she hooked him up with her friend. Sorry for ranting I’m just not going through the bets time those are just the little things of why I need real friends.

  • pavin : samari says:

    Piper I have heard both sides of the story and I’m not picking either. I know it was all the parent’s fault so I would suggest you stay out of there fight because you had nothing to do with it I love you piper plz respond. We love you. pavin : samari

  • Natalie says:

    Can I have your number?

  • Natalte says:

    I might go to L.A. so my mom can be on nailed it so I hope I run into you♡

  • Piper Rockelle fan says:

    Hi piper, I love your videos. Piper, Sophie,Tiffany,hunter, Sophie’s mom,frank,lev,walker. Please stay safe p.s Bin with you since 2017♡

  • ......... says:

    for people who consider gavin a betrayer and if you did watch his video why do you think piper and her mother didn’t respond to that if he was lying… boo piper?

  • Tia bell says:

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    How are you

  • Rosabella says:

    If I were piper I would be happy with Lev or Walker

  • BS says:

    Hey piper to be honest I think lev is the better choice

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  • KJ says:

    I would really love if we could talk back to each other on this thing

  • KJ says:

    Hey I a’m a very big fan of yours you don’t know me though I think Lev is the on for you he is in almost every youyube video and walker isn’t but that is only my opinion.

  • cardi b says:

    Hey bit#hess it me cardi and i just want to tell yall you guy are to fu#king young to have a man and sent this word to people that have a man at a young age and poiper or piper whatever your name is leiov or lev is your man wiolak or walker look like you ex people say

  • ceteria brown says:

    I extremely love your YouTube videos I love you sooo much ❣️❣️❣️❣️ I like live and die in you I love you ??? Piper can you please send me your number so I can text you on WhatsApp please love ceteria

  • Grace swash says:

    Hi I am a big fan of piper rockelle but I have a huge crush on walker Bryant when they go on tour can they come to Manchester to barnsted avenu burnage/Whittington thanks grace swash PS. Ask walker Bryant if he has a crush on me to if I send him a pictor can you send me walker Bryant’s phone number walker Bryant of YouTube

  • Charli D’Amelio says:

    Hi piper I just wanted to tell you that lev is better than walker and you should kick walker out of the list because he maybe use you
    Thats my opinion if you have any other opinions well its your guy
    Ok see you later

  • Itzel and idalit says:

    I am a big fan and also my sister idalit. And can we also be in the squad me and my sister but we live in Garden City Kansas and we’re big fans and can we be best friends like BFFs and my sister to.

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    Why do you have a deferent last name. I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable.

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  • ριρєя яσχу❤❤уα says:

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    they need to update this but… i love that your dating lev, you guys are such a cute couple… i wish i could buy a merch hoodie but my dad wont let me? Luv u!!

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    Hey piper I am one of your biggest fan and I was always curious about who is hunter and this all stuff so now I knew who is hunter and I have been watching your videos since 2018

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    Hi piper I think you and lev go together so well I hope you have an awesome day love your videos byeesse

  • Rosabella says:

    Piper did you see my intro

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    I would give you my number but I can’t but love ya girl ? thanks guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rylie Kitchens says:

    Hi Piper you and the whole squad including frank are my fav I love your vids can i please get your number thanks

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    Shalom piper hope you’re days good,but better see this comment. Today is going to be a awesome day

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  • Rosabella says:

    Piper its you the best in the squad but also Frank

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Hey guys it’s piper hear and I can’t go on tours at som of your ears and homes and people that can’t go so I want to ask a question who’s your favorite person in the squad ?? thanks guys love ya ❤️

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    Thanks guys love ya ??

  • piper fan says:

    I love you piper you are my fav youtuber. I’m not allowed to subscribe but I would if I was allowed too. You do what you need to do and have fun hope I can make it to your concert. Love you hope to meet.

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  • Anna says:

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  • Emily harvey - smart says:


  • Emily harvey - smart says:

    love you piper hope to meet u but i am not aloud to go on your tour i real want to meet you sorry but maybe one day i will meet u and sophie

  • Emily harvey - smart says:

    piper i wish i was in you squad i am your biggest fan you are two years older then me i am ten. we are both leos i have dreams of being in in the squad you are so sweet and nice i dont care what my friends say when i say you are my fravourite youtube

  • May smith says:

    #piker #forlife ??????????

  • Tiffiany Rockelle says:

    Please stop talking about this it makes us uncomfortable

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    He was fine with hunter but then he got mad when I was born because he was done with kids and I don’t like talking about but you ask so I will answer you

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    He was fine with hunter but then he got mad when I was born because he was done with kids and I don’t like talking about but you ask so I will answer you ?

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    No hunter is not adopted

  • Gav says:

    Wait so is Hunter adopted? because her dad wasn’t ok of Tiffany having a newborn baby and i cant seem to find Tyler Hill

  • Rosabella says:

    Hey Piper also good job for saving cats in need

  • Alexis smith says:

    Can u do a tour in Nebraska plezzzzzzz u made me think I can become anything I want to be I love u

  • Alexis smith says:

    Hey piper I am a bigggggg fan

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    Can u do a tour in London plzzzzzzz

  • Zohal says:

    Hey Piper how r u
    I really wanted to ask u who do u like better:
    Walker Or Lev
    And can u do a tour in London plzzzzzzz

  • Kelisha says:

    Hi piper I’m a big fan I just want to know how do you like the most lev or Walker and do you still have fillings for Gavin

  • Addison rae says:

    Piper rockelle’s loving partner is W walk walk of bra

    Piper Raquel’s loving partner is Walker braint

  • Rosabella says:

    Hi piper I hope you are safe and tell Sophie she is lucky to have you there

  • Raelyn says:

    Hi Piper I am a big fan will you do a tour in Rochester Minnesota?

  • Aadvika says:

    Piper i love to see all the video and i have a ques. That what is the name of your first bf ?

  • Piper rockelle says:

    Thanks guys?

  • Maggie says:

    Hi Piper I love you and your friends and boyfriend

  • Kamryn says:

    Piper is not dating Gavin she is dating Lev Cameron who is also a dancer and a Youtuber. Please get it right thank you!

  • Avani Dubey says:

    Hi piper my name is Avani Dubey I’m from india

  • Renache Jones says:

    Piper ur my fav YouTuber i love all ypu vids

  • kianna stephanie catalan says:

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    Hey piper I love you vids I hope I can meet you and be in your squad I am a fan but I feel your pain because I don’t live with my parents and I lost my brother when he was 17 but I have so many friends and family love you piper.

  • Rylie Kitchens says:

    Hey piper I love you vids I hope I can meet you and be in your squad I am a fan but I feel your pain because I don’t live with my parents and I lost my brother when he was 17 but I have so many friends and family love you piper.

  • Cheyanne Colby says:

    Hello Piper I´ve seen all your videos and iḿ sorry about your dad. I LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi piper I watch ALLL your videos and I’m sorry about your dad, I SHIP #PIKER ALL THE WAY??, PLZZZZZZZZZZ GO OUT WITH WALKER PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ?, I’mo9ne of your most biggest fans, plzz give me a shout out in one of your videos Plzz??, cant wait for your next video, I hope I can meet u one day In real life???, I hope u and the Squad r doing well, #piker ???? so cute!!!!

  • Jenny says:

    I can’t believe her mom about his dad

  • Pareewash says:

    Piper I love your YouTube videos your awesome
    and extreamly kind

  • Mady says:

    Gavin Magnus and coco Quinn you two are more looosers than piper you now why because first i follow you and coco so I done following you two so I follow piper for ever looooooooooosers and I am one of the biggest fan of you but Now i am not now i am one of the biggest fan of piper and walker and sophie and lev looooosers!

  • Niya says:

    i am a BIG fan i think u and walker are cute together

  • Rylie Kitchens says:

    Hey Gavin your girlfriend coco is a stupid idiotic person because she is a cheater and piper is way better for you but you are to late to get her back because she has better friends that stay with her through tough time oh and gavin you are the one that is the LOSER

  • Abby says:

    I hate gavin and coco they are betrayers but I’m always here for piper ????

  • kianna stephanie catalan says:

    can join your squad

  • Maddison says:

    hey piper i have something to tell you , i look a lot like you and i watched all Ur vids Ur so cool!

  • Natalie says:

    Gavin, you are amazing and coco you are so beautiful. Gavin, I get why you get so mad when people ignore you because I would too. Coco, you are so awesome and outgoing to other people. I hope you are all well.

  • Gavin Magnus coco quin says:

    im gavin your ex boyfriend now i like coco by kiss in senorita i hate you piper loooser I LOVE YOU coco quin ♥?????❤❤❤????????????

  • Tabby says:

    Oh my gosh. I support #Piker. I’m sorry about your dad piper. I wish I knew what it feels like. Walker is so cute. Date him.

  • katebug???? says:

    i love you piper you are the best

  • suhansi says:

    I am a huge fan, I love your videos soo much, and also i support #piker, you guys look so cute together, but we see you hanging out a lot with lev.
    anyway don’t listen to the hate others say, they say all those mean stuff coz they are jealous, keep doing what you love and make sure you never stop it… I am looking soo forward to your new videos, i love your squad.
    And also say jenna that one of your fans said that she will become a good mom one day. Jk

  • lily says:


  • dylan says:


  • coco Quin says:

    im coco i love gavin he kiss my in the video hahaha gavin dosent like you loooooooseeer

  • I. Need. To. Know says:

    Is Tiffany as controlling as Gavin exclaims her to be
    In his break up video

  • Valeria says:

    i love walker in my dreams i want to be his girlfriend walker it was my ex

  • Ashes says:

    I love u piper and your squad ❤️❤️

  • Felesha says:

    Piper has a new squad now

  • savagegirll says:

    this are wrong facts, well not all of them but piper and gavin broke up months ago.

  • Pauline says:

    Hi Piper i love your videos like pranks

  • Neilah says:

    I Love you and ur boyfriend and squad❤️❤️❤️#piperforlife

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  • Arianna says:

    Piper I love your vids and likee you are so amazing and I love you so much tell jenna she will be a great mom

  • Your biggest fan Ali Dorans says:

    I am a very big fan and I support #piker I actually prefer #piker more than #liper. I have watched every vid you have posted, and I watch you twenty four seven.

  • That person.. says:

    Tbh she’s kinda annoying if u think about it, like whole squad of famous kids who are all actors/actresses, they act like they lead the perfect lives. Like seriously it’s just a little annoying. All that said I’m probably just jealous bc I lead a fairly ‘bleh’ life. No hate whatsoever Piper ur videos are awesome so keep smiling

  • destiny says:

    r u and Gavin dating again also maybe you and coco should try being friends again and I’m sorry bout this page

  • Summer Barnes says:

    I’m so sorry to hear all that and lev Cameron and Walker Bryant u are her crush u can’t do that, in all her challenges if u have won, she has given u over £

  • Taylor ross says:

    hi my name is Taylor ross i am about 12 in may um i just wn’t to say that you are pretty in all your pic and that i am ugly

  • Taylor ross says:

    you can’t break up with her

  • Lev Cameron says:

    I breaking up with you Piper!

  • Walker Bryant says:

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  • I hate Leyla says:

    Your obsessed.

  • Mariam Rockelle says:

    Also, how did he even find you??? How did he message you??? Just stop lying and TELL THE TRUTH!!!

  • Mariam Rockelle says:

    Also Leyla, not just a random person winks at you and kisses someone that they don’t even know!!!

  • Mariam Rockelle says:

    Can we just take a moment and say how fake Leyla’s story is??? Lev, Walker, And Gavin are just children and also since when did you stopped watching Piper’s videos??? Gavin is not with Piper so she can care less and Walker and Lev will never do that because they are very young to do that kinda stuff… Are you 1 or something because that story sounds so fake that a baby can make it better… No hate but seriously!!! And oh really? Also, so “specific” with the, “I’m going to Gavin’s house for 5 hours”, I never knew you kept in touch with time. You wish to be with Walker or Lev, you can be with Gavin, we can care less, but you wish to be with them. Also, they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to young to be doing that stuff. So don’t even try to lie, and if you do at least make it sound more…… Realistic… Just saying…… Also, have fun doing nothing than just making up lies…

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    Leyla I doubt that is real stop trying to steal pipers mans

  • Sophie Fergi says:

    Hey guys, okay please stop hating on Piper. She is an amazing person, so is Tiffany. We would never ever want to bring hate to another family and hurt them.

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    She cares for her daughter and has her reasons

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    I wish u could meet your dad once
    And btw I watched Gavins Videos and then watched your videos, and I personally think that Gavin is making a huge drama of the whole break up, I also love u Tiffany and I bet u had your reasons.
    I totally ship Piker and Liper and wish u all the best.

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  • Mariam Rockelle says:

    I love Tiffany Rockelle and Piper❤… They need to actually update this because Gavin and Piper are over and now she’s with Walker and Lev… Like update this now… Also, Tiffany if you seeing this I love you and your family and sorry for the hate you are getting you deserve better❤❤❤ And yes my real name is Mariam and my last name is Rockelle even though it may seem like a middle name, like piper’s, My middle name is Sabrina…

  • Tiffany Rockelle says:

    For all of you who think I was the reason why Gavin and Piper broke up, I’m sorry to say but your wrong. Gavin cheated on Piper with Coco. So the person who named there self Tiffany hater…. your wrong about this situation.

  • Tiffany hater says:

    Gavin and piper broke up because of tiffany watch Gavin said it in his video about the drama that has been happening?????????????

  • Piper Fan says:

    I think Gavin CHEATED

  • Sassy says:

    I agree with unknown

  • Sassy says:

    I think Gavin is a cheater. I feel bad for you Piper,Gavin cheated on you

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    I luv all my fans and I hope you all come to Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S Live!!!! Hope to see you all their!

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    I care a lot for piper. I’m not a YouTuber. I was reading all the stupid mean comments that some of you posted. Piper is kind sweet and in a lot of the videos I have seen her hug her friends

  • Sassy says:

    All of the videos with the crying makes me want to cry

  • Sassy says:

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    No matter what happens I’ll still be there for you

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    and yeah stop hating on Coco Quinn
    hate on Tiffany Rockelle its all her fault for breaking up Pavin im so sad
    I still love Frank but not Tiffanny
    Tiffany is Hell

  • Amber says:

    Tiffany Rockelle has a lemon face, I misssssssssssss Pavin Tiffany Rockelle ruined everything

  • READ THIS says:

    Tiffany in not pleasant or has a pleasant face because look at Gavin youtube she is very mean and i am not saying to be mean i love y’all both but Tiffany let just not talk

  • Grace says:

    Like I mean it’s nothing bad I just wondered because we would like to get to know them

  • Grace says:

    Why do we not know hardly anything about your mom or the rest of your family it’s like you guys are hiding something from all your fans

  • Faith says:

    It’s ok
    I understand love you

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    hey guys its me piper can we stop all the hate please i know is was Tiffany Rockelle and mm dont be rude she is my friend and thank you and im not fake im real

  • Piper Rockelle says:

    hey guys its me piper can we stop all the hate please i know is was Tiffany Rockelle and mm dont be rude she is my friend and thank you but next time dont be rude and im not fake im real

  • Mahala says:

    I love you piper but u and Gavin is the cutest couple. I love u guy all the way

  • Piperisawesme34 says:

    Well I think that hate should just stop already! It’s been going on and you might want to update this because her yutube is over 3 mil and her instagram is over 2 mill and pavin is over for good

  • Zoey says:

    gavin magnus and piper broke up so you may want to switch that up and she does not weigh 43 pounds she weighs 110 pounds

  • Kyeanah Robinson says:

    Her la st name is Smith

  • pastel unicorn says:

    Guys you know there is a video in Youtube of how Piper and Gavin broke up it’s because of Tiffany Rockelle. By the way, her last name is Rockelle, not Rockell many of you forgot the last e. And no offence but I really would prefer Gavin instead of Walker. Not hating. Just opinions dudes.

  • Disappointed Fan says:

    They broke up but she’s hitting it off with Walker and Lev

  • Debbie Mccoy says:

    please check your gmail

  • Brooklyn says:

    Gavin is the best love his song Crushin ❤❤❤❤ I ship gavin

  • grace says:

    hey girl sup

  • piper and gavin fan 2.0 says:

    they haven’t broken up yet but I have heard about it.

  • Piper AND Gavin fan says:

    Look to everyone who says it’s gavins fault it’s neither his nor pipers fault that they broke up they are 12 year old stars who would’ve broken up at one point so stop blaming poor gavin for everything it’s not his fault.

  • Tewai says:

    Well Piper im a big fan and I care what happend to you and gavin and its time for you too move on like what gavin did to you we all know that it wasnt your fault it was gavis for breaking up with you and Coco quin looks after him like how you did but we all know that you have been through the ups and downs well TeWai is here no matter what and I will always be there with you and your family all the way thaks for reading Piper and HEA

  • random says:

    Yes, they broke up and Gavin is dating Coco

  • Piper all the way says:

    Well Gavin is a cheater

  • Chelsea Courtney says:

    Piper you and Gavin were and still cute together.I LOVE THE song CRUSHIN???????????

  • Chelsea Cortney says:

    Piper is awesome I watch her videos all the time at night to

  • Nashly Cepedes❤️?? says:

    I love piper I wish her the best❤️??

  • Nashly Cepedes says:

    Did piper rockelle break up with Gavin magnus?

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    you are amazing

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    Piper you are the best youtuber don’t be worried and you have such a good life keep it up
    I hate Coco Quinn you are way better #positivety

  • Taya ???? says:

    I am a big fan of piper rockell Smith I am an older fan I am 12 years old born 12/3/2007 is piper dating a new boy
    Or not miss pavan love you so much piper

  • Skyler? says:

    Big fan piper

  • Skyler? says:

    All of you are spelling pipers surname wrong ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  • Skyler? says:

    Plz do not send hate to Pipers family ?It’s not her fault

  • Skyler ? says:

    Love you piper so much you are a hero❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • 2004princessfire says:

    u spelt rockell wrong

  • 2004princessfire says:

    I feel bad for piper rockell i really want to meet her, piper what really happen with you and gaven plz say in youtube vidoes

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    Did Gavin Break up with Piper? I truly do not know the answer.

  • t says:

    stop the hate

  • me says:

    no not for coco bc of tiffany texting him hate speech

  • UNKNOWN says:


  • lili says:

    What pavin id over I understand they were young but is it really over

  • Jessica says:

    Piper be brave move on

  • Anonymous User 2890547 says:

    You need to change the dating part, Giving and Piper aren’t together anymore and it’s because of Tiffany Rockelle.

  • Gavin Magnus says:

    It says ” she was born pipe rockelle in august 21, 2007 “her real name is piper.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dont understand why I was sad

  • Paris london says:

    Oh my gosh this tells me everything oh can I tell you something piper and Gavin broke up pavin is over