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Piper Rockelle biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Pipe Rockelle Smith


YouTube star, Instagram star

Birth Date

August 21, 2007


12 years

Zodiac Sign



Georgia, United States





Piper Rockelle family members

Mother's Name

Tiffany Rockelle

Siblings names

Hunter Ray Hill (older brother)

Who are Piper Rockelle parents?


Her dad is not present on the family picture and the girl doesn’t even know him. When her mother was pregnant with her, her dad wasn’t ok with it and he asked his woman to get rid of the unborn baby. So, her parents separated before she was born, and her mother didn’t tell her anything about her dad.

In her early years, Piper felt very upset, because all other kids had their fathers near them, and she didn’t. Even now the “daddy question” is really painful for her. The only thing she knows about her father is that he had a big dream – to become a professional musician.

Tiffany Rockelle (mother)

Tiffany Rockelle mother Piper Rockelle

pohoto instagram.com / piperrockelle

The girl doesn’t stay in touch with her father, but evidently, she is very close with her mother. Very often she uploads pictures on Instagram with Tiffany, and she always adds some sweet fragile words about her mom.

The fans notice, that Piper’s mom is a very beautiful woman. She has a pleasant face, long blonde hair, and a very slim silhouette.

The name of this great woman is Tiffany Rockelle. She raised her daughter and two older sons by her own, after the split from Piper’s dad. Mrs. Rockelle supports her little girl in each her beginning – starting from dancing lessons and ending with her social media activity. She has a big heart and has rescued lots of homeless cats together with her popular daughter.

Piper Rockelle siblings

Hunter Ray Hill (older brother)

Hunter Ray Hill

photo instagram.com / piperrockelle

Date of birth: November 21, 1996

Piper is not the first in her family, who got the status of a social media star. Her older brother Hunter, who is positioning himself as cinematographer on Instagram, is that very person, who helps Piper create some of her YouTube videos.

The girl and her brother Hunter are real friends; they spend a lot of time together and very often share common pictures on various social media platforms.

Hunter was born in Wyoming, and in his early teens he was just an ordinary boy. He attended middle school and was a member of the basketball team. After school, Hunter found a dull job, and he was busy 6 days per week. To relax after work he created short comedian videos and uploaded them on Musical.Ly. Soon he gathered more than one million followers there, and his videos got tons of likes.

Now Hunter is a full-time Internet star, and his sister is his constant collaborator.


You may know Piper Rockelle’s face from her energizing videos at Musical.Ly. She is also a famous YouTube star and a child actress. She starred in comedy series “Mani” as Sky and she also appeared in a short horror story “Dark eyes”.

She was born as Pipe Rockelle Smith on August 21, 2007, in Georgia and was mostly raised by a single mother. The girl has an older brother, named Hunter.

Her mother noticed her creative power since the early years and took the girl to dancing classes (mostly, she did jazz and hip hop). Piper won several dancing competitions. She was good at it, and then extended her boundaries and added modeling and participation in beauty contests to dancing lessons.

With the help of her brother Hunter, she created a YouTube channel on November 2016. She made funny short films, challenge videos, and fashion tips and uploaded them on YouTube, and soon gained 2, 9 million fan base.

In addition to the status of a YouTube star, Piper is also an Instagram celebrity (with 1, 7 million followers) and a child actress.

The starlet was blessed with her great family, which consists of a mother, a brother and a pug Frank Pugan, who has his own page on Instagram, too.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Piper is not a criminal, but once she stole a bottle of fingernail polish from a store. Answering to the fan’s question, the girl opened up that many years ago she entered the store, took a nail polish she liked and just went away. Nobody stopped her. “But then I was too little to understand, what stealing was”, she added to defend herself from criticism.
  2. She is a big fan of JoJo Siwa. Like JoJo, she has lots of bows in her closet. But she denies the fact that she belongs to JoJo Siwa type of girls.
  3. Cinderella is her favorite Disney hero.
  4. Her weight is 42 kg and her height is 4 ft 11 in.
  5. In spite of her young age, she has already found her love. The girl is dating a child actor and social media sensation Gavin Magnus.
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