Pitbull biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Armando Christian Pérez


rapper, singer

Birth Date

January 15, 1981


42 years

Zodiac Sign



Miami, Florida, United States


Miami Coral Park High School



Pitbull family members

Father's Name

Armando Pérez Sr

Mother's Name

Alysha Acosta

Siblings names

Jennifer Betances (older half-sister), Michelle Herrera (older half-sister) and a half-brother

Is Pitbull a gay/bisexual?


What is Pitbull marital status?


How many children does he have?

6 (including daughter Destiny Pérez and son Bryce Pérez)

Pitbull kids

Destiny Pérez (daughter)

Date of birth: August 15, 2002

Despite his unbelievable popularity, Pitbull remains very private when it goes about his family life. He still keeps in secret anything that is pertinent to his love life and kids. But the singer’s fans knew about his daughter Destiny Pérez in 2011, when his former girlfriend (and Destiny’s mother) Barbara Alba started a court process against Pitbull, asking him to increase the amount of children support money.

Nowadays, Destiny stays out of the limelight, so still, nothing is known about her.

Bryce Pérez (son)

Date of birth: March 5, 2003

Pitbull had another kid with a model Barbara Alba. It’s a son, and his name is Bryce Pérez. His face and birth date are tattooed on his father’s arm (as well as Destiny’s). The boy lives with his mother, who started new relationships and gave birth to triplets after her separation from the rapper.

He has four more children, too. Unfortunately, the information on them and their mothers is undisclosed. 

Who are Pitbull parents?

Armando Pérez Sr (father)

pitbul photo

Date of birth: August 29, 1948

Date of death: May 29, 2006

Pitbull’s family life was very complicated. His father, José Antonio Armando Pérez Estades, was a criminal and drug dealer (according to his son’s words). He was a very rich man, but his net worth was made criminally, that’s why Armando Sr. lost it very quickly and then went to jail. The father and the son were not very close, while Pitbull was growing up, but they crossed their ways again when the rapper was just starting his career and their relationships became warmer. In 2006 Armando Pérez Sr passed away.

Alysha Acosta (mother)

Alysha Acosta photo

Date of birth: July 21, 1951

Date of death: July 27, 2019

In his interview for Cuban TV Pitbull told everything about his troubled relationships with his mother. He accused Alysha Acosta, his mom, of not taking her paternal responsibility. He told that Alysha was drug-addicted and she didn’t care about her kids (Mrs. Acosta had three of them). Nevertheless, the rapper liked his mom.

Alysha Acosta was born in Havana, Cuba. She relocated to the USA when she had already given birth to her older daughter. All her three kids had different fathers. She met Armando Pérez Sr. in a bar when she was working as a dancer. They fell in love and later Alysha got pregnant with Pitbull. In one of her interviews, the woman told, that it was too late, when she noticed that Armando Sr. was mentally divergent. So, they separated.

Despite a bunch of problems, which the son and the mother had, Pitbull and Alysha were quite close. He forgave his mother everything, including the fact that she kicked him out from home when she noticed that the teenager started selling drugs. After that, the future music star lived in a foster family for a while.

Pitbull siblings

Jennifer Betances (older half-sister)

Jennifer Betances photo

Date of birth: May 2, 1971

Jennifer is Pitbull’s older half-sister from the maternal side. She cared about her younger brother so carefully, when Armando was still a baby. They remain close till now and maintain warm relationships. The brother and the sister blame their mother for the fact that they were not close while they were growing up. Alysha gave Jennifer to her friend’s family because it was too hard for her to care about her daughter.

Jennifer was born in Spain, but then her mother moved her to the USA. She was raised in Miami, but traveled a lot around the USA and abroad after graduation from school. She got married to an Italian man and spent some time in Italy. In that country, Mrs. Betances learned to cook delicious Italian dishes. While she was in Spain, she attended Mimo San Sebastián cooking school. She started her career as a cook but later focused her mind on croissant baking. She created her secret recipe and later opened a café, where her special pastry is served. Very soon her small café turned into a chain.

Currently, Jennifer lives in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin with her partner. She divorced the father of her kids. Jennifer is very close with her three children and grandchildren.

Michelle Herrera (older half-sister)

Armando Perez has another older half-sister from the maternal side, named Michelle Herrera. She resided with her father in Ohio and was not close with her mother at all, that’s why she hadn’t met her half-siblings Pitbull and Jennifer till she turned 18.

He has one more half-brother from the paternal side. His name as well as other facts about him are not publicized.


If you need vacations, but don’t have any opportunity to leave your office immediately, then you should just watch any video of the popular rapper and singer Pitbull. The atmosphere in his videos is so relaxing, hot and positive, that any person can easily imagine oneself at the warm beach, drinking cocktails and dancing on the sand.

His birth name is Armando Christian Pérez. Since his early childhood, he had been keen on music. Chris (as his mother called him) is the son of two Cuban immigrants. He was just 3 when he learned by heart the poems of the popular Cuban poet José Martí. He could speak Spanish fluently and really liked and understood the culture of his parents’ home country. He was a big fan of Celia Cruz, the famous Latin dancer, and of Willy Chirino, the Cuban musician. He cited these great Latinos as his inspiration. He was fond of rap, too.

His parents separated when he was a school pupil. The boy was mostly raised by a single mother. He studied at South Miami Senior School and then at Miami Coral Park High School. He was just 16 when he was expelled from school for selling drugs. Fortunately, the teenager didn’t become a drug dealer, because he changed the focus of his mind on the music.

He launched his career as a rapper in the early 2000s. The young prodigy was noticed by Jullian Boothe, the vice-president of the recording studio “Luke Records” and was immediately signed. In 2004 he released a debut album “M.I.A.M.I.” Nowadays, the musician can boast with 11 studio albums. Most of which were certified as platinum and gold. He has lots of accolades for his music activity. Pitbull got 35 Billboard Latin Music Awards in general.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Pitbull keeps his private life in secret. When he is asked about his girlfriend, he answers, that he “is always single”. Except for his baby mother Barbara Alba, he was known to flirt with a model Olga Loera. Besides, he was rumored to date Jennifer Lopez. But the singer insisted, they are just “like a brother and a sister”.
  2. He has lots of nicknames, including “Mr. Wordwide” and “Mr. 305” (Miami’s area code).
  3. His grandmother was one of several women, who fought by Fidel Castro’s side during the Cuban revolution. That feeling of freedom Pitbull inherited from her, as he says. His aunt was a political prisoner in Cuba.
  4. He changed 25 schools, while he was growing up. Since the earliest years, he developed his inner fighter, while going by his mother’s side and knocking on the doors, selling water, food products, or Avon. He learned to survive, and it helped him to become a successful artist and entrepreneur as he is now.
  5. His height is 175 cm and his weight is 174 pounds.
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