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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Amanda Lee Rogers


actress, model

Birth Date

January 31, 1973


48 years

Zodiac Sign



Geelong, Victoria, Australia


Melbourne Girls Grammar School; the University of Melbourne



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Portia de Rossi family members

Father's Name

Barry Rogers

Mother's Name

Margaret Rogers

Siblings names

Michael Rogers (older brother)

Is Portia de Rossi a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Portia de Rossi marital status?


Who is Portia de Rossi spouse?

Ellen DeGeneres

When did get married?

August 16, 2008

Everyone knows, that family and successful career very often struggle each other. Portia Derossi is a very energetic person, who made career of an actress, which she is going to quit now and start a new page in her life. She didn’t find the time in her schedule to have kids, but she managed to build open confident relationship with her wife Ellen DeGeneres. Let’s have a look at her family members a little closer!

Portia de Rossi spouse

Mel Metcalfe (ex-husband; married in 1996-1999)

Mel Metcalfe ex-husband Portia Derossi

photo instagram / melmmetcalfeiii

Portia Derossi tells that she is a very shy person. According to her words, she felt uncomfortable, when she was watching the series “Sex and the City”. There’s some irony in the actress’s confessions, because her own personal life used to be the main source of gossips and rumors in Hollywood in early 2000s, when she started dating, probably, the most popular lesbian in the world Ellen DeGeneres.

Believe it or not, but Ellen is not the first official partner of an actress. Previously Portia was married to a film maker Met Metcalfe. They met at the set of her first American movie “The Woman in the Moon”.

In fact, Met has never been a typical celebrity. His name was known to a narrow circle of understandable and knowledgeable fans.

Melcalfe worked as a sound engineer. He managed to become the top specialist in this area. For his talent in this area the man got three Academy Awards. His created sound for such screen hits as “Star Trek 4”, “Aladdin” and others.

According to Portia Derossi’s words, her husband cheated her with the wife of her brother. One day two lovers simply escaped, and Portia was left with a broken heart. She filed for divorce and soon was free again. In fact, in her biopic book, Portia makes a confession, that she loved her husband in her own way, but surely was not obsessed sexually with him. She just “pretended” to be heterosexual in their relationships and after his leaving she had to be honest with herself.

After that the actress turned her face to women and felt some excitement deep in her soul. She started dating an actress Guinevere Turner, then spent some time with Francesca Gregorini, stepdaughter of Ringo Starr. Finally, in early 2000s she met Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres (wife since 2008)

Ellen DeGeneres

photo instagram / portiaderossi

Date of birth: January 26, 1958

When Portia Derossi speaks about Ellen, her eyes get wet. She is mad from her loved one and never envies her, in spite of the fact that Mrs. DeGeneres is more popular. “When we are together, people come to Ellen and tell, that she’s an angel”, Derossi says.

The talk show angel was born in Beverly Hills, California, USA. The daughter of an insurance agent (father) and speech therapist (mother), Ellen was a cute vivid girl in her childhood. She attended Atlanta High School and then entered the University of New Orleans, where studied communication technologies. After the divorce of her parents, the girl’s mother re-married. The woman was busy with her new family, and the future TV star had to earn her living to pay for studying. Soon Ellen left the college and began to work as a clerk at a law company. DeGeneres did any job she could find. If she had some free evening, she performed as a standup comedian in night clubs. Later it turned to be the main source of wealth for her.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Derossi

photo instagram / portiaderossi

The talented blue-eyed girl, who made tired club visitors laugh after a long day at work, soon caught attention of various talent managers. She got some interesting offers, and one of them she accepted. In 1981 DeGeneres became Clyde’s Comedy Club compère. She took part as an amateur at various talent shows. In 1982 the young standup comedian was ranked as the funniest person in USA at Showtime channel. Thus, Ellen turned into a professional comedian actress.

In 1986 the woman was invited on TV. She was a regular at “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. Later she appeared in a number of TV shows and films, having proved her position of a newborn star. Her most popular screen works are “Mad About You”, “Mr. Wrong”, “Will & Grace” and others.

DeGeneres started the new page in her career, when she opened her own TV program “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2003. Till now the project is on air. Ellen invites to her studio really famous interesting guests and discusses their life stories in an easy and humorous way.

In 1997 DeGeneres announced, she was a lesbian. After that she dated a number of female partners. In 2004 Ellen fell in love with Portia Derossi. Four years later they tied a knot.

Who are Portia de Rossi parents?

Barry Rogers (father)

Date of birth: 1937

Date of death: April 1, 1982

Barry James Rogers spent his life in Australia. He was married and had two kids – Amanda (Portia Derossi) and Michael. They lived in Grovedale, Australia. Portia’s father was quite an affluent person. He worked as a community organizer and was going to become a city mayor. It was he, who founded the Grovedale Rotary Club.  Barry did everything to make his wife, daughter and son happy. He bought a luxurious house in the suburb – a huge two-storey building with a spacious yard and a swimming pool in the back part of it.

He unexpectedly passed away, when our today’s heroine turned 9. After his death the family income decreased. For some time Portia even thought that they were poor, but then her brother explained her that they were “average”. Probably, that was the moment, when the girl decided to become successful. “I hated the idea to be average”, she wrote in her biography.

Margaret Rogers (mother)

After her husband’s death Margaret Rogers tried her best to create a happy rich life for her kids. That was really hard, that why she worked a lot. The woman served as a medical receptionist.

She is in good terms with her famous daughter. Of course, the hardest moment in their relationships was, when Mrs. Rogers discovered, her daughter was a lesbian. She found “The Joy of Lesbian Sex” under her bed, and after that they had a long conversation. It was hard for the woman to accept her daughter’s orientation. Even when she accepted it herself, she begged Portia to keep it in secret from others. Margaret thought, it would spoil her career.

In her recent interview Portia Derossi opened up, that her mother is upset by the fact that Ellen and she don’t want to have kids. But in general, she likes Derossi’s wife.

Portia de Rossi siblings

Michael Rogers (older brother)

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers is not just Portia’s brother; he is also one of her best friends. When the woman left Australia for USA to pursue career of a model and an actress, her brother soon followed her. Before his trip to USA, Michael married his long term girlfriend Renee. Somehow it happened, that Portia’s husband Met and Renee fell in love. Thus, a brother and a sister lost their partners and remained alone simultaneously.

This accident made them closer. After that Michael moved to Portia’s place and spent a lot of time with her. Her went for dinner to the restaurants and drank cocktails.

Nowadays Michael is married to Casey Rogers. They have a son and a daughter together.

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