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Queen Naija biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Queen Naija (former Queen Sails and Queen Bulls)


YouTube star, singer

Birth Date

October 17, 1995


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Detroit, Michigan, United States


high school dropout



Queen Naija family members

Mother's Name

Reeva Bulls

Siblings names

Tina Bandos (younger sister), Terrell Stewart (younger brother)

Is Queen Naija a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Queen Naija marital status?

In relation

Who is Queen Naija husband?

Christopher Sails (ex-husband), Clarence White (baby father)

How many children does she have?

2 (sons CJ and Legend)

Queen Naija husband

Christopher Sails (ex-husband)

Christopher Sails

photo instagram.com / therealchrissailss

Date of birth: September 23, 1995

Chris Sails was Queen’s ex-husband and ex-colleague. In addition, he is the father of her first son.

He was born in Detroit, MI. The man has a brother Dawaine, who is 7 years his younger.

Chris was just 19 when he met Queen Naija at a basketball match. They fell in love and then got married after the girl’s pregnancy, which was unplanned.

Chris and Queen founded the YouTube channel, where both gained a multi-million fan base. They both attracted people with hot details of their personal life and violent pranks, the most popular of which “CHEATING PRANK ON WIFE” gathered more than 9 million views.

The couple divorced in 2017 and Queen shared with her followers that the reason was Chris’s infidelity. After that, both parted their professional ways – and Christopher started his own YouTube channel. Soon he introduced his fans the new girlfriend – Parker-McKenna Posey, a famous TV actress.

Unfortunately, Chris and Parker separated either, and the girl accused him of domestic violence. The judge considered Mr. Sails as guilty and forbade him to post any content on social media.

Clarence White (current partner)

Clarence White

photo instagram.com / queendagoddess

Date of birth: December 8, 1993

Clarence White and Queen Naija are not married officially, but no doubt, the things between them got really serious, because both welcomed the common kid in January this year.

The couple started dating in 2018, soon after Queen’s official divorce from her second husband. In August that very year, they announced the pregnancy, and then their son Legend was born. The couple shares their family pics on Instagram, and Queen’s fans are really happy for her. Clarence seems to be a good guy.

He was born in the Bronx, NY in the family of two Puerto-Rican immigrants. As a teen, he attended Mount Saint Michael High School and played for the local basketball team. He continued his education at Bloomfield College.

Now he earns his living as a social media personality and as a designer. The man founded the apparel brand “Designed By White”. In spite of the fact that Queen and her man seem really happy, her fans don’t believe in their love and suppose that Clarence is just using her fame and money.

Queen Naija kids

Christopher J. Sails Jr. (son)

Christopher J. Sails Jr.

photo instagram.com / babycj1._

Date of birth: February 17, 2015

Queen Naija names her son in a simple way – CJ. She welcomed him with her school sweetheart and ex-husband Chris Sails. The boy was born in 2015 when both his parents had just turned 20.

In spite of his young age, Chris has already become popular – mostly due to appearances on his parents’ former channel “Chris and Queen” and his mother’s current Instagram account.

Recently CJ became a big brother for little Legend.

Legend Lorenzo White (son)

Date of birth: January 2019

Queen Naija announced the birth of her son on January, 31 this year. That very day she demonstrated on Instagram the back of her son’s head. It’s not known exactly if her son was born on the day of Queen’s announcement, or a little earlier.

In any case, now Legend is the constant guest on his mom’s Instagram account. Naija posts pictures and videos with him almost every day. His father is proud of the little sweet boy, too.

Who are Queen Naija parents?


Queen doesn’t know her dad and hadn’t even seen any picture of him. Her father was an Arab, and he was born in Yemen. He was an illegal immigrant and was deported from USA to his home country when his daughter was just 2 months old. She hasn’t heard anything about her dad since then.

From her mother’s words she knows, that her dad didn’t want her to be raised in USA and dreamed to take his daughter to Yemen, but her mom was against it, and she forbade her ex-partner to stay in touch with Queen.

Reeva Bulls (mother)

Reeva Bulls mother Queen Naija

photo instagram.com / queennaija_

The name of Queen’s mother is Reeva Bulls. It was she, who gave the diva her exotic name. Reeva raised her daughter mostly by her own after Queen’s father was deported to Yemen.

Mrs. Bulls re-married, when the YouTube star was in her teens. Queens had complicated relationships with her stepfather, and it was even rumored that the man molested her. Although Queen later denied all the rumors, she agreed that it was her stepdad, who spoiled her relationship with mom.

At first Naija shared lots of videos with her mother, where they were having fun together, and at first, it seemed that they have completely reconciled. Actually, it was Reeva, who helped the teen mom Queen raise her son CJ. In her turn, Queen bought her mom a brand-new car, when she got richer after the release of “Medicine”.

Queen Naija siblings

Tina Bandos (younger sister)

Tina Bandos

photo instagram.com / queennaija_

Tina is Queen’s younger sister. Although after Clarence quarrel with Reeva the girl criticized her sister and their relationships failed to some extent, earlier they were really close. Once Queens posted her sister’s picture on social media and wrote, “Tina’s time is coming soon”. That’s because Bandos intended to become a famous YouTuber and comedian. She co-hosted the channel “Tina & Terrell” with her brother. Later Tina and  Terrel sold their channel. Now Tina’s work is connected with kids.

Terrell Stewart (younger brother)

Queen has a brother, too. Terrell Stewart and Queen are quite close. He appeared on Naija’s channel from time to time.


Queen Naija, who was previously known under the name Queen Sails, is a real star of a new generation. Probably, you have already valued her deep strong voice and have already enjoyed her exotic beauty, while you were watching her music video on the song “Medicine”. Her other famous hit is titled “Karma”.

Naija was in the kindergarten age when she was accepted to the church choir. At the age of 10, she wrote her first song and while studying in the high school, the girl recorded several tracks at the local studio. She was sure, that one day she would become a professional, but something happened, and it changed all her plans.

The matter is, Queen Naija met Chris Sails and fell in love with him. Their relationships had some consequences – the girl got pregnant and they decided to get married.

She was so happy to become a mother of the healthy boy Chris, but she had to put off her dreams about singing.

But Mr. and Mrs. Sails found another way to use their creativity. They founded the YouTube channel, titled “Chris and Queen”. The couple entertained people with showing various pranks and demonstrating some details of their personal life. It all ended in 2017 when both filed for divorce. As Queen later opened up, her husband cheated her. She put her pain into the song “Medicine”, which immediately became a hit.

Now Queen Naija hosts the YouTube channel, which bears her own name, records new songs and brings up her kids – in January 2019 she became a mother for the second time. She welcomed a son Legend with her current partner Clarence White.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Queen’s fans think that she has some emotional problems. That’s because Naija couldn’t stay alone. She started the new relationships immediately after her divorce with Chris. “It seems, that Queen literally jumped up in her new romance and didn’t make any pause to think everything over”, one of her followers wrote.
  2. Her height is 5 ft 1 in and weight is 55 kg.
  3. She was a participant of American Idol show (the eighth season).
  4. In 2018 she presented the first self-titled extended play.
  5. She is a big fan of Kehlani.
  6. She hosts a channel with  Clarence, Queen, CJ and Legend, titled “Royal Family”.
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