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Rafael Vergara biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Rafael Jose Vergara


celeb's relative





Rafael Vergara family members

Father's Name

Julio Vergara Robayo

Mother's Name

Margarita Vergara

Siblings names

Sofia Vergara (sister), Julio Vergara (brother), Veronica Vergara (sister), Sandra Vergara (sister)

Is Rafael Vergara a gay/bisexual?


How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Claudia Daniela Vergara)

Rafael Vergara relatives


Date of birth: 1971

Date of death: August 12, 1996

Sofia Vergara’s decision to leave Columbia in 1998 was not just her whim or a search for better career opportunities.  The actress took her little son, her mother and her siblings and relocated to Miami, FL with just one aim – to make her family members protected.

The reason for such departure was a cruel murder of Sofia’s older brother Rafael. The young man was killed at the tender age of 26.

Rafael Jose Vergara was born in 1971 and is the older brother of Modern Family star Sofia. He was kidnapped in 1994, but then Vergara family paid the ransom. In 1996 the kidnappers made another attempt, but this time Rafael put up a fight, during which he was gunned.

He was 26 at the moment of his death. Despite all attempts of the policemen to find the killers, they have never been found. There were no witnesses of the event, but till now that case remains one of the most mysterious in the criminal history.

Rafael had bodyguards, but they didn’t follow the young man on the day he was killed. Some detectives connected Sofia’s brother with the local drug dealer and mobster. They presume, that he ordered to shoot Rafael because of the man’s love affair to the mobster’s girlfriend. People, who witnessed the murder, were afraid to speak.

After that Sofia moved her family to USA. She cared not just about her son, but also about the little daughter of her brother Rafael. The girl’s name is Claudia Daniela Vergara. She often appears by her famous aunt’s side at various red-carpet events. The girl lives in Los Angeles with her mother Claudia Rentería. She is interested in fashion, and is the co-founder of the apparel brand “Violetta Rose”. The girl’s mentor and role model is a high profile fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

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