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Rafe Spall biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Rafe Joseph Spall



Birth Date

March 10, 1983


40 years

Zodiac Sign



Camberwell, London, England


Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College



Rafe Spall family members

Father's Name

Timothy Spall

Mother's Name

Shane Baker-Spall

Siblings names

Pascale Spall (older sister), Mercedes (Sadie) Spall (younger sister)

Is Rafe Spall a gay/bisexual?


What is Rafe Spall marital status?


Who is Rafe Spall wife?

Elize du Toit

When did get married?

August 14, 2010

How many children does he have?

3 (daughter Lena Spall, son Rex Spall and one more son)

Rafe Spall wife

Elize du Toit (wife)

Elize du Toit

photo facebook.com / Elize-du-Toit-Official

Date of birth: February 21, 1980

Movie stars can do a lot of things, but there’s at least one thing they are not good at – they can hardly create happy strong families. But the famous actor Rafe Spall refutes this allegation. Since August, 2010 he is happily married to an actress Elize du Toit, who is known to British viewers as Izzy from the soap opera “Hollyoaks”. She made up her mind to become an actress at an early age, although in her childhood she was far from realizing her dream. The girl grew up in Grahamstown, South Africa. Her mother was an artist, while her father was an orthodontist. She grew up with three siblings.

Elize gained popularity as Izzy Davies, her most successful screen work as of now. She won the role after beating 40, 000 of other applicants. Her other popular projects include the small role in the series “Doctor Who” and appearance in 2 episodes of the crime series “Waking the Dead”. She added some kudos to her name after becoming a wife of a renowned English actor Rafe Spall.

Rafe is totally in love with his wife, and it becomes obvious, when he speaks about her. His voice immediately becomes warmer, when he tells, that he made up a decision to propose this woman just within an hour after he had seen her for the first time. They met at a blind date, and both were drunk at the end of their meeting. He kissed Elize for the first time that very evening.

Now they are a couple, and she is mother of their three kids. Elize du Toit joins her parenthood duties with her career, which is not in an active phase as of now. Her latest screen project – a spy movie “Skyfall”- was released in 2012.

Rafe Spall kids

Lena Spall (daughter)

Date of birth: 2011

Rafe Spall is a big-hearted father, who always finds the gap in his busy schedule to spend some time with his kids.

His wife Elize gave a birth to the first child of the couple in 2011, when Rafe was just 27. No need to say that a good-looking young man at such a young age and in possession of a burgeoning career doesn’t think about children at all, he thinks just about parties and workouts.

But Rafe confessed, that the moment, when he took his little baby girl Lena in his hands for the first time, changed his life. Now he thinks, that fatherhood is much harder and more important job in comparison with all the other things he does in movie industry.

Now Lena Spall is 7 years old. She is a pretty tender girl, who inherited her thick blonde hair from her beautiful mom. Her parents put lots of efforts to keep their girl out of limelight, so the fans can admire her great looks very rarely.

Rex Spall (son)

Date of birth: 2012

Lena was just a year and a half, when she became the big sister of a cute blond-haired brother Rex. His father Rafe was present by his mother’s side, when the baby boy was delivered into this world. Rex told that it was scary but great experience for him.

Name Unknown (son)

Date of birth: 2015

Elize and Rafe welcomed their third son in late 2015. They keep in secret the boy’s name and none of his photos is available for the wide circle of their fans.

Who are Rafe Spall parents?

Timothy Spall (father)

Timothy Spall

twitter.com / pastafa

Date of birth: February 27, 1957

Rafe Spall inherited his passion for acting from his father. Actually, it was Timothy, who made the surname “Spall” famous all over the world. He gained popularity due to such roles as Winston Churchill in “The King’s Speech”, Wormtail in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” and many others.

Timothy was born in the family of a hairdresser (mother) and a postal worker (father). He spent his early years in Battersea, London, England. He started his career as a theater actor, and then moved his way on TV and appeared in the series “Play for Today”.

In the 1990s he acted in the movies and TV shows, directed by the most prominent entertainers of that time. He collaborated with Clint Eastwood on the drama film “White Hunter Black Heart” and with Edward Zwick on “The Last Samurai”.

The man with an enviable career, Timothy is proud of some other thing he managed to build in his life – his friendly family.

Rafe Spall never gets tired to tell, how closely-knitted he is with his dad, and how happy he is to hear that “Rafe is a son of a talented actor”, although now his screen works have become even more successful.

Man in Black: International actor was about 14 when his father was diagnosed with leukemia, and that event became the first tragedy he had to deal with. Timothy managed to survive and remained the strongest influencer and the most powerful hero in Rafe Spall’s life.

Shane Baker-Spall (mother)

Shane Baker Spall

photo twitter.com / pastafa

Rafe adores both of his parents, and deep love can be heard in his voice, while he is speaking about them. Obviously, Shane helped her son Rafe not just discover and develop his talent of an entertainer but also taught him to be a good person. She told her son and daughters, that being kind is the main task of any person, and career success shouldn’t be the priority.

Shane was born in Midlands. She came from a big family, and since the earliest years, she was very hard-working and independent.

Having reached her teens, Shane moved to Birmingham and found a job at a Quaker hotel there. In that hotel, she met a film star Timothy Spall, and he lost his head from her. In December, 1981 they wedded, and soon became parents of three beautiful kids.

Shane quit her job and devoted all her free time to her husband and their children. When her daughters and son Rafe grew up, she started to work again. The woman co-authored a number of books with her husband. She tried her hand as an actress, too. Shane appeared in the documentary series “All At Sea”, in which her husband, daughters and she made a trip around Britain’s coast. The same topic was reflected in her books.

Rafe Spall siblings

Pascale Spall (older sister)

Pascale Spall

photo facebook.com / Stagandbow

Date of birth: 1980

Pascale is the oldest kid in the Spall family. The girl has an exotic name, which is usually shortened to Pas in a family circle. By the way, she was named Janet during the major part of her youth.

The girl was born in south London, and she shared her time between her parents’ home and the cozy residence of her aunt, who actually taught the girl to knit. That was her special hobby, which later turned into the source of her wealth – in 2010 she opened a textile shop in Forest Hill, which quickly turned into the city gem.

Unlike her favorite younger brother Rafe, Pas has never thought about becoming an actress. But she turned into some kind of a celebrity in the area of textile design.

She works from morning till night and still finds the time for her partner Cyrus James Colquitt and their 5 kids.

Mercedes (Sadie) Spall (younger sister)

Mercedes (Sadie) Spall

photo facebook.com / sadie.spalltyler

Date of birth: August 6

Rafe’s younger sister is Mercedes Spall. The young woman has recently changed her name for “Sadie”. She earns her living as a nursery teacher. Sadie is married and raises a daughter.


The English actor, who conquered Hollywood, was afraid to tell his parents about his ambitions to become an entertainer. The reason was his father, “the national treasure”, as Timothy Spall is nicknamed in press, with whom Rafe didn’t want to be compared.

He confessed to his father about his intention to become an actor at the age of 14. His parents decided to support the boy in his idea and sent him to the National Youth Theatre. Thus, Rafe Spall started his career as an actor. He gradually moved from a stage performer to the widely recognizable big screen star.

He created a string of complex male characters, the brightest of which are a painter William Holman Hunt in “Desperate Romantics”, Writer in “Life of Pi” and Danny Moses in “The Big Short”, for which he got the Screen Actors Guild Award nomination.

In summer, 2019 Rafe makes his fans happy with the new screen work – he appears as Agent C in “Man in Black: International”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He jokes, that he inherited “the fat gene” from his father. The young actor has been struggling with overweight since his teens. Once he reached 114 kg but then lost 32 kg. His typical dinner is a bowl of salad and a Diet Coke.
  2. His best friend is an actor Eddie Redmayne.
  3. His father Timothy Spall is his hero and his role model, but he is not the only actor Rafe is inspired by. The other movie stars, whom he considers as unbelievably talented, are Gary Oldman and Jack Nicholson.
  4. Before he met his wife Elize, he was in long-term relationships with Alice Eve, a famous British actress and the scion of another acting breed, who appeared in “Men in Black 3”.
  5. His height is 6 feet 1 inch.
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