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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Rasheeda W. Buckner-Frost


reality TV star, rapper, actress

Birth Date

May 25, 1976


47 years

Zodiac Sign



Atlanta, Georgia, United States



Rasheeda family members

Father's Name

Herschel Harvell (stepfather)

Mother's Name

Shirleen Watkins-Harvell

Siblings names

Cheryl Lynn Watkins (older sister)

Is Rasheeda a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Rasheeda marital status?


Who is Rasheeda husband?

Kirk Frost

When did get married?


How many children does she have?

2 (sons Ky Frost and Karter Frost)

Rasheeda husband

Kirk Frost (husband)

Kirk Frost husband Rasheeda

photo instagram.com/frost117

Date of birth: January 30, 1969

Probably, there’s no need to tell Rasheeda’s fans about her personal life. Since 1999 she has been married to Kirk Frost, the popular Georgia-based rapper, music manager, and songwriter. He met Rasheeda when she was in her late teens. They started dating when the girl turned 20+ years old. After that, they tied a knot officially. Their marriage has already lasted for 20 years. Like other couples, Kirk and Rasheeda had their ups and downs. In 2016 Kirk had a son with his mistress Jasmine Washington. After that Mrs. Frost made a painful decision to divorce her husband. They reconciled in 2018 when Kirk lost his mother and Rasheeda supported him. They seem to be happy together nowadays.

Rasheeda kids

Ky Frost (son)

Ky Frost

photo facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005639116224

Date of birth: October 4, 2000

Ky is Rasheeda’s oldest son. She welcomed her baby boy at a very young age, nevertheless, she enjoyed each minute of her motherhood.

The boy was brought up in Georgia. Unlike his parents, Ky is not so open on social media, so we can just guess, where he studies and what plans for the future he has. In May 2019 he has graduated from a high school. In 2017 he started a YouTube channel, where he planned to post challenges and comedy sketches but stopped it because of the pandemic. Ky is very focused on his family and considers it as the biggest value in his life. He makes occasional appearances on his parents’ TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”.

Karter Frost (son)

Date of birth: August 21, 2013

Rasheeda and Kirk’s second common child is named Karter Frost. His parents made an Instagram account for him, and the boy enjoys 21k+ followers as of 2021. Karter is a funny little human, who obviously likes to spend time with his parents and older brother. The pictures of their family time together can be found on social media.

Who are Rasheeda parents?


Nothing is known about Rasheeda’s biological father.

Herschel Harvell (stepfather)

Herschel Harvell stepfather Rasheeda

photo instagram.com/herschell_harvell100

Date of birth: 1960

Rasheeda was mostly brought up by her stepfather, her mother’s second husband Herschel Harvell. Although the stellar rapper and Herschel are not blood-related, they maintain warm relationships. Even though Mr. Harvell and Rasheeda’s mother separated, he still stays connected with his step daughter and they see each other as often as it’s possible.

Herschel spent the major part of his life in Atlanta, Georgia. He studied law at Central Texas College. After that, he worked as a lawyer for many years.

As for Herschel’s biological kids, we know that he has a daughter Lara Harvell-Rasch and a son Antonio Freeman.

Shirleen Watkins-Harvell (mother)

Shirleen Watkins-Harvell motherv Rasheeda

photo instagram.com/msshirleen

Date of birth: 1950

Shirleen is known to the viewers of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta series because she is a regular on the show. Rasheeda and her mother work together and rest together. The women share a close bond.

Rasheeda’s mother comes from Decatur, Illinois. She is the daughter of late Eugene Watkins. She grew up with three sisters – Regina, Rosalind, and Allison. Shirleen graduated from Clayton State University with a degree in psychology. He was married several times in her life. Mrs. Frost describes her mother as a strong-willed energetic woman, who always was very confident. She saw her mom crying just once – when Shirleen mourned her father’s death.

Currently, she seems to be single. Except for Rasheeda, she has a daughter named Cheryl.

Rasheeda siblings

Cheryl Lynn Watkins (older sister)

Cheryl Lynn Watkins

photo instagram.com/cheryltoure5

Date of birth: March 1970

The exact number of Rasheeda’s siblings is not known. But for sure she has at least one older sister, named Cheryl Lynn Watkins-Toure. Cheryl lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a Warrensburg High School graduate. She was married to Amadou Tour, the health officer. They are separated as of now.


Rasheeda Buckner-Frost is a talented, vivid, and very attractive hip hop star and reality TV actress from Atlanta, Georgia. She entered this world on May 25, 1976. She didn’t share the details of her childhood, just told, that she was passionate about music since her teens. She was 20+ years old when she formed the band “Da Kaperz” with two other girls, whom she knew since high school. The band’s manager was the popular rapper, Kirk Frost. Later he fell in love with Rasheeda and they got married in 1999. Rasheeda enjoyed wide popularity as a band member, but in the early 2000s, she decided to start the solo career and released the debut set of songs “A Ghetto Dream”, which consisted mostly of Da Kaperz remakes. After that Rasheeda was making a career as a hip hop artist.

She released several albums, some of which enjoyed loud success. Her fourth album “Dat Type of Gurl”, released in 2007, attracted lots of public attention and got many positive reviews. A little later she became part of the duet “Peach Candy” with the R&B star Kandi Burruss. In 2009 she presented the super successful set of songs “Certified Hot Chick”.

Then she enjoyed the next wave of enormous popularity with the reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, launched in 2012. Nowadays the fans can know everything about their favorite star, because she is documenting all the aspects of her life, including relationships with her husband, raising children, and starting new business gigs. The show has already been on the air for 9 seasons as of 2020.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Rasheeda is not just a TV star and rapper, but also a restaurateur. Together with her husband Kirk, she runs the eating venue “Frost Bistro & Bar”.
  2. Her talent for acting was noticed not just by her fans, but also by reputable TV producers and she got a chance to act in the television show. She debuted in autumn 2015 on the Fox channel. She portrayed Scrumptious in the series “Rosewood”. She acted opposite the gifted actor Morris Chestnut.
  3. The well-known fashionista, she shares her style tips with others. Rasheeda runs an online shop “Im Bossy”, where she sells clothes of that silhouette she wears and of that colors she loves. Besides, the accessories and even the rappers’ music can be found in her shop.
  4. After the birth of her second son, she had severe postpartum depression. The star tells she didn’t have any energy. It was hard for her to get up from the bed in the morning. She even asked her husband to care about their newborn son Karter instead of her. But one day she decided to get herself under the control. Thus, she coped with her spirit disorder.
  5. Her height is 168 cm.
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    The solo photo of the man on the left that’s attached as her father is inaccurate. The man is not her father his name is Nate Hudson a well known Fashion Designer from New Jersey who relocated to Atlanta.