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Rebecca Romijn biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Rebecca Alie Romijn


actress, model

Birth Date

November 6, 1972


49 years

Zodiac Sign



Berkeley, California, United States


Berkeley High School, University of California



Rebecca Romijn family members

Father's Name

Jaap Romijn

Mother's Name

Elizabeth Romijn

Siblings names

Tamara Romijn (younger sister)

Is Rebecca Romijn a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Rebecca Romijn marital status?


Who is Rebecca Romijn husband?

Jerry O’Connell

When did get married?

July 14, 2007

How many children does she have?

2 (daughters Dolly Rebecca-Rose O’Connell and Charlie Tamara-Tulip O’Connell)

Rebecca Romijn husband

John Stamos (ex-husband; were married in 1998-2005)

Rebecca Romijn ex-husband

photo / johnstamos

Date of birth: August 19, 1963

Jerry O’Connell (husband since 2007)

Rebecca Romijn husband Jerry O’Connell

photo / mrjerryoc

Date of birth: February 17, 1974

She began dating her current husband Jerry in 2004, and a year later they announced their engagement. They arranged a private wedding ceremony in their Calabasas home on July 14, 2007. Till now they are happy together!

Rebecca’s husband is a famous actor and director. He rose to prominence in 1986, when he played one of three teenagers, who joined to find the body of the missing kid, in the theatrical film “Stand by Me”. The other famous projects in his resume include the comedy-drama “Jerry Maguire”, the adventure film “Mission to Mars” and the sex comedy “Tomcats”.

He has a busy career until now. Not long ago he portrayed the screen brother of Jim Parsons’ Sheldon in the hit series “The Big Bang Theory” and hosted several episodes of “The Wendy Williams Show”. He is crazy from his wife Rebecca, and tells, that he was very surprised when she accepted his proposal and agreed to spend her whole life with him.

Rebecca Romijn kids

Rebecca Romijn kids

photo / rebeccaromijn

Dolly Rebecca-Rose O’Connell (twin; a daughter with Rebecca Romijn)

Date of birth: December 28, 2008

After her marriage to Jerry, Rebecca opened up in mass media that she dreams to have kids. Soon after that her husband and she welcomed two twin daughters, and Dolly is one of them. She got her beautiful and so girly name from the singer Dolly Parton.

As of now, she is 10. Dolly is a school pupil. In her free time she likes to ride a bike and to play with dogs, which were adopted by her kind mother-pet lover. Together with her sister, she practices horse riding.

Rebecca Romijn daughter

photo / rebeccaromijn

Charlie Tamara-Tulip O’Connell (twin; a daughter with Rebecca Romijn)

Date of birth: December 28, 2008

Charlie is another girl, born in Rebecca and Jerry’s family. She is a beautiful mixture of both of her parents. The girl got her second name from her uncle (her father’s brother).

Mama Rebecca is the best friend of Charlie and her sister, Dolly. But she is also a good disciplinarian for them. For example, the girls don’t have smartphones, because their mother thinks, they can lose their grades, if they spend too much time, using the device. She plans to buy Charlie and Dolly phones only when they reach 20 years old.

Who are Rebecca Romijn parents?

Jaap Romijn (father)

Jaap Romijn father Rebecca Romijn

photo / rebeccaromijn

Date of birth: June 4, 1943

Rebecca has friendly relationships with her father and respects him for everything he did for his wife and daughters. Jaap is of Dutch origin. He came to USA from Barneveld, Holland. He earned his living as a toy-maker but left this activity to become a furniture designer. He founded the company “Jaap Romijn & Friends”, and soon became one of the most famous furniture makers in the area. Currently, he resides in Port Townsend.

Elizabeth Kuizenga-Romijn (mother)

Elizabeth-Kuizenga Romijn mother Rebecca Romijn

photo / rebeccaromijn

Date of birth: circa 1943

Date of death: December 25, 2016

Rebecca posts pictures with her mother very often, because she is still missing her. She passed away on Christmas morning several years ago. She lost her 17-year battle with cancer. To the moment of her death, she was divorced from Rebecca’s father.

Elizabeth lived a wonderful and successful life. She spent her early years in Ann Arbor, MI. She was American but also had Dutch roots. Some part of Elizabeth’s family resided in Holland.

She studied in Europe, and during that time met her husband and father of her daughters, Jaap Romijn. They brought up two great girls – Rebecca and Tamara.

Mrs. Romijn was a well-educated woman. She attended the University of California, where she got a bachelor degree in Linguistics. After that, she continued studying at San Jose State University and gained a master’s degree.

During many years she taught numerous people to master the English language. Many of her students were not native speakers, and her methods of teaching helped them to develop their speech. She authored a number of textbooks.

In addition to her career achievements, Elizabeth could be proud of the great family she created.

Rebecca Romijn siblings

Tamara Romijn (younger sister)

Tamara Romijn sister Rebecca Romijn

photo / RebeccaRomijn

Date of birth: circa 1974

Tamara is Rebecca’s younger sister. She used to work as a bag designer. She creates other luxurious handmade things, too, which she sells through her online shop.

Rebecca and her sister Tamara are big friends. Very often they spend time together. Tamara is married to a chief editor of the Diablo magazine Peter Crooks. They have two children – Alexandra and Aden.


She introduces herself in the social media as a mom, wife, pet lover and chocolate addict. But she didn’t mention that she is a TV and movie star and former model.

Born Rebecca Alie Romijn entered this world in Berkeley, CA. She grew up in a well-educated friendly family of Elizabeth and Jaap Romijn and attended prestigious Berkeley High School. At school, she had the nickname “Jolly Blond Giant” because she was really tall. Rebecca is 5 feet 11 inches high, and that’s why she was laughed at during her school years, but that was the thing, which attracted a model scout to her. In the early 1990s she started the career of a model.

Rebecca turned into a queen of a Parisian catwalk and was photographed for the covers of the most popular fashion issues, such as “Marie Claire”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Sports Illustrated” and others. In 1995 she moved from Paris to New York and continued the career of a fashion girl there. In 1995 she was ranked as one of 50 most beautiful persons in the world by the popular magazine “People”.

In late 1990s Romijn married a TV star, John Stamos. Around that time she began the career of an actress. The leggy blonde debuted in the legendary TV show “Friends”, where she played the sexy but messy girl, whom briefly dated David Schwimmer’s screen character, Ross.

After such a bright debut, Rebecca’s career was on fire. She played the regular role in the series “Ugly Betty”, “Eastwick” and “NTSF:SD: SUV”. In addition, she appeared in a number of big screen hits, like X-Men films, “Rollerball”, “Lake City” and others.

She divorced from her first husband John Stamos in 2005, and two years later wedded an actor Jerry O’Connell, with whom she has two twin daughters.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She met her current husband Jerry at a party, which she attended as a married woman. Then Rebecca and John Stamos, her ex-husband, talked to an actor Jerry O’Connell during the whole evening. To the next time, when they met, Rebecca had already become separated. Jerry took her phone number, and they started dating.
  2. Models Heidi Klum and Elle MacPherson are her friends.
  3. She hates cooking.
  4. Her favorite colors are pink, red and blue.
  5. She is a pet rescuer. Not long ago Rebecca appeared in a social advertisement with her husband and daughters. They encouraged people to adopt puppies.


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