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Reeve Carney biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Reeve Jefferson Carney


singer, songwriter, actor

Birth Date

April 18, 1983


40 years

Zodiac Sign



West Village, New York City, United States


Alexander Hamilton High School; Thornton School of Music



Reeve Carney family members

Father's Name

John Carney

Mother's Name

Marti Heil-Carney

Siblings names

Zane Carney (younger brother), Paris Carney (younger sister)

Is Reeve Carney a gay/bisexual?


What is Reeve Carney marital status?

In relation

Reeve Carney is famous as a singer, songwriter, and actor. His successful career is not an occasion – it is the result of his hard work and lucky genes. He comes from a family of entertainers, and his younger brother and sister are busy in the entertainment industry, too. In addition, previously he was dating a talented actress and singer Victoria Justice, about whom we’ve already told you. Now let’s check the info about all the talented members of the Carney family.

Who are Reeve Carney parents?

John Carney (father)

John Carney father Reeve Carney

photo instagram / reevecarney

John M. Carney is a person, who brought up the gifted musician Reeve Carney. John spent his young years in Connecticut. He comes from a musical family. His paternal uncle was a famous actor Art Carney, who got an Academy Award as the best actor in 1974. Influenced by his prominent uncle, John began to practice music and acting, too. Later he turned into a professional entertainer. He wrote music for commercials.

Reeve’s father encouraged his son to take music lessons, too. Nevertheless, he hoped that his son wouldn’t become a professional musician. As Reeve jokingly told in his interview, his dad whispered into his ear, while he was sleeping “Become a doctor or a lawyer, a doctor or a lawyer…” But all of us know that John’s mantra didn’t work.

Till now Reeve and John maintain close father-son relationships.

Marti Heil-Carney (mother)

Reeve Carney mother

photo instagram / reevecarney

Date of birth: January 28, 1951

The show business blood is flowing in Reeve Carney veins, because his mother is busy in that industry, too. As for now, she is an actress, and her career is managed by The Morgan Agency. In his interviews, Reeve never gets tired to thank his mom for everything she did for him. Martha Heil (her maiden name) supported her son’s teen interest in blues music; she encouraged him to take guitar and piano lessons and to perform on the stage at the age of 14. At the same time she taught him to keep the balance between performing and schooling, and now the musician boasts with high education, which is a rare thing for a child star.

Reeve Carney siblings

Zane Carney (younger brother)

Zane Carney brother Reeve Carney

photo instagram / zanecarney

Date of birth: April 29, 1985

Except for Reeve Carney, his parents brought up two other talented kids. Zane Carney is Reeve’s younger brother, his best friend, and his pride. Zane is also a celebrity; he is a famous television actor and a jazz musician.

He started his career at the age of 8 when he was cast as a regular to the series “Dave’s World”. During 4 years he shared his time between New York and Los Angeles when finally the Carney family moved there. He studied at Hamilton High School and joined his studying with playing jazz music. In his teens, he was a member of a school jazz band, which gained some popularity and won a number of awards.

Currently, he resides in Studio City, CA. He is a touring jazz and guitar player and Instagram star with more than 50k followers.

Paris Carney (younger sister)

Paris Carney

photo instagram / pariscarney

Date of birth: October 7, 1987

Paris Carney is Reeve’s younger sister and a special person in his life. Paris is a singer, songwriter and an Instagram celebrity with more than 35k followers. She is married and tells that her husband (ex- Jonas Brothers’ bass guitarist Greg Garbowsky) is her best friend. Her favorite drink is coffee, and her favorite things are shoes and bags. She has cordial relationships with her brothers, including our today hero Reeve Carney.


Reeve Carney bio

photo instagram / reevecarney

Reeve Jefferson Carney is a famous actor and singer, who developed his career in three various directions – movies, television, and theater. He rose to prominence as Peter Parker/Spider-Man from the eponymous show on Broadway.  He was busy in the musical, which was on air in Foxwoods Theatre, during three years in the early 2010s. After that, he moved on and added lots of strong successful projects to his resume. But the fans know Reeve Carney not just as a famous musician and actor, but also as a long-term boyfriend of gorgeous Victoria Justice.

He was born in the neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City in the family of very creative parents – both were musicians and actors. He grew up in the company of two siblings – a younger brother and a younger sister. He got brilliant preparation as a musician – attended the Academy of Music (part of Alexander Hamilton High School) and then majored in jazz guitar playing at Thornton School of Music.

He started his career as a musician. Reeve began to play the guitar at 12 years old, and soon performed professionally at one of LA nightclubs. In 2004 he released his debut EP, titled “Looking Glass”. He has presented four sets of songs as for now.

The acting was an inseparable part of his career, too. At the age of 10, he played a small role in Tim Hunter film “The Saint of Fort Washington”. After that he appeared in many other films, the most popular of which include “Spread” (with Ashton Kutcher) and “Gemini” (with Zoe Kravitz). Thus, he is a famous young entertainer with a large fan base and a cool girlfriend.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. One of his most popular TV roles is Dorian Gray in the horror series “Penny Dreadful”.
  2. He acted in Taylor Swift’s music video “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Although she devoted this song to her ex-love interest, Harry Styles, she invited Reeve to be her romantic hero on the screen.
  3. Previously to Victoria Justice, he dated celebrities, Ashley Greene and Lana Del Rey.
  4. He is a participant in a charity program “Givenik Ambassador”, which sends 5% of his income from Broadway shows to charity.
  5. His height is 6 ft and his weight is 172 pounds.
  6. In 2021 he depicted Tom Ford in the biopic drama “House of Gucci”.
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