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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Rex Maynard Linn


TV actor, movie actor

Birth Date

November 13, 1956


65 years

Zodiac Sign



Spearman, Texas, United States


Casady School; Oklahoma State University



Rex Linn family members

Father's Name

James Paul Linn

Mother's Name

Darlene Deere Linn

Siblings names

James Paul Linn II (older brother), Rhonda Linn Bayless (older sister)

Is Rex Linn a gay/bisexual?


What is Rex Linn marital status?

In relation

Who is Rex Linn wife?

Reba McEntire (partner)

Who are Rex Linn parents?

James Paul Linn (father)

James Paul Linn photo

Date of birth: April 22, 1926

Date of death: October 24, 2009

In his interviews, Rex often tells, that he is so thankful to his parents. Both, his father and mother, put lots of efforts to teach him to treat people well and gave him the right values. Now Rex is sure, that it helped him with his career because he could easily get along with people. Both of his parents and two siblings supported him in his dream to become a skillful actor. But his father, James Paul Linn, played a special role in his fate. Rex resided in Oklahoma and he had already crossed his 34th age mark. Still, he wasn’t successful as an actor, and his father advised him to leave everything and move to California. That was a hard and risky decision, but in February 1990 Rex came to LA. That changed his life – and now we know him as a movie and TV star.

James Linn’s colleagues say that he was an actor, too, but his stage was court and his viewers were the jury. He liked his job and joked in the company of his friends that court was his first love and he wished he would have lived there.

He was born in Spearman, Texas in the family of James and Ruthie Linn. He had a sister Louise. Rex’s father was just 17 when he was accepted to the army and fought for the freedom of his country in World War II. In 1956 he was discharged, and after the years of war, James understood, that he wanted to protect the rights of other people in the court. So, he joined his peers at law school at the University of Texas.

After graduation, he started a career as a lawyer and won lots of battles in the court. He represented in the court some celebrities, like David Bowie, who was blamed for raping one of his female fans after the concert, and Imelda Marcos, Philippine first lady, who was accused of stealing the golden Buddha and other treasures.

James achieved unbelievable success as a lawyer and businessman, but his main value was his wife and best friend Darlene and their three kids. Rex and his older brother James Paul II spent a lot of time with their dad. They went fishing and hunting, also boys were taught to hold firearms and to play golf.

Mr. Linn passed away in October 2009 after a heart stroke. Till the last days of his life, he was working in the office. James had been a practicing lawyer for 56 years.

Darlene Deere Linn (mother)

Darlene Deere Linn


Date of birth: April 1, 1926

Date of death: August 11, 1998

Rex and his siblings still keep this great woman in their hearts. According to the words of Rex’s sister Rhonda, Darlene was a devoted loving mother and grandmother. In the family circle, she was called Mimi.

Mrs. Linn entered this world in Ranger, Texas in the family of E. R. and Bertha Deere. She had five siblings. Darlene was a classy and well-educated lady. She studied at the University of Texas and there she crossed her ways with another student – James Paul Linn, who later became her husband. In the university, she hosted a radio program. The major part of her life, Darlene spent in Oklahoma City. She was a homemaker, but sometimes she was involved in quite risky activities, like working as a pilot and training the dogs.

Rex is sure his career success was possible due to the right upbringing his mother gave him.

Rex Linn siblings

James Paul Linn II (older brother)

James Paul Linn II


Rex has an older brother Jim, his father’s absolute namesake. Jim stays out of the limelight, so we can’t tell you about his profession or lifestyle. We just know that he is married to Lee Linn.

Rhonda Linn Bayless (older sister)

Rhonda Linn Bayless


Date of birth: 1953

Rex maintains friendly relationships with his only sister Rhonda. The siblings live in different states, but they stay connected. Several years ago Rhonda stayed in Rex’s mansion in Sherman Oaks, California during the Christmas holidays.

She is an Oklahoma City resident. Rhonda was married to Charles Randolph Bayless, known in the circle of his friends as Randy. For both, their marriage was the second one and both had kids – she had two kids and he was a father of four daughters and a son. Rhonda’s husband passed away in 2004. Still, she misses him.

Now Rhonda is a happy mother and grandmother.


If you like the stories about a guy, who was raised in a small town and then became a star in Hollywood, then Rex Linn’s life will be interesting for you.

He was born in Spearman, Texas in the family of a lawyer in 1956. He was just 20, when he decided to become an actor, having watched Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. After graduation from Casady School (the college preparatory school in Oklahoma City), he entered Oklahoma State University and earned there a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television, and Film.

He didn’t make a rapid super successful start in the movie industry. On the contrary, his way on top was long and hard. He tried various odd jobs to make the ends meet. Thus, he worked in the zoo during the years of studying and then found a job in Lakeshore bank after getting his diploma.

Rex debuted as an actor in the early 1980s. As often happens, his first roles were in TV commercials. But Rex was persistent and hard-working; he refined his talent and visited auditions, and finally got the role, which made him initially popular. He depicted Jason Townsend in Patrick Poole’s film “Shadows on the Wall”. In 1989 Linn did a great and difficult job. He portrayed the serial killer Epps in the criminal drama “Night Game”.

The modern viewers know and love Rex Linn as Principal Tom Petersen from “Young Sheldon”, the prequel of the legendary TV show “The Big Bang Theory”.

Currently, Linn lives in Sherman Oaks, California.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Rex has never been married officially, but he was engaged three times. His first fiancée was Bella Shaw, the newswoman from Oklahoma. Later she continued her career on CNN and was so focused on her work that somehow she lost her relationships with Rex. Currently, the TV star Rex Linn is dating the famous country singer Reba McEntire.
  2. He gained wide popularity after the release of the police drama series “CSI: Miami”. His character – Detective Frank Tripp charmed lots of people all over the globe with his charisma and witty remarks. By the way, the popularity of his screen policeman was too big sometimes. Rex couldn’t go anywhere without being recognized. The big golf lover, he couldn’t finish the game at Quaid’s Celebrity Golf Tournament, because he was signing autographs.
  3. When he was little, his father taught him to play Hook’em Horns and then took him for the games in their private jet.
  4. His net worth is $5 million.
  5. Rex is quite tall – his height is 6 ft 4 in. His weight is 176.5 pounds.
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