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RiceGum (Bryan Le) biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Bryan Le


YouTube star, rapper

Birth Date

November 19, 1996


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Sierra Vista High School; Harvard College



RiceGum (Bryan Le) family members

Father's Name

Luat Quang Le

Mother's Name

Quang Ly Lely

Siblings names

an older brother, a younger brother and a younger sister

Is RiceGum (Bryan Le) a lesbian/bisexual?


What is RiceGum (Bryan Le) marital status?


Who are RiceGum (Bryan Le) parents?

Luat Quang Le (father)

RiceGum (Bryan Le) parents

Luat Quang Le is the father of a social media star RiceGum. He is in his 40s. He resides in Las Vegas, NV. He is Asian American. Luat Quang and his son Bryan are friends. The YouTube star jokingly calls his parent “Daddy Gum”.

Quang Ly Lely (mother)

Quang Ly Lely mother RiceGum

photo instagram / rice

Bryan mother’s name is Quang Ly. She is in her 40s, too. She is Chinese. According to RiceGum’s words, his mother and father are typical Chinese-Vietnamese parents and they brought him up like any other representatives of their nation.

RiceGum (Bryan Le) siblings

He has an older brother and a younger sister, whom he calls “Rice Jr”. According to some other sources, he has three siblings, an older brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister. In his teens, RiceGum’s older brother served as a role model for him. His love to video games he picked up from his brother.


RiceGum bio

photo instagram / rice

RiceGum phenomenon is hard to understand but impossible to deny. The string of first-rate YouTube videos made an ordinary bullied boy from Las Vegas popular and successful.

The social media star, whose real name is Bryan Le, felt the sweet taste of fame for the first time in 2012, after launching a channel at YouTube.

At first, he was a game streamer. The boy played some popular computer games, like “Call of Duty” and “Modern Warfare 3” in real time. RiceGum reached the next stage of his career when in December 2015 presented satirical online show “These Kids Must Be Stopped”. In these videos, RiceGum decided “to tell the truth”, that means, to tell some terrible things about a number of Musical.Ly stars, such as Loren Beech, Jacob Sartorius, Danielle Bregoli, and some others. The latter one, by the way, was not embarrassed to response the Asian YouTube celebrity with multi-million fan base and named him “RiceDumb”.

In 2017 the young man added some kudos after joining the group “Clout Gang” (the band, filled by YouTube celebs, which is similar to Jake Paul “Team 10”). RiceGum is celebrated by his collaboration with an aspiring YouTube star and Clout Gang member Alissa Violet. Their song “It’s Everynight Sis” earned platinum certification in USA.

Recently RiceGum tried a new dimension of his activity at YouTube. He began recording hip-hop videos, where he insults other famous YouTubers. Nevertheless, his tracks gained incredible popularity.

As for now, the social media sensation boasts with a fan base of more than 10 million followers.

Interesting and fun facts

RiceGum (Bryan Le) Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / rice

  1. He is 6 ft 2 in tall and weighs 143 lbs. His tall stature gave the boy an opportunity to play basketball for the school team.
  2. His mother wanted Bryan to become a doctor. But he left school and refused from Harvard College scholarship to entertain people.
  3. As for now, RiceGum net worth is estimated at $1 million. The amount is amazing, if to take into consideration the fact, that he comes from a middle-class family and his parents are not rich.
  4. RiceGum has never introduced his girlfriend to the wide circle of people. He tells that he is too ugly to attract any female. His permanent single status caused lots of gay rumors, which he denied.
  5. His first leap to fame was in November 2012, when he signed the deal with Machinima Inc., the online entertainment platform, managed by Warner Bros. Digital Networks.
  6. Till late autumn 2017, he resided in his parents’ house in Nevada, the address of which the social media sensation kept in secret. But then he moved into a new house of his own, and now he lives alone.
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