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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Robyn Rihanna Fenty



Birth Date

February 20, 1988


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Saint Michael, Barbados


Combermere High School



Rihanna family members

Father's Name

Ronald Fenty

Mother's Name

Monica Braithwaite

Siblings names

Rorrey Fenty (younger brother), Rajad Fenty (younger brother), Samantha Fenty (paternal half-sister), Kandy Fenty (paternal half-sister), Jamie Fenty (paternal half-brother)

Is Rihanna a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Rihanna marital status?

In relation

Who is Rihanna husband?

Hassan Jameel (boyfriend)

Rihanna husband

Hassan Jameel (boyfriend since 2017)

Hassan Jameel ex-boyfrien

photo instagram / rihannatodayofficial

Date of birth: October 12, 1988

Rihanna’s personal life is the endless source of rumors and discussions for her viewers and representatives of mass media. Everyone remembers her tragic love affair with a hip hop artist Chris Brown, who later was prosecuted as a person, who beat her. After Rihanna’s split from Mr. Brown, she dated French football player Karim Benzema and rapper Drake.

Currently the singer is single. Her latest boyfriend was Hassan Jameel. Their love affair seemed to be one of the most romantic in RiRi’s life. She was photographed by paparazzi numerous times at Hassan’s villa in Spain, at various prestigious resort places and during romantic dinners in the best restaurants. Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel seemed to be madly in love with the singer. Rihanna, who looked really happy, tried to keep her new affair away from public attention. But she opened up in her interview to “Vogue”, that she finally found a person, who was worth her time.

Jameel was born in Saudi Arabia in a very rich family. Nowadays he is busy with family business, which includes numerous directions and various companies, including Toyota Distribution Company, financial companies and even a soccer league. To the moment of his meeting with Rihanna, Hassan has already divorced from his first wife Lina Lazaar.

The couple started dating in 2017, and Rihanna even started to call Jameel “a beau”. The singer’s fans have already heard the rings of wedding bells, but in 2018 two lovers suddenly announced their split. The reason of such decision was not publicized, but Rihanna’s representative told that she “sometimes gets tired of men”.

But in early 2019 RiRi and her billionaire boyfriend went out for Lakers basketball game and then had a romantic private dinner. The couple confirmed, they are still an item.

Who are Rihanna parents?

Ronald Fenty (father)

Who are Rihanna parents

photo instagram / rihannatodayofficial

Date of birth: August 6, 1954

They say, Rihanna is really close with her father and she gets from his side that support each kid expects from his parents. But in her early years Ronald was hard to be called “a great father”. He was abusive, had a number of addictions and in 2002 split from the girl’s mother, when a future music star was in her teens.

Ronald was born in Barbados. He earned his leaving as a warehouse supervisor. Later the man changed the area of his activity and turned into clothing designer. Before marrying Rihanna’s mother, Ronald had kids with three different women, so from his side the music star has 3 half-siblings.

In her interview to Oprah Winfrey at “Oprah’s Next Chapter”, R&B star explained, that her father’s behavior made RiRi’s childhood awful. He was addicted and beat the singer’s mother quite often, being drunk. Her father’s lifestyle made Rihanna’s personal life unhappy – the singer told, that she was so loyal to Chris Brown physical abuse mostly because of her father’s aggression.

In that very interview the singer told, that she made peace with her dad and forgave him, because she wants to make her relationships with other men more successful.

To prove, that she is in good terms with her dad now, Rihanna made him a gorgeous gift. Two years ago she bought him a luxurious mansion in a closed community Sandy Lane, where many internationally popular stars own a property.

According to Ronald’s words, Robyn (he calls his daughter by her first name) decided to buy a new mansion for him, because Rihanna’s fans knew address of his former house and very often bothered him to make pics.

It seems that Ronald lives a happy life now. He reconsidered a lot of things in his life after a terrible car crash he was involved in about 12 years ago. Then his vehicle was crashed into a tree, which RiRi’s father didn’t notice because of weather conditions.

Monica Braithwaite (mother)

Monica Braithwaite mother rihanna

Date of birth: April 5, 1969

If you think, that Rihanna is a daddy’s girl because of her generous gesture two years ago, when the star bought him a new luxurious house, you are wrong. In fact, the singer is really close with her father, but she is even closer with her mother, and she bought 5-bedrom mansion for her too. In 2012 RiRi paid a huge pile of dollars for the luxurious property in Barbados.

Monica Braithwaite plays an important part in life of her stellar daughter. Robyn Rihanna is her first child. Except for R&B star, Monica and her ex-husband Ronald have two sons.

Rihanna siblings

Rorrey Fenty (younger brother)

Rorrey Fenty

photo instagram / gallest

Date of birth: November 13, 1989

RiRi is a lucky girl, who has 2 supportive men by her side. And they are not her boyfriends or crazy fans, they are her younger brothers.

Rorrey was born in Bridgetown, Barbados just one year after the birth of his popular sister. Being a big lover of music, he started his own career in this area in 2012. Rihanna supported the young man and even gave him some cash to make his debut easier.

As for now, Rorrey boasts with a mixtape, named “Intolerable Cruelty”. He performs under the name Gallest.

Not long ago the singer bought her brother a beach house in Barbados. In addition, she helped him create his own fashion line, named Orign.

Rajad Fenty (younger brother)

Rajad Fenty

photo instagram / rjfenty96

Date of birth: April 15, 1996

Rajad is the youngest full sibling of Umbrella performer Rihanna. The star likes the young man, whom she calls “her baby brother” through social media and tells that he is like a son for her.

RiRi’s younger brother is an Instagram star now. He has about 180, 000 followers. The boy was a primary school pupil, when his sister was on the way to her stardom. He was a frequent guest at Rihanna’s concerts and visited her at the set, when she was filming her music videos.

Kandy Fenty (paternal half-sister)

Kandy Fenty

Rihanna’s father Ronald had numerous love affairs before his marriage to Monica Braithwaite. From one of such relationships he welcomed his oldest child Kandy. During many years Ronald didn’t stay in touch with his daughter, although Kandy lived not far from her biological father. The girl resided with grandparents. Her mother spent most part of time in UK.

Kandy got married and welcomed two daughters. Being an adult woman, she knew the name of her father. One day the young woman came to Rihanna (Ms. Fenty hadn’t become a star yet) and introduced herself as her older sister.

As for now, Kandy resides in Barbados. She is a pharmacist. The woman stays in touch with her popular half-sister. Her daughters Crystal and Brandy are Rihanna’s devoted fans.

Samantha Fenty (paternal half-sister)

Samantha Fenty

Date of birth: 1981

Sam is the second daughter of Ronald Fenty, who had the kid from one-night affair. She works as a policy consultant. Samantha thinks that Rihanna and she are really alike. In fact, she was very glad to meet her younger sister Ri, because she dreamed from the earliest years to have a sister, to speak about boyfriends with her and dress her hair.

They met before Rihanna’s fame and made friends. Nowadays R&B star has a very tough schedule. Still she finds time to cross ways with her half-sister.

Jamie Fenty (paternal half-brother)

Jamie Fenty

Date of birth: 1984

Jamie is Rihanna’s older half-brother and one more boy in Fenty family. He works as a graphic artist. The young man travels a lot and sees his half-sister Rih quite rarely.

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