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Rob Lowe biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Robert Hepler


American actor, producer, director, and podcaster


Charlottesville, Virginia, United States


Santa Monica High School, Malibu High School, Oakwood Junior High School



Rob Lowe family members

Father's Name

Charles D. Lowe

Mother's Name

Barbara Hepler

Siblings names

Chad Lowe , Justin W. Lowe , Mickey Dyer

Is Rob Lowe a gay/bisexual?


What is Rob Lowe marital status?


Who is Rob Lowe wife?

Sheryl Berkoff

When did get married?


How many children does he have?

2 kids John Owen Lowe, Matthew Lowe

Rob Lowe wife

In his younger years, he dated actress Melissa Gilbert. The actor also had affairs with German actress Nastassja Kinski and Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

Sheryl Berkoff (wife)

Sheryl Berkoff wife Sheryl Berkoff (wife)


Date of birth:  June 20, 1961

Lowe is married to makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff, whom he met on a blind date. In 1983, the actor and the artist met through a blind date, which may not have gone so well considering they lost contact after a while.

However, their paths crossed again seven years later when Lowe starred in Bad Influence while Birkoff worked as a make-up artist. Soon their couple reunited again as they felt the passion that happened between them. Rob once said of his wife: “I admired the way she looks at life.” Soon in 1991, it became known that the couple got married.

Rob Lowe kids

Rob Lowe has two beautiful sons. They named them Matthew and John. Matthew and John have made many TV appearances, usually for interviews about their family. It’s unclear what Rob Lowe’s sons Matthew and John want to do, but it’s possible they could have an acting career like their father!

Matthew Lowe (first son)

Matthew Lowe first son Rob Lowe


Date of birth: 1993

Matthew Lowe is the first son of Rob Lowe and Sheryl Birkoff. Derzeit ist er Vice President of Business Development bei Miroma Ventures, dem Investmentarm der Miroma Group, einem maßgeschneiderten Kollektiv von Kreativ- und Marketingagenturen. Bei Miroma hat Matt in Unternehmen aus einer Reihe von Branchen investiert, darunter Fintech, Creator Economy, nachhaltige Lebensmittel usw. Bevor er zu Miroma kam, war Matt Head of US Talent bei Komi, einem Startup der Creator Economy.Prior to joining Miroma, Matt was the Head of US Talent at Komi, a creator economy startup. He holds a BA in History from Duke University and a JD from Loyola Law School.Matthew is dating 25-year-old Tara Elle Coleman, who often works as a fitness model.Sometimes Matthew and Tara model Cheryl’s jewelry together!

John Owen Lowe (second son)

John Owen Lowe son Rob Lowe


Date of birth: 1995

The second son of Rob Lowe, John Owen Lowe.John Owen Lowe is widely known as the son of famous actor Rob Lowe. At the moment, the guy is 27 years old.Let’s talk about his physique, he is 5ft 5in and weighs 60kg. His eyes are dark brown and his hair color is also dark brown. John also played the role of Joel Zadak in his father’s TV show. Grinder and landed roles in other productions, including A Canine Affair. John Owen Lowe decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became an actor. The similarity between them is impressive at first sight. After splitting the line-up in several series as well as films, a new project brings them together again. Apparently, John Owen doesn’t stop tampering with Rob’s social media because he thinks his father should improve his posts. In fact, the series and this project came from the fun interaction that both have on Instagram.

Who are Rob Lowe parents?

 Charles P. Lowe. (Father)

Charles P. Lowe photo

He was an American xylophonist who made numerous recordings in the early days of the recording industry.

In 1883, Low was featured in a series of concerts in the West End, New Orleans, directed by Gustave D’Aquin. Lowe was a well-known performer in New York theaters in the 1880s, including Huber’s Prospect Garden (1884).

Lowe first recorded for the Phonograph Company of New Jersey in 1892 and remained the foremost xylophonist during the formative years of the recording industry. . He recorded for most of the American record companies that existed before 1905, including 21 titles for the Berliner Gramophone between 1897 and 1899, Columbia cylinders (before 1900 – 1905) and discs (1902-1905). ), Edison cylinders, Victor Records from 1900 to 1904, and numerous Zonophone recordings between 1900 and 1903. His last recordings were made in 1905.

Lowe played xylophones with rounded bands to make glissandi easier to play. His shots were played faster than was later accepted.

He was married to the contralto Jacobina Wichmann Low, who performed as “Miss Giotti”

Charles Lowe is recognized by his peers and was named to the Super Lawyers for 2007, 2010-2012. This selection is based on an assessment of 12 indicators, including peer recognition and professional achievement in the practice of law.

Barbara Hepler (Mother)

Barbara Lynn Wilson photo

Date of birth:1939-2003

Rob Lowe’s mother was Barbara Hepler. She worked as a teacher at the school. It became known that they had separated from their husband Charles P. Lowe. She has two sons who were born in a marriage to Charles P. Lowe is Chad Lowe, Rob Lowe. And also has a son, Mick Dyer. There is no information about the first spouse or father of Mickey Dyer.Barbara graduated with honors from DePauw University. She taught them the ability to love literature and the word. Barbara was a wonderful mother and a strong, competent woman who stood up for herself.

Rob Lowe siblings

Chad Lowe (Brother)

Chad Lowe brother Rob Lowe


Date of birth: January 15, 1968

Chad Lowe is an American actor and television director. Lowe rose to prominence in the mid-eighties by becoming a teen idol at the same time as his brother Rob Lowe. He is the younger brother of actor Rob Lowe.

He is the half-brother of Mickey Dyer, a television producer born from his mother’s second marriage, and Justin W. Lowe, born from his father’s second marriage. He is in a relationship with Kim Painter, an American producer whom he met in January 2007. On August 28 2010, they marry by the ocean at Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The couple has three daughters: Mabel Painter Lowe, Fiona Hepler Lowe, and Nixie Barbara. From 1991 to 1993, he starred in Life Goes On, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 1993.Lowe has had recurring roles in Melrose Place, Popular, Now and Again, and ER, as well as starring roles in Touched by an Angel, Superman, CSI: Miami, and Medium. Lowe’s feature film appearances have included roles in Nobody’s Perfect, True Blood, Quiet Days in Hollywood,”Floating” and False.

Justin W. Lowe (Half-brother)

Rob-Lowe-family-sibligns-half-brother-justin photo

Date of birth: January 28, 1990

Mickey Dyer (Half-brother)

Mickey Dyer brother Mickey Dyer

Date of birth: July 27, 1973

He is the son from his mother’s second marriage. Micah Dyer is a famous television producer. Micah Dyer is a member of the list of famous television producers. The real name of this actor is Micah Dyer, but his friends and family members called him by the pseudonym Micah. This handsome actor is known for controversy about a TV producer. This actor’s car collection is very long, but Mickey Dyer’s favorite car is a Porsche.

This handsome actor enjoys playing the guitar, drawing and surfing. Therefore, she is very interested and impressed with the singer, and her favorite singer is Dolly Parton. He is a very rich woman, and his net worth is about 1-5 million dollars.

Interesting and fun facts

  • When Rob was still a child, he became seriously ill, and received a complication – he stopped hearing in his right ear.
  • Over the course of his career, the actor has amassed a fortune of over $100 million.
  • 2000: Named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People magazine.
  • Was one of nine original members of the 1980s Brother Pack, along with Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, Anthony Michael Hall, Sean Penn, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez and Andrew McCarthy.
  • Listed as one of twelve “Promising New Actors of 1984” in John Willis’ Screen World Volume 36.
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