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Rob Schneider biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Robert Michael Schneider


actor, comedian

Birth Date

October 31, 1963


58 years

Zodiac Sign



San Francisco, California, United States


Terra Nova High School; San Francisco State University



Rob Schneider family members

Father's Name

Marvin Schneider

Mother's Name

Pilar Monroe-Schneider

Siblings names

John Schneider (older brother), April Schneider (older sister), Linda Schneider (sister), Stanley Schneider (brother)

Is Rob Schneider a gay/bisexual?


What is Rob Schneider marital status?


Who is Rob Schneider wife?

Patricia Schneider

When did get married?

April 23, 2011

How many children does he have?

3 (daughters Elle King, Miranda Schneider and Madeline Schneider)

Rob Schneider is 55 as of now, and as a person of such a mature age, he understands that there’s nothing more important than a family. He created a great family with his third wife Patricia Schneider. They bring up two little pretty daughters – Miranda and Madeline. Read about them in “Patricia Schneider family”.

But what do we know about the other members of Schneider breed?

Rob Schneider wife

London King (ex-wife; were married in 1988-1990)

London King

photo instagram / pushlovedoula

Date of birth: circa 1965

In his young years, Rob Schneider was shortly married to a model and actress London King. She became a mother of his oldest daughter Tanner, professionally known as Elle King.

London was born and raised in Ohio, USA in the family of Paula and David King. She started modeling in her teens and around that time gave birth to her first kid – Noah King (father unknown).

She wedded her first official husband Rob in Las Vegas in the late 1980s, but the couple divorced after only two years of marriage.

Since 2000 London has been married to Justin Tesa, a musician. After quitting the career of a model, she turned her face to acting and appeared as a supporting actress in the films “A Better Way to Die”, “The Calling” and some others.

Now she earns her living as a childbirth specialist.

Helena Schneider (ex-wife; were married in 2003-2005)

The second spouse of a popular comedian Rob Schneider stays out of the limelight. The only thing we know about her, that in the early 2000s she was in relationships with a famous actor. They started dating in 2001 and after a year of love they tied a knot. In 2003-2005 Helena was Rob’s wife, but then they separated.

Rob Schneider kids

Elle King (daughter with London King)

Elle King daughter with London King

photo instagram / elleking

Date of birth: July 3, 1989

Tanner Elle Schneider is the first kid of the entertainer Rob Schneider. After her parents’ separation, she shared her time between her mother’s home in Ohio and her father’s residence in San Francisco. Inspired by her stepfather Justin Tesa’s love for music, she decided to make the career of a singer. With Justin’s support, she recorded her first song at the age of 9.

Now Elle is known by her two studio albums, the first of which – “Love Stuff” – got gold status, and by occasional acting gigs, like the role in the sports comedy “The Benchwarmers” and others.

In 2016 she was briefly married to Andrew Ferguson, from whom she separated after a year of life together. The painful divorce caused her drug addiction and serious conflict with a father. But she stopped using drugs and reconciled with Rob to be closer to her younger sisters Miranda and Madeline and to be a good role model for them.

Who are Rob Schneider parents?

Pilar Schneider (mother)

Pilar Schneider

photo instagram / elleking

Pilar Schneider comes from the Philippines. Her maiden name is Monroe.  Her face became popular due to her talented son Rob, who asked Mrs. Schneider to make cameo appearances in several of his films, including famous “Deuce Bigalow”.

Previously to her sudden acting ambitions, Pilar was a kindergarten teacher and education officer. During many years she was married to Marvin Schneider and brought up 5 kids with him.

Marvin Schneider (father)

Date of birth: August 18, 1931

Date of death: January 13, 2000

Rob Schneider had amicable relationships with his father and mourned him a lot. Marvin was born in San Francisco, CA but most part of his life he resided in Pacifica, CA with his wife of many years and best friend Pilar and their 5 children.

The die-hard baseball fan and well-trained musician, he was always full of humor and invented jokes easily. His son Rob inherited his talent of a comedian from him.

Marvin served as the real estate broker and was Board of Realtors President in Pacifica. He tried his hand as an actor just once, when he appeared in an episode of the show “The Secrets of New York TV” in 2005.

Rob Schneider siblings

John Schneider (brother)

Date of birth: April 23, 1962

John is another celebrity in the Schneider’s family. He is an award-winning producer. John started his career in the movie industry as the personal manager of Rob Schneider, but he moved on and worked on independent projects, too. He produced the rock group “Head On”, widely known in San Francisco area and was one of the creators of such great films as “The Hot Chick” and “Deuce Bigalow”, where his legendary brother appeared as an actor. John is a father of 3 kids.

Except for John, he has 3 other siblings – Linda Schneider, Stanley Schneider, and April Schneider. They stay out of the limelight. 


Rob Schneider is a famous comedian, known by works in such movie hits as “Home Alone 2”, “The Animal”, “You May Not Kiss the Bride” and others.

He grew up in Pacifica, CA in a well-respected friendly family of a real estate broker (father) and an educator (mother). He produced great jokes and was fond of acting during his high school years, and has already started doing stand up in his late teens. He opened the shows of a popular San Francisco band “Head On”.

In the late 1980s, he was noticed by Saturday Night Live creators, and was invited as a guest to one of the episodes. After making great performance on the show, he soon turned into a full-time member of SNL and then started the career of a movie actor.

One of Rob’s latest projects is the reality show “Real Rob”, which he produces with his wife Patricia Schneider.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He tells that he starts each morning from writing a novel, which he later burns up.
  2. His favorite movie is “A Fish Called Wanda”.
  3. His favorite dish is Iberico Ham – the king of Spanish cuisine.
  4. He uses the picture of his small daughters as wallpaper on his phone.
  5. Once he was arrested in the airport because of policemen’s assumptions he had weeds in his green tea. But then they released him.
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