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Romee Strijd biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Romee Strijd



Birth Date

July 19, 1995


26 years

Zodiac Sign



Zoetermeer, South Holland, Netherlands


high school



Romee Strijd family members

Father's Name

Marcel Strijd

Mother's Name

Saskia Tazelaar

Siblings names

Ise Strijd (younger sister)

Is Romee Strijd a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Romee Strijd marital status?


Who is Romee Strijd husband?

Laurens van Leeuwen

When did get married?

October, 2018

How many children does she have?

1 (daughter Mint van Leeuwen)

Romee Strijd husband

Laurens van Leeuwen (husband)

Laurens van Leeuwen


Date of birth: November 26, 1990

Romee’s fans know this handsome grey-eyed man, which appears by her side in her YouTube videos. That’s her husband Laurence van Leeuwen.

Romee was a teen girl when she got acquainted with Laurence van Leeuwen in her hometown. They started dating even though Lawrence was 5 years older than her. By the way, Romee’s beloved man comes from a big Holland family. His father, Bert van Leeuwen, was a celebrity. He hosted a popular TV show “Family Dinner”. Lawrence was raised with two sisters, Carlijn and Pauline, and a brother Boris.

Romee and Laurens’s relationships had been lasting for 8 years before they finally decided to legalize them. They wedded in October 2018, but that was not a luxurious romantic ceremony, as you can imagine. The young people have just exchanged their vows.

The model’s fans became happy for her because she has made a great choice! Laurence is not just an interesting easy-going person, but also a hard-working business consultant. Besides, he helps Romee to manage her career as a model and develops his fashion line “NAETUR”. In December 2020, Romee and Laurence became first-time parents.

Romee Strijd kids

Mint van Leeuwen (daughter)

Date of birth: December 4, 2020

Romee and Laurence overcame lots of difficulties on their way to parenthood. Romee wanted to get pregnant immediately after the wedding, but she couldn’t. It turned out, a successful career cost a pretty penny for the woman. Her diets, hard workouts, and constant change of time zones caused severe health issues – she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Romee lost her hope to become a mother, but one day she received a great gift from fate – she got pregnant. That happened after Romee had changed her daily routine – she refused a strict diet, rested a lot, and thus defeated her health disorder.

Nowadays, lovely Mint van Leeuwen is a constant participant of her mother’s and father’s Instagram accounts.

Who are Romee Strijd parents?

Marcel Strijd (father)

Marcel Strijd father Romee Strijd


Romee maintains friendly relationships with her father. From time to time Mr. Marcel Strijd appears on her videos on the YouTube platform. They live in different countries, but always spend holidays together. Besides, Marcel sometimes visits Romee and her husband in New York.

He was born in The Hague, Netherlands, but currently, he lives in Zoetermeer. He is a CLD Delfland school graduate. Marcel is officially single in 2021. He is divorced from Saskia, Romee’s mom.

Saskia Tazelaar (mother)

Saskia Tazelaar mother Romee Strijd


Saskia is a person, who supported Romee on the initial stage of her career in the fashion industry. She helped the daughter to find the necessary fashion agency.

Nowadays, she is in relations with Peter Tazelaar. They live in Krimpen aan den Ijssel, the town in the western part of the Netherlands.

Romee Strijd siblings

Ise Strijd (younger sister)

Ise Strijd sister Romee Strijd


Romee’s only sibling is named Ise Strijd. Romee and Ise put lots of effort to maintain their close connection because they live in different countries. But sometimes the younger sister comes from Zoetermeer, Netherlands to Los Angeles, USA to see her sister and brother-in-law.

Ise works at the indoor ski resort “Snow World”. She has a boyfriend, named Leon.


You may know Romee Strijd as the famous model from the Netherlands. She gained wide popularity after becoming Victoria’s Secret angel – and you know, that participating in fashion shows of this lingerie giant remains a secret dream for each model. Romee’s career in the fashion industry is not the only source of her popularity. In addition, she is a renowned blogger. Her self-titled channel on YouTube has 1.84 million subscribers.

This fair-haired girl was born in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. She is the older of two girls in the family of Marcel Strijd and Saskia Bennis- Tazelaar. Romee was in her early teens when she was noticed by a model scout while shopping in Amsterdam with her mother. Then the girl refused this opportunity. But later she watched “Holland’s Top Model” show on TV and it inspired her to try modeling. She asked her mother to help her find a fashion agency. They met with a couple of agents and finally picked up the one most appropriate for Romee.

She made a slow start in the model industry because she still studied in a high school. But at the age of 16, she made a breakthrough in her career – she went down the catwalk during London Fashion Week. And that was just the beginning – during the years of her career Romee modeled for many brands, known all over the world, like “Moschino”, “Dolce & Gabanna”, “Oscar de la Renta” and many others.

In 2014 she was selected as a new model for Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The next year she became its angel with the other fashion stars – Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio.

In 2020 Romee’s career in the fashion industry slowed down because she became a mother of a cute baby girl.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Romee dreamed to become a mother, but she didn’t plan it as she thought, it was impossible. That’s why she was very surprised when she discovered that she got pregnant. The model announced through her YouTube channel, that she was expecting a girl. Nevertheless, she had undisclosed the name of her baby till the moment she was born. But she opened up, that her husband Laurens came up with the name “Mint” 6-7 years before the girl’s birth.
  2. During the pandemic, Romee stayed in Holland in her parents-in-law’s house to be closer to her family and to have fun during the lockdown.
  3. Romee and her husband bought a house in their hometown and plan to stay there for a couple of years, raising their baby girl. But later they plan to return to the USA again.
  4. Her hobby is cooking. But she likes to prepare healthy food.
  5. Her height is 179 cm and her weight is 54 kg.
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