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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Roseanne Park (Park Chaeyoung)


pop singer, band member

Birth Date

February 11, 1997


26 years

Zodiac Sign



Auckland, New Zealand


Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College



Rosé family members

Father's Name

Mason Park

Mother's Name

Clare Park

Siblings names

Alice Park (older sister)

Is Rosé a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Rosé marital status?


Who are Rosé parents?

Rosé family Roseanne Park

photo / blackpinkLATINO

Mason Park (father)

Mr. Park is a successful lawyer. He was born in South Korea but later moved his family to Australia, where actually his daughters were raised. Obviously, he is closely-knitted with Rosé and her older sister Alice. Mason, who is quite a renowned lawyer in Australia, is proud of Rose’s talents, and not just musical ones. In her teens the girl liked painting, and Mason posted on Instagram some of her artworks.

Clare Park (mother)

Rose’s mom tries to stay in the shadow. She isn’t active on social media, but Blackpink fans know, how she looks like because her older daughter Alice has already posted Clare’s picture on Instagram. Rose’s fans have already noticed that Mrs. Park is as beautiful as her daughters. They say Clare is a businesswoman.

Rosé siblings

Alice Park (older sister)

Alice Park sister Roseanne Park (Park Chaeyoung)

photo / baebaealice

Date of birth: July 14, 1993

Rose has an older sister, whose name is Alice Park. Now Alice is an Internet celebrity and she boasts with a massive following on Instagram and Twitter. Of course, the major part of her followers looks for her account updates because of her younger sister Rose.

Blackpink fans agree that Alice is as beautiful as her younger sister. She was born in New Zealand, but she spent the major part of her life in Melbourne, Australia. In 2017 Alice graduated from The Australian National University. Now she works as a lawyer.

Her lifestyle pictures prove that Alice is really close to her family. She likes to travel and is fond of delicious food. Alice likes animals. She has two pets – a cat and a dog named Max.


Roseanne Park bio

photo / roses_are_rosie

Rose’s genes are blessed. She is a daughter of beautiful and smart parents, who helped her to become who she is now.

She is the younger child of Mason and Clare Park. Her father is a successful lawyer. To pursue his career, he moved his family to Auckland, New Zealand, where actually Rose was born.

Her full name is Park Chaeyoung, but in Australia, she was known under the English variant of her name – Roseanne Park.

Since her earliest years, Rose was a talented girl. She joined her studying with music and painting classes. Rose studied at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College.

She dreamed to become a singer since childhood. Rosé performed in a church choir. She started the career of a singer in Sydney, Australia, but didn’t become popular there. Her father, a famous lawyer, decided to support his little girl. He returned to South Korea and contacted YG Entertainment managers, who immediately invited his daughter for auditions. In 2012 she was selected as YG trainee, having defeated 700 other contestants.

During 4 years she was honing her skills of a musician and a dancer. In 2016 she finally became the part of a successful project – Rose was chosen as a lead singer and dancer of the band “Blackpink”. Previously to Blackpink, she worked as a model.

Although performing with the girls from Blackpink is her main activity as of now, she is not focused exclusively on it. In 2017 she performed in duo with other artists. She featured in G-Dragon’s single “Without You” and in MixNine’s “Just Dance”. YG managers announced, that Rose is supposed to become the next member of the band (after Jennie), who will make a solo debut.

Nowadays Rose and her band-mates – Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa – put 100% of their energy to develop their initial success and cement their position of newborn pop stars. In 2019 they performed at Coachella, thus having become the first South-Korean group, who has ever been invited to this festival.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. The fans can’t stop admiring the miniature figure of the singer Rose. Some of them think that her measurements are ideal for the member of the girls’ band – her height is 5 ft 6 in and weight is 103 pounds.
  2. She can play the guitar and the piano.
  3. She is left-handed. She likes to eat mangoes and pineapples on her pizza. She hates avocadoes.
  4. She is currently single. She tells that she dreams to date a young man with a great voice – that is the main parameter for her.
  5. She likes to change the color of her hair. Naturally, her hair is black.
  6. Camila Cabello is her role model, and that’s why Rose was so happy when Camilla commented on her live video on Instagram.
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  • rosearerosegold says:

    roseyyy marryyy meeee

  • iris says:

    I really think that Rosé should be with park Jimin they are just so cute together and i want to tell Rosé that I am a very big fan of you I love you’re voice and all I want to say is that you are amazing as you are.

  • LISA AARON says:

    j’adore brackpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink XD

  • Ummamah bajwa says:

    You have some incorrect information over like her zodiac is actually Aquarius and instead of going back to South korea her father actually advised her to go to Sydney to take the audition without contacting the managers.

  • Ummamah says:

    You have some incorrect information over like her zodiac is actually Aquarius and instead of going back to South korea her father actually advised her to go to Sydney to take the audition without contacting the managers.

  • jenelou says:

    Rose i am so proud of you and your so beautiful and i like your song on the ground your so amazing i am big fan of you thank rose blackpink

  • JIROSE says:


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  • Anwita D says:

    i am a big fan of you roseanne.

  • Anwita D says:

    i love roseanne she is so pretty and her singing is amazing. in her solo, on the ground was super amazing.
    i am a big fan of you roseanne.

  • DatStan says:

    but we don’t know if she’s NOT bi or gay either and why even have a section for sexuality at all?

  • Christian Vazquez says:

    Hi rose I from USA and I born florida and I live in Miami,FL my city is beautiful place and you come to Miami and friends too and my favorie is you and you eat anything me too and you like color is blue me too and you are so beauitful and pretty face and you beauitful voice I love you rose

  • Joker says:

    rose you very beautiful and cute. I love you ??❤️ ???

  • Bodhini Piyumika says:

    I love you my bias rose. You are my life, world and everything. If you are not there I will also not be.
    I am very nice to hear, you that finally, you are going to a sololist.
    Love you, my world.

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    I love you rosé you were my furst bias but I turn to be Jennie baid and now your my bais again I never thought I could be impress with someone so much but you and the other blackpink member make me impress of you guys and you guys make me happy before I thought I want smile again because I think that when I smile im so ugly but when i saw your guys song and press and I started smiling I wish you would notice I really admire you you have a beautiful and unique voice love you stay strong and stay pretty I’ll always support you and I can’t wait to hear your solo and one thing rosé Is the main vocalist and a lead dancer of blackpink

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  • rosie says:

    Rose father didnt contact yg entertainent

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    im your biggest fan ever

  • Rosénator says:

    Her sexuality has never been confirmed so you shouldn’t determine that for yourself. I also don’t understand why you put that under family description. Also Rosé never tried and failed to be a singer in Sydney and her father didn’t arrange anything for her. He suggested she travel to the YG audition in Sydney where she came out on top. She was a 14 year old school girl living in Melbourne at the time. Within the next month she travelled to Korea to train at YG and she impressed so much that YG put her straight into the début line to compete for a place in Blackpink.

  • fansé says:

    rosé is a main vocalist