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Roselyn Sanchez biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Roselyn Sanchez Rodriguez


actress, model, producer, singer-songwriter, writer

Birth Date

April 2, 1973


50 years

Zodiac Sign



San Juan, Puerto Rico


Colegio Espiritu Santo; the University of Puerto Rico


Puento Rican

Roselyn Sanchez family members

Father's Name

Efrain Sanchez

Mother's Name

Olga Rodriguez

Siblings names

Carlos Ivan Sanchez (oldest brother), Franco Sanchez (older brother), Georgie Sanchez (older brother)

Is Roselyn Sanchez a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Roselyn Sanchez marital status?


Who is Roselyn Sanchez husband?

Eric Winter

When did get married?

November 29, 2008

How many children does she have?

2 ( daughter Sebella Rose Winter and son Dylan Gabriel Winter)

Roselyn Sanchez husband

Gary Stretch (ex-husband)

Gary Stretch ex-husband Roselyn Sanchez


Date of birth: November 4, 1968

Roselyn Sanchez never gets tired to tell, that her main priority is her “work” of a wife and a mother. The actress with an incredibly busy schedule always finds time for her husband Eric Winter and their son and daughter. The actress’s fans know that she loves Eric and he seems the only man in her life. Just a few followers of Mrs. Sanchez remember that previously she was married to a British athlete and movie star Gary Stretch.

Gary was born in St. Helens, the big town in Merseyside County, Great Britain. In his late teens, he was incredibly handsome, and that’s why he found a job in the fashion industry. During several years he was making a career of a male model and then left it to become a professional boxer. His great looks and skillful technique on the ring attracted lots of fans, who immediately nicknamed him as a glamorous boxer. After many years in the sports industry, he gradually turned his face to acting and appeared in several box office hits, including Oliver Stone’s blockbuster “Alexander”.

He met the young beauty, Roselyn Sanchez, in 1997. He captured her heart, and they started dating. The man proposed to his loved one after a year of passionate love. They got married on August 9, 1998, and were an item for three years. In 2001 the actress and the boxer amicably divorced.

Eric Winter (husband)

Eric Winter husband Roselyn Sanchez


Date of birth: July 17, 1976

Roselyn Sanchez and her husband of many years Eric Winter have lots of goals together. They created the podcast “He Said, Ella Dijo”, which their fans can get through iHeartRadio. In the podcast, they share their thoughts on family happiness and the secrets of reaching it. Besides, they created a sweet romantic screen duo in the television film “A Taste of Summer”.

Eric Winter is a famous actor and filmmaker. The fans know and love his roles in many movies and TV series, like “The Ugly Truth”, “Rosewood” and many others. As a model, he endorsed Britney Spears Perfume “Curious”.

He met Roselyn Sanchez at a party in LA. They started dating and later got engaged. Two movie stars had a luxurious four-day wedding ceremony on November 29, 2008, which was attended by many celebrities. They have two children.

Roselyn Sanchez kids

Sebella Rose Winter (daughter)

Sebella Rose Winter daughter Roselyn Sanchez


Date of birth: January 4, 2012

Sebella is her mother’s little copy, and she shares Roselyn’s talents, too. The girl is a good dancer. Also, she is am an award-winning tennis player. Besides, Sebi is a school pupil. She has already become popular because of her parents, who constantly share pictures of their little girl through social media. They devoted to their girl a book “Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha”, which is available in English and Spanish. Sebi appeared at the center of attention when she visited the animation film “The Secret Life Of Pets 2” with her mother and father.

Dylan Gabriel Winter (son)

Dylan Gabriel Winter


Date of birth: November 3, 2017

Eric and Roselyn were blessed with a cute fair-haired son in autumn-2017. He is a real little miracle and the sunshine of their family. The boy has warm relationships with his older sister and supports her during the tennis matches. He knows and respects his Puerto-Rican’s roots and spends a lot of time with his parents.

Who are Roselyn Sanchez parents?

Olga Rodriguez (mother)

Olga Rodriguez mother Roselyn Sanchez


Roselyn’ mother is named Olga. She comes from Naguabo, Puerto Rico. There she attended Rafael Roca School. After graduating from there she went to San Juan, Puerto Rico. There she joined her peers at the University of Puerto Rico, where she majored in Art and Education. She got her bachelor’s degree, and then met Efrain Sanchez and fell in love with him.

The couple got married and gave birth to three sons and one daughter Roselyn. Olga left her job and became a housewife to focus her energy on her kids and husband. As of now, the actress and her mom have amazing relationships. They are very close and trust each other. Sometimes Roselyn takes her parents to various public meetings and events.

Olga is a strong woman and a cancer survivor. The fact that her mother is still with her Mrs. Sanchez names “my incredible miracle”.

Efrain Sanchez (father)

Efrain Sanchez father Roselyn Sanchez


In one of her interviews, Roselyn advised young people, who dream to become famous, always listen to their moms and dads. There are many stories about celebrities, who had become actors or singers against their parents’ will. But in the case of Devious Maids actress things were different. Her father, Efrain Sanchez, who earned his living as a marketer, wanted his daughter to follow his steps. But he let his daughter to quit her studying at the University of Puerto Rico and to follow her dream to become a full-time actress.

Roselyn and her father are great friends nowadays. The famous daughter very often thanks her dad through Instagram names him “the best grandpa ever” and posts pictures with him from bright red-carpet events.

Roselyn Sanchez siblings

Carlos Ivan Sanchez (oldest brother)

Carlos Ivan Sanchez brother Roselyn Sanchez


Mrs. Sanchez is involved in building her career in the entertainment business. She works a lot, records new songs, and appears in new screen projects all the time. But she knows, that family is the main value in her life. That’s why she remains strongly connected not just with her parents, but with her three brothers, too.

Carlos Ivan Sanchez is her oldest brother. He is happily married and has a son and a daughter with his wife. Roselyn and Carlos love and support each other. He came into the limelight in 2019, when he came to Latin Grammy Awards to support his sister. Then the Devious Maids actress was honored to co-host the ceremony with two other famous Latin stars – Ricky Martin and Paz Vega.

Franco Sanchez (older brother)

Franco Sanchez older brother Roselyn Sanchez


Roselyn’s second oldest brother is Franco. He resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The man got an education at University Gardens High School, located in his home town. He works at a catering company. Franco is in relations. He has a son.

Mr. Sanchez stays in touch with his popular sister. Very often they spend family holidays together and post nice pictures of them both on social media sites.

Georgie Sanchez (older brother)

Georgie Sanchez brother Roselyn Sanchez


The TV star was blessed with another brother. His name is Georgie (sometimes he is called Jorge). Some sources define his occupation as a marketer, although this info is not confirmed. The incredibly handsome man, he supervised Roselyn to various public events.


Roselyn Sanchez’s face has been known to almost every girl on the planet. She has portrayed the beautiful and ambitious Carmen Luna in Lifetime’s drama series “Devious Maids”. The funny and at the same time very dynamic series, created by the cult show maker Marc Cherry, immediately topped the ratings. That was a great job of the talented actress Roselyn Sanchez, but that role was not the first one in her film list.

She was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The girl was very beautiful and talented since her early years. Her parents sent her for dancing classes at the tender age of 4. Then she practiced dancing for 15 years, modeled, and performed songs. At the age of 21, Roselyn left her home country and moved to Los Angeles, the USA to pursue the career of an actress.

She was booked as a ballet and jazz dancer, and her first screen roles were based on her experience in this area. In 2007 she acted opposite The Rock in the film “Game Plan”, which brought her first popularity. As of now, Roselyn is a successful actress, model, and singer with an incredibly busy schedule.

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