Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Russell Carrington Wilson


American football player

Birth Date

November 29, 1988


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


Collegiate School; North Carolina State University; University of Wisconsin–Madison



Russell Wilson family members

Father's Name

Harrison Benjamin Wilson III

Mother's Name

Tammy Wilson

Siblings names

Harrison IV Wilson (older brother), Anna Wilson (younger sister)

Is Russell Wilson a gay/bisexual?


What is Russell Wilson marital status?


Who is Russell Wilson wife?


When did get married?

On July 6, 2016

How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Sienna Princess Wilson)

Russell Wilson family consists of his parents, two siblings, wife Ciara, and daughter Sienna Wilson. He also has a stepson Future Zahir Wilburn, Ciara’s kid from the previous relationship. It’s time to tell about the marriage, where he was born and the relatives, who were near him since childhood.

It’s impossible to deny, that Russell’s family members were respectable hard-working people, who achieved a lot. Some of them were famous lawyers, the others – talented athletes and administrators. The most prominent of them was, probably, Harrison Jr., the long-term president of Norfolk State.

Russell Wilson relatives

Russell Wilson wife

Ciara (wife since 2016; baby mother)

Russell Wilson wife

photo instagram / ciara

Date of birth: October 25, 1985

Ashton Meem (ex-wife; married in 2012-2014)

Ashton Meem

Date of birth: September 6, 1987

Even some of Russell’s most devoted fans may not even know, that previously to Ciara he was married an another woman. Her name is Ashton Meem, and he met her in a high school. They started dating, being just pupils, and continued their relationship after school. Then Russell moved away from his hometown – Richmond, VA – and had to maintain a distance relationship with his loved one.

They got engaged in 2010, after Wilson’s graduation from the college. Two years later they tied a knot at a private wedding ceremony in one of the country clubs of Virginia. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last for long. They divorced in April 2014 for the unknown reason. Rumors have it, Ashton separated from her husband for his infidelity.

Meem is a well-educated young woman. She is the only daughter of Lang Meem and his wife Molly. After a high school, she entered the University of Georgia and then transferred to the North Carolina State University, following her beloved Russell.

The woman has a bachelor degree in communications. Currently, she works as an event planner.

Russell Wilson kids

Sienna Princess Wilson (daughter with Ciara)

Russell Wilson kids

photo instagram / ciara

Date of birth: April 29, 2017

Who are Russell Wilson parents?

Harrison Benjamin Wilson III (father)

Harrison Benjamin Wilson III

Date of birth: November 9, 1954

Date of death: June 9, 2010

Russell’s father was the gifted person and loving family man, who prepared his son for both, happy personal life and successful career. He was born in the family of Harrison Wilson Jr. and his wife Lucy. He grew up alongside two sisters and three brothers.

Russell’s dad studied communications in Dartmouth College. He joined studying with highly successful sports activity. Harrison III played both, football and baseball. He graduated with a bachelor degree and then entered Virginia Law School. There he met his beloved wife and mother of his kids, Tammy Turner.

During many years he developed his career and brought up his kids. He taught his sons and daughter to be persistent and kind. The man installed high standards of success in front of them.

Harrison III died in summer, 2010 after a long and complicated battle with diabetes. He is survived by the members of his big and respectable family.

Tammy Wilson (mother)

Russell Wilson mother

Date of birth: November 4, 1959

Tammy T. Wilson, whose maiden name is Turner, used to work as a legal nurse consultant. She is a widow. The woman currently resides in Henrico, VA.

Russell Wilson siblings

Harrison IV Wilson (older brother)

Harrison IV Wilson

photo instagram / hbproductions83

Date of birth: circa 1983

Harrison IV is Wilson’s beloved brother and his first coach. He started to play American football at the backyard of his house, throwing passes to his older sibling. Harry IV followed his father’s steps and also played both, baseball and football during his years at a prestigious high school. He was aimed to get the college scholarship and make his parents free from financial burden.

Nowadays the man works as the pharmaceutical sales representative. He resides in Chicago, IL. Harry is close to his brother and is his biggest fan.

Anna Wilson (younger sister)

Anna Wilson

photo instagram / awilly03

She is the youngest kid in the family, born in the early 1990s. She was a talented athlete, too and played basketball for the school team. The girl was educated at Bellevue High. After school, she entered Stanford University and continued to practice basketball there. In the University she studies art.


Russell Wilson bio

photo instagram / dangerusswilson

Russell Wilson is a gifted athlete, professional American football player and Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

He was born in Cincinnati, OH, but spent his young years in Richmond, VA. Russell comes from a family of athletes. His father was a prominent football and baseball player for a college team, while his grandfather was a University sports star. Russell himself played both, football and baseball with his older brother and father.

He practiced American football for the team of North Carolina University. Later the young man transferred to the University of Wisconsin, where he continued playing football and helped his team win the title at the Big Ten conference.

In 2012 Mr. Wilson was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks as the quarterback in the 3rd round. He has become the tallest quarterback since the time of Brock Huard, who was drafted in 1999.

Since then Russell’s career has been becoming more and more successful. He led his team to Super Bowl victory two years in a row (in 2013 and 2014 respectively). He scored two Super Bowl wins within his first three years on the field, which makes him second (after Aaron Rodgers) most successful quarterback in NFL history.

Interesting and fun facts

Russell Wilson Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / dangerusswilson

  1. He has become the second-highest-paid player in NFL. His first deal was estimated at $2, 999 million, which is incredibly big for the debutant. After that he signed the four-year contract for $86, 7 million, thus having set a record in NFL.
  2. In 2016 the athlete got an injury, but as an incredibly strong and responsible person, he continued to perform on the field in spite of constant pain. Although then his team lost to Atlanta Falcons, the quarterback’s performance got only positive reviews from sports commentators and viewers.
  3. Russell’s status of celebrity is proved with numerous endorsement deals. He advertises such giants as Nike, Pepsi, Microsoft, and some others. In addition, the athlete graced on covers of various popular issues, including “Men’s Health”, “Rolling Stone” and others.
  4. His marriage to Ciara is considered as one of the strongest and romantic in celebs’ world. The QB says, that he fell in love with Ciara one year earlier before their meeting when he saw her at Grammy Awards ceremony. He was impressed by a beautiful and self-reserved woman, who was in the middle of her custody battle with the ex-partner Future then.
  5. Ciara and Wilson tied a knot in a beautiful castle, located in Cheshire, England.


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  • SBello says:

    Russell Wilson only has one Super Bowl win, not two. The Seahawks lost in their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance due to a bad play call by not giving the ball to Beast Mode who was dominating the run again the Patroits but instead throwing the ball inside the 5 yard line and having it intercepted. Also, Wilson is not one of the taller quarterbacks in teh league.