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Ryan Adams biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

David Ryan Adams


singer, songwriter, former member of " Whiskeytown"

Birth Date

November 5, 1974


49 years

Zodiac Sign



Jacksonville, North Carolina


High School: (dropped out)



Ryan Adams family members

Father's Name

Robert Adams

Mother's Name

Susan Adams

Siblings names

older brother, younger sister

Is Ryan Adams a gay/bisexual?


What is Ryan Adams marital status?


Who is Ryan Adams wife?

Mandy Moore (ex-wife)

Ryan Adams wife

Mandy Moore (ex-wife; married in 2009-2015)

Ryan Adams ex wife Mandy Moore

photo instagram / mandymooremm

Date of birth: April 10, 1984

Who are Ryan Adams parents?

Robert Adams (father)

The musician Ryan Adams doesn’t like to speak about his father. Robert worked as a contractor. He was married to Susan Adams during a couple of years and left the family when his middle son Ryan was just 4. He didn’t stay in touch with the musician, and he didn’t play any key role in his son’s fate. In 2009 Ryan released the set of poetry, to which he included the poem “To My Father, the Drunk.” According to the literary piece, his dad was a heavy drinker and he married a stripper when the future musician was just 5.

But Ryan Adams named his maternal grandfather “Papaw”, and it was he, who brought up a boy instead of his dad. The grandpa introduced Ryan to literature, music and theater art and helped to develop his musical and songwriting skills. The grandfather earned his living, fixing vintage pinball machines.

Susan Floyd (mother)

Susan Adams, who later re-married and changed her surname for “Floyd” was an English teacher. She worked from morning till night to help her three kids on in life. Again, she wasn’t so close with her children, including Ryan, while they were growing up. That’s why he named his grandmother “G-Ma”, and it was she, whom he considered as his mom.

The grandmother died soon after his divorce with Mandy Moore, and that became one more painful experience in Adam’s life.

In general, the musician named his childhood “a little dysfunctional”.

Ryan Adams siblings

Chris Adams (older brother)

Chris Adams

photo twitter / TheRyanAdams

Date of birth: 1971

Date of death: October 14, 2017

His older brother, Chris Adams, passed away in October 2017. The musician shared the sad news with his fans through Twitter. He added, that he felt “broke”, so obviously, two brothers were very close and had an amicable relationship.

Ryan tells that Chris was a sensitive and fragile man. He was interested in music, too and listened to the English rock band “The Cure”. The singer doesn’t publicize the reason for Chris’s death, but he tells, that the man “was struggling with a disease for many years”, and “was in pain”.

Robert Christian Adams, Ryan’s sibling, was married to Kelli Adams. They brought up a daughter Kathryn. He was a well-educated man and studied computer science in N.C. State University. He served as a manager in the IT industry.

Courtney Adams-Noble (younger sister)

Courtney Adams Noble

photo twitter / TheRyanAdams

Ryan Adams doesn’t tell a lot about his sister Courtney. But he names her on Twitter “my little sister”, so obviously, they are in good terms. Courtney is married to Mr. Spencer Noble.


Ryan Adams bio

photo twitter / TheRyanAdams

American rock and indie rock musician, multi-instrumentalist and one of the most unbridled romantics of our time, Ryan Adams has just released the 16th studio album “Prisoner”, which was ranked as one of 20 best albums of the year (by Billboard).

Ryan entered this world in Jacksonville, North Carolina. His early years were quite complicated. He was raised by maternal grandparents, while his mother was working and his father was “out of the picture”, as the musician tells in his interview.

He was about 13 when he fell in love with rock music and decided to pursue a career of a rock singer. He moved from his hometown to the capital of the state – Raleigh. He found a job of a plumber, which provided them with the necessary cash to pay the bills and was romantically waiting for some miracle to happen. Then one of his friends advised him to relocate to some big city and find the recording gig. Thus, in the early 1990s, the man moved to New York and founded the band “Whiskeytown”, which soon became mainstream and turned Adams into a music star.

They disbanded in 2000, and Ryan started a solo career. He recorded the album “Heartbreaker”, which became moderately popular. His next album “Gold” proved Adam’s status of a famous solo artist.

Interesting and fun facts

Ryan Adams Interesting and fun facts

phto twitter / TheRyanAdams

  1. During his years in elementary school, Ryan suffered from insomnia.
  2. In 2004 Ryan Adams joined the band “The Cardinals”. He was the part of the group during 5 years and released with them two albums – “Cold Roses” (in collaboration with a pianist Rachael Yamagata) and “Jacksonville City Nights”.
  3. He recorded three soundtracks to the comedy “Elizabethtown”, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst.
  4. He suffers from a number of complicated illnesses, such as tinnitus (hearing of imaginary sound) and Ménière’s disease (inner ear disorder).
  5. While recording his album “29” the musician was constantly on drugs. He mixed cocaine with heroin and then added pills and alcoholic drinks. Later the man opened up, that he could easily die before releasing the disk.
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    Maybe getting $100 a month for each child for support from a college educated “father” was the reason the Mom worked. Mom and Stepdad bought his first guitar. Mom and Stepdad put braces on his teeth. Mom and Stepdad spent many hours providing a nice home and many opportunities for Ryan. They even had a private line to the childrens’ bedrooms..so their “father” could call them. Only the children answered those phones. Not one call. Only when the “father” had a son with some money, did he start chasing his son down. Ryan was hospitalized twice as a baby from the second hand smoke his “father” blew in the child’s face. The father stayed away from the doctors and let Ryan’s family stay at hospital with him. When Ryan talked as he played with his little Hot Wheels cars, his “father” taped Ryan’s mouth shut with silver duct tape. This happened while Ryan’s MOTHER was at the grocery store in the rain…handling groceries and her other son…when she was pregnant. Ask good ole’ “father” about jerking Ryan’s arm from the socket because Ryan didn’t sleep at night. Just how much money is “father” asking his son for now? He always seems to be a little short.