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Sanne Vloet biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sanne Vloet


model, YouTube star, Instagram star

Birth Date

March 10, 1995


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Winterthur, Switzerland


Stellingwerf College



Sanne Vloet family members

Father's Name

Jos Vloet

Mother's Name

Alice Vloet

Siblings names

Jules Vloet (younger brother)

Is Sanne Vloet a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Sanne Vloet marital status?

In relation

Sanne is a family person, and that’s why she stays in contact with her parents and brother every single day and uses any opportunity to come to Donkerbroek, Netherlands to spend some time with them. In 10 years she dreams to become a mother of three kids and still to have her career. Let’s see at the closest people of a famous fashion model.

Who are Sanne Vloet parents?

Alice Vloet (mother)

Alice Vloet

photo / sannevloet

Date of birth: circa 1967

Sanne has cordial relationships with her mother, and she feels really upset because of the fact, that she had to miss so many birthdays, while she was walking at runways in New York, Paris, and Milano. The model is sure, that she inherited her beauty from Alice, and they look so alike.

Alice is busy with medicine. She leads seminars on healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. She shared lots of her knowledge with Sanne, that’s why the latter one looks so great.

Jos Vloet (father)

Jos Vloet father Sanne Vloet

photo / sannevloet

Date of birth: circa 1964

Jos is a physiotherapist. He used to study at Elzendaalcollege, a Catholic high school. The man worked as a doctor all over the world. He moved his family from one place to another very often, that’s why Sanne told in one of her videos, that traveling was in her blood.

The model respects her dad because he saved many lives and helped people with different health disorders at various parts of our planet. The man currently serves as a teacher at Hanzehogeschool Groningen. He also maintains a nursing home with his wife.

Sanne Vloet siblings

Jules Vloet (younger brother)

Jules Vloet

photo / jules.vloet

Date of birth: circa 1998

Jules is three years younger than Sanne. She tells that they have a kind of love-hate relationships. They used to fight a lot when they both were kids, but now they are quite close and always stay in touch in spite of the fact, that Sanne is very often away from home.

Jules was born in Zimbabwe during his parents’ long stay there. Currently, he resides in Donkerbroek. He is a student. His hobby is tennis. In addition, the boy is an animal lover and rescuer.


Sanne-Vloet-bio photo

She looks great, eats clean moves every day and shares her beauty tips with the girls all over the world. Her Instagram account boasts with 435k+ followers, and her YouTube channel has already gained more than 37 million views. She devoted the last 5 years of her life to modeling. Sanne dreams to motivate her viewers to be positive and to lead a healthy lifestyle. She also wants to take her fans behind the scene of the fashion industry to demonstrate, how the magic is made.

It’s hard to imagine it now, but in her early years, Sanne had never thought about fashion and wasn’t too interested in it. She was born in Switzerland in the family of medical workers. When the girl turned 1 year old, her parents moved her to Zimbabwe, where both her parents were working at a hospital. The future model spent the first five years of her life there.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Vloet moved to Holland, where they finally settled, and Sanne actually grew there. Her parents, her younger brother and herself resided in the countryside, and she has great childhood memories about living in such a picturesque place.

She did a lot of acrobatics and visited lots of talent contests. At one of them, the model scout came to her and gave her his visiting card. She was about 14 then. Her parents and she met with this man and discussed the details of Sanne’s career. Her parents insisted, she had to finish a high school, so till the age of 18, she was actually studying and did just 2-3 photoshoots in a year. But after her prom, she moved to Paris and then to New York. Sanne appeared on the covers of famous fashion issues like “Elle” and “Marie Claire”. She walked down the runway at Victoria’s Secret show and at other fashion shows from famous brands – Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Jason Wu, etc.

Now she shares her life between an active career in the fashion industry and caring about her boyfriend Maximilien Hirsh, a marketing strategist, who comes from France.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She really believes in stars and thinks, that her star sign influenced the formation of her nature.
  2. She tells that she misses a high school, but mostly because of her friends and after-school events. But she hated most of the sciences and was not good in them.
  3. If she were a tree, it would be an avocado tree.
  4. She didn’t have long-term relationships until she met Max at the age of 21-22. Very often relatives asked her, why she hadn’t had a boyfriend, and now Sanne thinks that it is the most annoying question in the world. “People, don’t ask it!” she begs in one of her videos.
  5. She is a fan of music, and music tastes are really extensive. She likes the music bands of the 1980s and is also a big fan of Beyonce and Rihanna.
  6. One of her career goals was to take part in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. In 2014 her agent phoned her and invited to VS casting, but Sanne was unprepared, so she was not accepted. During the whole year, she worked out, ate right and passed through various beauty procedures. In 2015 she finally felt, she reached the peak of her shape. During the VS casting, she was in Miami, modeling for Ralph Lauren, but her agent sent the video with her to the lingerie giant managers, and she was chosen among thousands of other girls.
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