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Selena Gomez biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Selena Marie Gomez


singer, actress

Birth Date

July 22, 1992


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Grand Prairie, Texas, United States


Danny Jones Middle School



Selena Gomez family members

Father's Name

Ricardo Joel Gomez

Mother's Name

Amanda Dawn Teefey

Siblings names

Gracie Elliot Teefey, Scarlett Teefey, Tori Gomez

Is Selena Gomez a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Selena Gomez marital status?


Selena Gomez family

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Who are Selena Gomez parents?

Ricardo Joel Gomez (father)

Ricardo Joel Gomez father family

ricardojoelgomez / instagram

Date of birth: March 6, 1975

Soon the small fans will hear Selena Gomez’s voice in the upcoming animation “In Hotel Transylvania 3”. She speaks for Mavis, the daughter of Count Dracula. In the movie lonely Dracula meets a woman, which is interesting for him. Like her heroine Mavis, Selena had to deal with new partners of her parents in her real life, because they divorced, when the girl was just 5 years old.

Selena Gomez father Ricardo spent his young years in Dallas, TX. There he studied at a high school. He fell in love with his school-mate Amanda Dawn Cornett and they started dating. His girlfriend got pregnant, and Rick married her. Then Selena’s dad was just 17. Rick named his daughter after his favorite Latin singer Selena Quintanilla.

Their marriage was too immature to last forever. After 5 years of struggle for their family happiness, they filed for divorce.

According to Selena’s words, her father didn’t spend a lot of time with her during her early years. But from time to time they crossed the way, and Rick took his daughter to a café, where flirted with waitresses, using his cute daughter as a bait.

In 2012 Rick got married for the second time. His wife Sara Gomez and he welcomed their common daughter Tori. The fans have already named the girl “a small version of Selena Gomez”.

Amanda Dawn Conrnett-Teefey (mother)

Selena Gomez mother

Selena / facebook

Date of birth: April 16, 1976

Amanda Conrnett grew up in the family of Debbie and David Michael Cornett, her adoptive parents. As Selena’s grandparents from the father’s side Ricardo Sr and Mary say, Amanda Cornett and their son had been dating about 2 years till the moment, when the unexpected pregnancy took place. That event impressed Mandy, who was a high school pupil in Dallas. She was not ready to become a mother.

But Rick and Mandy got married. During several years newborn Mrs. Gomez joined her studying at school with caring about a baby daughter. Her mother- and father-in-law very often took Selena in their house, when her father and mother were studying or working. From the earliest age Mandy knew, that her daughter Selena was special. She was sure, that one day her little princess would become a star. When Selena turned 3, her mother took the girl to a model contest, which she won, having defeated more than 400 other kids. Thus, with her mother’s support, Selena Gomez started her way on top.

mother selena gomez photo

Selena / facebook

“She did everything for me”, Selena Gomez told in one of her interviews about her mother. By the way, Mandy tried her hand as a stage and TV actress too. She acted in the theaters of Dallas, and served as a role model for her daughter. As for now, Mandy is known as the executive producer of the series “13 Reasons Why”.

In 2006 Mandy re-married a music manager Brian Teefey. Brian is known to the wide audience as the manager of late Voice show star Christina Grimmie. Mandy and Brian have a common daughter Gracie. Mandy is in good terms with her stepdad and spends free time with him and her mom.

Selena Gomez siblings

Scarlett Teefey (late younger half-sister)

Date of birth: December 16, 2011

Scarlet is Selena’s half-sister and the first daughter of Mandy and Brian Teefey. Unfortunately, the girl was born 5 months before the term and doctors couldn’t save her life. She died several days after her birth.

Gracie Elliot Teefey (younger half sister)

Gracie Elliot Teefey (younger half sister)

Selena / facebook

Date of birth: June 12, 2013

Gracie was born in one of LA clinics on June, 2013. The girl has become a special gift not only for 37-year-old Mandy and her husband Brian, but also for Selena, who had always dreamed about having a sibling. Now Sel likes to play with her cute half-sister and from time to time shares photos with Gracie.

Tori Gomez (younger half-sister)

Tori Gomez (younger half sister)


Date of birth: June 24, 2014

Victoria Gomez is Selena’s half-sister from her father’s side. She looks like Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez and takes dancing lessons in her 4 years old. Sel fan’s hope, that her little sister Tori would become an artist too.

Tori resides with her parents Sara and Rick Gomez and her half-brother (Sara’s son from the previous marriage) Marcus.


selena gomez photo

selenagomez / instagram

Selena Gomez is an internationally popular singer and TV actress, who is known by her works in Disney series “Hannah Montana”, the lead role in the film “Wizards of Waverly Place” etc.

Sel was born in Grand Prairie, Texas and spent first years of her life with grandparents from her father’s side, because her mother and father had a lot of work. When the girl turned 5, her parents divorced. According to Selena’s words, her mother had 3 jobs to provide her small daughter for everything. She taught Selena to be hard-working and independent.

Her mother was sure, that Sel was a special girl, that’s why she took her for castings. Selena Gomez went into the limelight after appearance in the series “Barney and Friends”. She featured in two seasons of the show.

Selena’s other significant screen job was in “Hannah Montana”. After the success of the show the girl was nicknamed as “Teen Queen”.

As for now, Selena Gomez boasts with more than fifty TV and movie roles. She has already recorded 2 studio albums. The actress is working on the 3rd album now, but she can’t tell, when she is going to finish it because of health issues. In 2012-2014 Gomez struggled with lupus. In 2017 Sel passed through a kidney transplant operation.

Interesting and fun facts

selena gomez happy

selenagomez / instagram

  1. Selena Gomez attended Danny Jones Middle School, which she left to pursue an acting career. After that, the star was homeschooled.
  2. Sel decided to become an actress, watching her talented mother, who served in Dallas Theater. She was inspired to become a singer after attending Britney Spears’s show.
  3. Selena Gomez is on good terms with her colleague Demi Lovato. She is also a big friend of Taylor Swift.
  4. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite color is green.
  5. Currently, Selena Gomez is single. She was involved in a high-profile relationship with singer Justin Bieber. After that Sel dated the Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) but they separated after 10 months of love. In 2017 Selena reconciled with Justin for a couple of months, and that caused her public conflict with her mother. Mandy and Selena even unfollowed each other on social media.
  6. In 2020 she bought a mansion in Encino, CA for $4.9 million. Now she lives there.
  7. In 2021 Sel portrayed the artist Mabel Mora in the comedy detective series “Only Murders in the Building”. The show was produced by Steve Martin and he played the leading role there, too. The series got positive reviews from critics.
  8. In 2022 Selena is officially single. She was rumored to date an Italian-Canadian TV producer Andrea Iervolino. She was photographed by his side at his yacht board in Positano. The actress went there immediately after the celebration of her 30th birthday. Nevertheless, she insisted, they were just friends.
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    I love u so much ur song and movies included my little sister looks up to btw. Can’t believe I’m commenting to Selena Gomez I always wanted to be a sInger and actor which I still do but where I live we don’t have role/plays here (Wichita Kansas)

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