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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Shanna Glanell Means


celeb's relative, teacher

Birth Date

September 5, 1970


53 years

Zodiac Sign



United States



Shanna Means family members

Father's Name

Stephen Underwood

Mother's Name

Carole Underwood

Siblings names

Stephanie Shelton (younger sister); Carrie Underwood (younger sister)

Is Shanna Means a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Shanna Means marital status?


Who is Shanna Means husband?

Martin Means

How many children does she have?

3 (daughter Breanna Means and sons Cody Means and Max Means)

Shanna Means relatives


Carrie is a family person, and she has cordial relationships with her older sister Shanna. In spite of the age difference (Shanna is 13 years older than her sibling), the girls are very close and dedicate a lot of time to each other.

Her birth name is Shanna Glanell Underwood. She is the oldest daughter in Steve and Carole’s family. Shanna followed her mother’s path and became a teacher. She resides in Kellyville, OK with her husband Martin Means and their three kids – a daughter Breanna and sons Cody and Max. By the way, little Max was a ring bearer at Carrie and Mike’s wedding.

Shanna is proud of her little sister, but she tries to avoid publicity. Jokingly she told in her interview, that her life changed after her sister’s fame, and she had to change her phone number several times to keep her privacy. At the same time, Shanna and her daughter Breanna decided to sacrifice their calm lifestyle and go into the limelight in 2005, when they both supported Carrie on the show.

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