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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Shaun W. Foist


drummer, band member

Birth Date

August 10, 1983


38 years

Zodiac Sign



Ohio, United States


Madison High School



Shaun Foist family members

Father's Name

William Foist

Mother's Name

Collette Foist

Siblings names

Valorie Foist

Is Shaun Foist a gay/bisexual?


What is Shaun Foist marital status?


Who are Shaun Foist parents?

William Foist (father)

William Foist

photo / shaunwfoist

Date of birth: May 25, 1955

Date of death: June 29, 2013

William M. Foist, or just Bill, as he was named by his friends and relatives, played the key role in his son’s fate. Shaun was just 6, when his dad gave him the first drum lesson, on Christmas-1989.

Shaun’s father spent the major part of his life in Monroe, OH. During many years he had been married to a wonderful woman Collette. They raised 2 children, and one of them – Shaun Foist – has become an idol for many people all over the world.

Bill used to be a drummer for the local rock bands. He liked making music, knew a lot about it and taught his gifted son everything he knew. He tragically passed away on June 2013. Shaun doesn’t publicize the details of his departure, but till now he devotes his dad sweet words through social media and tells that he misses him.

Collette Foist (mother)

Collette Foist

photo / shaunwfoist

Shaun tells that his mom is the main woman in his life. She did a lot to make him a person he is now – Collette pampered her son with homemade pastry, she spent lots of time and money to support him at the initial stage of his career. Now Shaun never gets tired to thank his mom for everything she did for him, and she is so proud of her boy.

Collette resides in Ohio as of now. She is self-employed.

Shaun Foist siblings

Valorie Foist (older sister)

Valorie Foist

photo / shaunwfoist

Shaun was blessed with a great older sister, named Valorie. The girl must have some health condition, and her brother cares about her and asks his fans to send her their prayers. He tells, that life has been challenging to his sister since the first day.

Now Valorie is pampered by her younger brother. He takes her out to his shows from time to time.


Shaun W. Foist is widely known as the drummer, who performs in “Breaking Benjamin” band. Under the talented direction of the band’s founder Ben Burnley, the music gang has become one of the most prominent alternative rock groups in the modern industry. Recently, “BB” has presented the album “Ember”, the single from which occupied the leading position in the Billboard Chart. It’s other single, “Failure”, hold Number One position on Rock Radio during 8 weeks in a row.

Shaun Foist was born on August 10, 1983, in the family of Colette and William Foist. Inspired by his father, an amateur drummer, he started to play drums at the primary school age. When the boy turned 10, he won the first spot in the school’s talent show and was selected to become part of the school music group. He studied at Madison High School.

After graduating from school, he decided to become a full-time musician.

He met his big break in 2013 when he was invited as a drummer to “Breaking Benjamin” band. As of now, Shaun has been in the music industry for 15 years. He is a skillful drummer, who got the basic knowledge from his dad and developed it, taking music lessons via Skype, reading books and watching tutorials on the topic. He is almost perfect now but never stops learning to become better and better every single day.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Shaun Foist is single as of now. He was engaged in 2008, but that didn’t work, and he split the ways with his girlfriend.
  2. He used to weigh about 250 pounds previously but lost the extra weight. Shaun tries to eat right as of now, but from time to time he posts pictures of burgers on his Instagram, which proves, he is still a foodie deep in his soul. To stay fit, he cut off his menu junk food and alcohol.
  3. Shaun Foist joined “Breaking Benjamin” crew in 2013-2014, but he was their fan since the early 2000s. The drummer listened to BB early hits “Breath” and “So Cold” and his instincts told him, that his play would be ideal for this band. He contacted Ben Burnley after the end of 2013 when Shaun’s tour with Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper was over. Ben watched Shaun’s YouTube records and invited him to the band.
  4. In the early 2000s, when Foist was still a pupil, he won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, the top jazz prize, given to high school pupils.
  5. Shaun has a big kind heart. He participates in lots of charity initiatives, including support of tornado victims, of cancer and Down syndrome patients, etc.
  6. He is a car lover and dreams to buy several brand models, like a Corvette, Porsche, etc.
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