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Shemar Moore biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Shemar Franklin Moore



Birth Date

April 20, 1970


53 years

Zodiac Sign



Oakland, California, United States


British Private School; Gunn High School; Santa Clara University



Shemar Moore family members

Father's Name

Sherrod Moore

Mother's Name

Marilyn Wilson

Siblings names

Romeo Moore (half-brother), Shenon Moore (younger half-brother), Sheburra Moore (younger half-sister), Kosheno Moore (younger half-sister)

Is Shemar Moore a gay/bisexual?


What is Shemar Moore marital status?


Shemar Moore wife

Sanaa Lathan (ex-wife; were married in 1991-1996)

Sanaa Lathan


Date of birth: September 19, 1971

Shemar Moore dated lots of bright famous women. Last year he has a short romance with a young actress Anabelle Acosta. He dated the singer Toni Braxton, whom he met at the set of her music video “How many ways”. He was engaged to the Oscar-winning star Halle Berry.

But just once in his life, Shemar was married officially. In May 1991 he said “I Do!” to an actress Sanaa Lathan. Unfortunately, the couple filed for divorce in 1996. Currently, the movie star is single. But in one of his interviews, he confessed that he was ready to become a husband and a father and would marry immediately after meeting the right person. 

Who are Shemar Moore parents?

Sherrod Moore (father) 

Sherrod Moore


Date of birth: September 4, 1941

Shemar is not very close to his father. He was raised by a single mother, and Mr. Moore wasn’t present at the family picture.

Now he stays in touch with Mr. Moore but doesn’t see him very often. The actor tells it is because he wants to protect his mom. The reason is hard to divorce his parents. They had “an incident”, the details of which Shemar doesn’t publicize, but after that, his dad was imprisoned for four years. Sherrod lost connection with his son when Shemar was still a baby.

As the actor tells, his father is a part of his life, but “on his terms”. Nevertheless, he found the inner force to forgive his dad and even bought him “a place to live”. 

Now Sherrod is a person of success. He serves as the president of a glass repair company “Millennium 2 Inc”. When he was in the late 40s, he married Nobuko Takahashi, a woman 9 years younger than him. He welcomed two sons and two daughters with her. So, Shemar has 4 half-siblings from the paternal side.

Marilyn Wilson-Moore (mother)

Marilyn Wilson Moore


Date of birth: September 6, 1943

Shemar’s name is a great combination of his father’s and mother’s names (“She” comes from “Sherrod” and “mar” from “Marilyn”). His parents joined like best friends in his name, but they stayed apart during his early and teen years. 

He was raised by a single mother, Marilyn Wilson, and now the actor is thankful to her for everything. “She wasn’t perfect sometimes, but she helped me to become the person I am now and to create the life I live now”, he tells in his interview.

Mrs. Wilson-Moore is a well-educated woman. She earned a degree in mathematics and then was sent to the Netherlands to teach kids. She took little Shemar with her, and the boy spent the first six years in that country. Holland is his first language, he learned English much later, when they returned to the USA.

Marilyn Wilson was born and raised in the USA. She was educated at St. Columbkille’s school and was a brilliant pupil there. After school she entered the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she majored in mathematics. She earned her living as a teacher and later as a business consultant.

Now Shemar’s mother is retired. She lives in Redondo Beach, CA. In 1998, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). To support people with a similar disorder, Shemar and his colleague from “Criminal Minds” set joined to participate in the MS Bike Tour annually. They send the earned from the event money to the fund, which deals with this disease. Besides, Shemar launched the Baby Girl apparel line for his fans. The money, earned from the sales of clothes, is sent to the National MS Society.

Shemar Moore siblings

Sheburra Moore-Haugsness (younger half-sister)

Sheburra Moore-Haugsness


Date of birth: September 14, 1983

Shemar is not very close with his three younger siblings from the paternal side, but that doesn’t mean, he can’t be proud of them. Each member of the Moore breed turned into a successful respectable person. Thus, his younger sister Sheburra Haugsness earned a Ph.D. in Psychology at Grand Canyon University. She resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Benjamin Haugsness. She serves as an algebra instructor at the College of Southern Nevada. 

Kosheno Moore-Takahashi (younger half-sister)

Kosheno Moore-Takahashi


Date of birth: April 25, 1982

Shemar’s other sister from the paternal side is Kosheno Moore-Takahashi. She resides in Hayward, CA with her little daughter Amia. She is single. The woman graduated from California State University-East Bay. She is a successful inclusion strategist.

Shenon Moore (younger half-brother)

Shenon Moore


Date of birth: March 14, 1990

Shemar’s younger half-brother Shenon is as hot as his famous sibling. He serves as the personal trainer at Las Vegas Athletic Club. He was prepared for this job at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Romeo Moore (younger half-brother)

He has one more brother, Romeo Moore, who keeps his privacy, so nothing is known about him.



The famous actor Shemar Moore has much to be proud of. First of all, he looks great and much younger of his biological age. Besides, he created a string of interesting male characters on TV. He is recognized as Derek Morgan from “Criminal Minds”, Matthew Taylor from “The Bounce Back” and Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson from “S.W.A.T.”. He started his career as a model.

Each star has the background – it’s the family. Some celebrities come from rich and powerful families, while others were born and raised in poverty. Shemar Moore comes from a multi-racial family. He is the son of a Black father and Irish-French Canadian mother. He traveled around the world with his mom, who worked as a teacher in various parts of the planet. Finally, they settled in Northern California.

During his senior years at a high school, Shemar started the career of a model. He didn’t plan to become a professional fashion or movie star; he just wanted to earn some money for his studying. But the young fit man looked so perfect in printing ads, that soon he got lots of offers and was completely involved in the entertainment business.

He gained wide popularity as an actor after winning the role of Malcolm Winters in “The Young and the Restless”. He came to the houses of many people worldwide as “Malcolm” during long 8 years. Finally, the actor decided to leave the project and try something new. Thus, he turned into the host of the music TV program “Soul Train”. In 2005 he got the winning ticket one more time – he was cast into the series “Criminal Minds”, which turned into a long-term successful project. 

He is still a busy actor with a huge impressive fan base.

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  • Rosie Lea Moore (auntie) says:

    Dear Shemar I just wanted to tell that your uncle Clarence passed away . He wanted to make sure I gave you one of his favorite hats! I hope you remember us uncle Clarence and aunt Rosie at papas house in Oakland for Thanksgiving family dinner. We are so proud of you just wish we could have been around more. I miss your beautiful Marilyn too. Last visit at your play in Oakland. I would love to hear from you. Love You!

  • Nora Aziz says:

    This is fake news. Shemar moore never get married with sanaa lathan.

  • Lori Prince says:

    This is bull crap because he never dated or married Sanaa Lathan and people need to stop posting that. And yes people are going to be surprised when they see who he ends up marrying and having kids with. She might be someone we at least expect.

  • Omo Ejilounye says:

    Many people would wonder why he’s still single (with his looks & success) if he really wanna be married!!!

    I’ll tell you, the more careful you are about not marrying the wrong person, the harder it becomes. Especially if you look good, are successful, have good character and smart with a discerning sense to understand people. It can really get so tough finding a correct person – the world is full of deceitful people who will tell you anything to be your spouse. People just tell the wrong stories of their lives to get hitched.

    Shemar might stay single for a longer time and find someone when no one expects. There are people like that out there. But there is nothing wrong with being single, peace in one’s life is key!!! I’m unsure if Dexter King finally got married but I can believe his story with dating was similar to Shemar’s. I wish Shemar good luck. He does a great job and makes his mother proud by staying out of all the drama out there.

    Overall, don’t marry brother if it doesn’t feel right. It’s all full of heartaches being with the wrong person.

  • Mel Lynn says:

    Shemar Moore was never married. This is false and this site should be reported. He never even dated Sanaa Lathan. This is ridiculous. Shame on whomever wrote and posted this bullsh*t……

  • Sherida says:

    It wasn’t the Netherlands where he grew up in his younger years and it wasn’t Dutch as our language is called (and not Holland as you called it. Holland is another name for our country The Netherlands). He grew up in Denmark his first years and spoke Danish

  • Jang king says:

    One direction Herry Jane king called okay called Jane king love love called okay called call okay call okay call okay call tv ok tv ok call

  • Linda Moore says:

    Unless the”marriage” to Sanaan can be virified you need to remove it. Per Shemar Moore he has never been married. He is single

  • Judi R Gandy says:

    I am very impressed with Shemar Moore’s body of work, he is multi-talented! I am very impressed about the fact that he has never been involved in a public or private scandal which speaks volumes about his character! I wish for him continued success in the future! ??